Tuesday, February 16, 2016


I am easily sidetracked lately and I did not keep my promise to post a few more photo's of our lovely historical Mission Inn in downtown Riverside California,  which is not far from our home.
Some of the photo's  may have been posted before..but here is a reminder..
Please click on the photo's to get a wonderful view.
This is one of my favorite views of the Inn..  It surely shows the age.

There are many historical facts about  this Inn..and if you want to know more..you may look it up on the computer.  This would be a lovely place to visit if ever you come to our little town.

 I've  posted this before..but..you KNOW how I love red!!
See our mountains in the background.  This time of year they are often white with snow.

I think I told you that my children gave my second Husband, Frank and I, a weekend here.  You know I lost him to cancer.
And did I tell you my  grandparents were married here?   Indeed they were.

Another of their pretty rooms.  They spent a LOT of money refurbishing the Inn some years back.
I believe it is probably an ongoing thing to keep this lovely place in tip top condition.

I KNOW I posted this scene before also..and told you about the moving figures in the tower clock.
I've loved eating lunch here and when it's cool out, there are heaters and if it's hot..big umbrella's.

I do love this place...it is a place that is not far from our home.  I have come here with a couple of my blogger friends when they have visited.  There is a lot to see.

This is the President's room...and yes, I have sat in a cozy corner and had cocktails and interesting conversation with a gentleman.  It's a memorable place.

Just a few photo's to with the delicious lunches and brunches  they serve.  I don't have a picture of their Sunday brunches..but they are AMAZING..and the amount of food to choose from will make you crazy just trying to decide.

Of course there is always a  menu to choose from and formal dinners in the evening.
Oh..and besure and bring your wallet!!  uh huh...:)

I can vouch for this!!
and this!!
:) Yes, and this!!
Are you kidding??  OF course I can!!

Yes and this too.  

Do you remember the photo's I posted of my blogger friends and I in front of this famous cupcake shop?  Yes..and they won the cupcake war on TV!!

These photo's are from my dear friend Mary.  Thank you Mary R.  :)



  1. Thank you Mona, for posting such a fantastic story and pictures of this glorious Inn. I think it's on my bucket list as a "must!" Magical and simply beautiful!

  2. I love the Mission Inn. We only were there once but it is just stunning.

  3. I would love to stay there....so magical! Thank you for sharing...and thank Mary for the photo's! hugs..

  4. that is an amzing place and truly beautiful here. i would love to visit it. the dining under the trees is my favorite pic here. i agree with Penny, it is magical

  5. Mona, That entire place is gorgeous. I would dearly love to eat in the outside area. My goodness, if I were you, this would be a spot for celebrating anniversaries...so you could be there at least once a year. Blessings to you and yours, xoxo,Susie

  6. What a beautiful place. Your photo are great. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  7. Oh Mona, I love the Mission Inn. Went there about three years ago to see all the Christmas lights and they were amazing, like nothing I have ever seen before. My friend, Teryl and I had lunch on the patio and ate from the Buffet and it was so good. We stayed to see all the lights go on and it was so beautiful. I want to go back again only this time have dinner.

    Hope you are doing great - stop by and see the terrific party that I went to last week.

    Hugs dear friend

  8. What a beautiful old inn, Mona. It is on my bucket list for net time I go to California!
    Have a great rest of the week.

  9. I am so far behind in reading up on you and my friends.
    And this says part 2 and I haven't even seen part 1.
    What a beauty the Inn is . . .
    Thank you for your nice message about my baby great grand . . .
    You are the sweetest Mona . . .

  10. Beautiful!!! You have so much history with this place and I love to hear it!!!

  11. Mona i loved seeing these pictures of that pretty place! Looks amazing! What a neat place to visit. I love love love the first picture!!

  12. Oh I REALLY would love to go there:) Maybe next time I come your way! What a sweet memory you have of this gorgeous place! Thanks for sharing! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  13. That spread on the table in the outside patio is the best shot.

  14. WeLL, Hello my dear Mona,Sooo happy I JuSt happened to PoP onto this, this morning!!!! I Never hardly EvEr check out blogs anymore, LiFe has just been busy, AnD sad!!! But, I am moving forward, and upward!!!! We had the loveliest of time, when we came to visit you, and go to the Mission Inn, and the cupcake store, AND, your Son and daughter in-laws sandwich shoppe..... It was a delightful day, and we shared so much, that afternoon, your home is so beautiful, the afternoon was such a JoY to me and Marydon.......Oooohhh how I need to come visit again, I miss your little face, we could go by those sweet stores again in the alley, have lunch and just sit a spell and catch up!!!! Okay sweets, got to get ready to head out the door, and get to work, so I can go shopping ....... hahahaha Sending you love, hugs and happiness for a blessed, sweet day my friend xoxo love you :)

  15. What a wonderful place, Mona. And, if we ever do visit your part of the country, this is the place I would stay and dine at as well. Your post convinced me that indeed memories are made at the Mission Inn and thanks for sharing yours dear friend.

  16. What an amazingly beautiful place.

  17. Man, I love this place and I've never even been there! Your pics are beautiful and make you feel like you want to jump into the photo for a lovely dinner, lunch or brunch or just to walk around. I've been to Riverside only a few times and we didn't have time to sightsee since we were with family but if I ever return I'm going there! I can imagine you had some lovely memories there with your late husband and how sweet that your Grandparents were married there..what a fun tidbit! Enjoy your week!

  18. Mona, when I read your post and the "Mission Inn', I thought you were at my SIL/BIL's B & B they own in Cape May, N.J...."The Mission Inn."...:)JP


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