Tuesday, March 1, 2016


I said "something."

I cannot seem to get into the swing of blogging again.  New camera is not really the problem..
I should be used to it by  now..problems downloading and then finding the pictures..but that's not really the reason either.
Ran out of steam!
Get up and go, got up and....blah, blah...

Working on  Easter decorating a bit helped.  
Still messing with the fireplace mantel.  I think I'm done!  
Needed more brambles but still haven't found a source.

I did get a bit more done today..but I haven't opened a single Easter crate.  
Hmmm...does this mean..I'm (oh  God!) slowing down??  

Another thing I did was replace the living room curtains from Heritage's "Downton Abby collection."
I love them.
But then I'm a fan of lace.  I have a typical old lady home.  My style does not change.  My daughter and were looking at old magazines, some over 15, to 20 years old..(yes, yes, I keep old magazines!) and we both said we still like the styles from back then.  
No STYLE here.  Just what I like...so..I have a hodge podge of furnishings and it keeps changing.just not the sofa etc.  

Let's see...
More dishes...well..yes...more dishes!
I fell in love with these..so Springtime and Easter.  Also the placemats.  The dishes are from Pier 1 and the place mats I found on Amazon.  I bought a set of six..total cost was about $30 something dollars.  They were $5+ each.  At Pier1 they were almost $20 each.  The price has dropped now.
But still not enough that I wanted to pay that much.  Then they came and boy, were they worth it.
I love those placemats..or..chargers..whatever.  I say placemats as chargers are smaller I think. 

The mantel cover above is also from Pier1.  I don't usually shop with them..but they had the cutest things this year!  So..I added to my collection.
I am going to dig into my cartons.  The clock is ticking! :)

This isn't much or all that interesting..but I'm trying!  
At least it keeps my mind off politics!!!  LOL
Big hugs and love,


  1. So nice to see you again! Your curtains are lovely and the Easter decorations say 'springtime!'.

  2. My curtains are similar. If you are olf-fashioned, so am I. I just like lace curtains. Your dishes are so pretty and spring like. I have to get decorating also. Maybe tomorrow...

  3. love those dishes! I always go into pier one to look at their seasonal things. they always have some neat stuff. but yes, they are expensive.
    I love lace curtains by the way!
    glad youve posted for us. maybe as we get more into spring your get and go with come back! hope so!
    happy day!

  4. Dear Mona, there's no need to apologize for not feeling like blogging.mit happens to many of us. I still enjoy posting but also do it less often. But it's always wonderful to read your posts especially about your decorating and family. We have lace type curtains in the VA house and yours are lovely. The rabbit pkaces look too lovely to eat on and the placemats were a great find too! We did a bit of decorating outside the apt entry and I will post a couple of photos soon.

  5. Love the bunny plates and blog when you want and don't blog if you don't want. that is how i view life. when we get to our age it is all about doing what we want when we want. most of of women spent our lives doing what and when and how the family wanted, now is tiem for me. i spend a lot of time playing on software on the computer and coloring online and reading and watching TV. all things i never had the time to do. we are here when you feel like it. love the new lace

  6. Great to see you posting Mona. I love lace too and I love your decorations. We have had some exceptional weather once again and lovely to be out and walking about. We had a big hurricane type storm with torrential downpours last week and it took most of the snow with it. March 1st here was sunny and warm enough for shirtsleeves, eh. Have a wonderful day and hullo to your PH buddy there.

  7. LOve your charger/placemats! My daughter has got me hooked on shopping at Amazon, can do it right from my chair...lol! I really like that banner from Pier One, may have to get me one of those. We have been stripping the old paint from our front porch deck...what a job! So, my posts have been short and sweet recently..hugs...

  8. Glad to seeing you post once again. Love the Easter decoration and the lace curtains. Have a blessed day and please keep posting when you feel like it. Madeline

  9. Mona, Been missing you. :):) I love the lace curtains...they are my favorites too. Cute bunny dishes. Take care and never give up. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  10. hi mona1 start posting more!we all miss you! i love those plates..they are too cute. i don't decorate for easter at all anymore. i will be doing easter baking though.

  11. Hi, Mona..I've missed seeing you around Blogland...now I see you haven't posted very much lately.
    I don't decorate for Easter other than a vase of colorful flowers...just never have decorated for any holiday other than Christmas....Hope all is ok in your world.

  12. It is good to see your post today. Your lace curtains are very pretty. I enjoy seeing all of your Easter bunnies and spring decorations.

    It's starting to look like spring around here this week. Crocus are blooming and birds are singing.

    Take care. I will continue to watch for any new posts you do.

    Susie D.

  13. Hi! I am new following you. I think I saw you at Debbie Dabble, isn't she something will all her decorations for all the holidays? I found the cutest five piece village for Easter at a thrift store this weekend. Each piece normally sells for $25-35 each and I paid $15 for the whole set and they are large pieces. I have some bunnies and such to add to the scene just can't get motivate to set it up. I like your style here and I love your honesty. I feel like I already know you well. Have a good week and see you here soon. xo

  14. So glad to see you posted girlfriend!! I just told my hubby the other night i wanted to go back to lace curtains at least in some of the Windows. They are so old fashioned and im just a hopelessly old fashioned girl! Our home is a jumble of many styles and eras too and its probably not trendy and its very cluttered but its us. At our age we dont care!! Lol sounds like you just have a mild case of writers block.... Once you start writing it will all come flowing !!


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