Thursday, February 4, 2016


 If you look on the sidebar..this little seven year old was just past toddling stage..she is the one holding the necklace and studying it in my daughter, Mary's,  powder room.  Her Auntie Natalia, who is her mother's sister, was getting married to her daddy's first cousin.  Yep..two first cousins married sisters.  Can you follow that?
Emily is changing..

yes...changing so fast.  I hope I get to see her as a grown woman..but it's unlikely.
My great grandmother never got to see me past this age.  I remember it well, that last time I saw my great grandmother. I was just five.

Columbian and Irish are a great mix, aren't they? :)
Thanks so much for stopping by, what a great feeling to know I wasn't forgotten.

I need to take pictures I know.  I mean, I cannot keep showing you the grandchildren and greats..but I admit it would give me lots to post about and bore everyone to tears!

I just don't want to drift to far again..I'm hanging on.

...that silver thread..

I had a dream once.  I dreamed that I drifted up into the sky..I could feel the breeze..see for great distances..and I kept drifting higher and higher,  I wanted to keep going farther and farther but 
I was teathered to the earth by a silver thread..and it kept me from drifting away...and then I remembered. 

... my babies, and my beloved and my friends..and I allowed myself to slowly float back to earth.  I was needed.   It kept me from cutting that silver thread.
Maybe it was to see my great grandchildren...maybe?



  1. Isn's she just precious! What a lovely post Mona...Each day is our gift....let's not waste a minute!!!! Big hugs!

  2. She is a beautiful girl. I hope you are doing okay. Hugs

  3. she is a beautiful girl, so glad you got to stay with her this long and i am betting you will see her grown up.

  4. She is stunning. Such a beautiful little lady. Yes, they do grow so fast. I love seeing mine grow. My oldest is now 12 so he is becoming quite the young man.

  5. Emily is gorgeous! I have no doubt you will see her grown up. Our family is what keeps us going. They are that silver thread you mentioned.

  6. Emily is precious! Don't underestimate yourself....I bet you might still be around to see her all grown up....hugs...

  7. What a beauty and I'm betting when she's grown up (and you're still here blogging!) she will be breath taking! I think that dream is beautiful and full of special meaning...yes, our families are the silver...and perhaps also the gold..threads that keep us grounded. I'm waiting for the pics of your Valentine décor!

  8. She is beautiful as are all of your children and grands and beyond. We can't count on the days ahead but we can live each one like there is no tomorrow. Enjoy posting these precious faces, your blog is your own space and personally, I love seeing your family.

    Dreams mean a lot...those threads. I woke up from one a few nights ago. It was me 30 years ago with people I thought I had long forgotten---including a first love. It was so real I was disappointed to wake up. My emotions were so in touch with those from so long ago. So...I believe dreams feel real and we can interpret them any way we want. The past serves no purpose for me and maybe your dreams of the future have some significance to the future but the love and happiness you are enjoying now is everything. One day at a time---for all of us.

    Love to you, dear Mona. :)


  9. Oh she is beautiful young lady. Yes, they do grown up to fast. My one and only is 13 going on 21 LOL. I pray that I get to see her at least graduate high school.
    I am sure you will be around a lot longer than you think.
    Take care dear friend.

  10. Lovely, Lovely, LOVELY post . . .
    BEAUTUFIL Little . . .
    I can see you in her Mona . . .
    You are needed . . .
    You are needed here . . .
    Beautiful imagery . . .

  11. Emily is growing up so quickly. She is a beautiful child. Dreams sure leave us wondering sometimes, don't they, especially the ones that remain so vividly in our minds after we are awake.

    I enjoy seeing pics of fellow bloggers families. Our family members are a big part of our lives.

  12. Mona, she is growing up so fast...just take the time to enjoy it...I do with mine!...:)JP

  13. Very lovely post Mona. What a beautiful sweet child, I think I see some of you in her. Dreams can indeed be so real. I had a terrific dream last night and it was so real I didn't want to leave it. Where is our mind when it wakes up from a dream. I could have easily slipped into this dream and stayed there and would have been so happy....what awakens us to reality and those that need us. It is something so strong we cannot turn it away. Is it a bond of love or that we are needed, that awakens from our dreams. Its not often that the dream stays so vivid and the feeling of staying in the dream so emotional. Thinking of you n PH on this snowy morning up North. lol

  14. A beautiful post Mona. Grand children and great grand children are wonderful. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  15. Your Emily is lovely. What a privilege it must be to watch her grow.
    Such a beautiful post, Mona. Those dreams are messages from our souls to our conscious selves - thank you for sharing yours.

  16. Dear Mona, you have such a beautiful family! You and your husband really made beautiful children who are having their own beauties, and on and on! Emily is growing up! And looks charming. Yes, I think your silver thread in you dream is reminding you it's natural, and okay, to slow down, and watch instead of being "in charge" of things--- but you're not used to it! And as our children get older, they naturally have their own lives to live, just as we did!

    I'm so glad for your blog and so many more. I think you life story would make quite a book, Mona. Please keep sharing your memories with us! You've had quite an interesting life and I wonder what great, happy ---(and, yes, sad)---times you'd still like to share! Oh, I do hope there will be more!

    I rarely remember dreams and I have insomnia, so maybe I don't have as many? My husband has quite a "busy dream life."

    Hang on to your silver thread, Mona!

  17. Yes,please keep sharing the photos of your lovely family and grandchildren, Mona. And, sometimes our dreams do seem so real and other times confusing. But, I for one, am glad to dream and live and am sure you will be with your famiky and all of us to dream on and share.


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