Monday, February 1, 2016


She is an amazing young woman.  
She recently traveled to Alaska by way of the Alcon Highway..she traveled with her friend, Jason.  She worked as a guide which is what she is trained to do.

I could not be prouder ... 

 ...of her sweetness
(Wren and Jason.  Alaska.)

 her waunderlust..

 her love of friends, family...and me!  Yes, ME!  

I admire her love of nature...her respect for it.

her determination..

her ability to conquer...I salute her independence.

When she graduated from high school she and with her father went on foot across the United States..met all sorts of local to know her's grass roots, which is what she wanted. They went on foot with occassional rides.  Again, I was in a tizzy!! 
She was in the Oregon news. 
She went to Costa Rica ...alone this time ..a couple of years ago..when she was just nineteen or so and this time I literally lost sleep and sometimes cried when I didn't hear from her for awhile...
She knew no one.  She was on an adventure...and went into the wilderness..alone.  Met people..and made dear friends everywhere she went.  

She is my granddaughter and next to the youngest of the fourteen.  Her brother is the youngest.  
She is the one who says she will take care of me when I get old..  :)
I don't know anyone who knows Wren that doesn't love her and admire her.

And..listen to this... :) The last time I saw her she said "Grandma, can I one day have your Halloween collection?"   Not sure why that touched me so much, but it did.  I will make certain she gets it.
All fourteen of my now grown grandchildren are making me so proud.  

Why did I post about her?  Who knows?  It's just that sometimes my heart is so full of love for all of them..and tonight I just wanted you to know a bit about Wrenna.
She is coming to visit me in March....ask me if I am excited...go ahead..ask...:)
I have so much to be grateful for that I cannot even begin to count my blessings..
Did I tell you she is off to Spain soon?  The land of her great, great grandfather, Pacifico, Franko Castillo.  I should tell her.....

No Valentine decor...maybe next time? 

My love to all,

P.S.  Sometimes life sort of takes over and I drifted from my, not to some other media outlet like facebook or one of those..just...drifted.


  1. she sounds like a wonderful girl and how lucky she is to have a grandmother that loves her so much and you by her! Hey.. just dont drift too awful far from your blog. I love to see what youre up to and what you have to say!

  2. Mona, thanks so much for sharing your pride in your very lovely and adventurous granddaughter, She comes across as a wonderful and loving young woman and we know much both you and she love one another. And, yes, life is way more important than blogging, although I did miss you when you were away and glad to know you were OK.

  3. Grandchildren are blessings from above:) Yes they are! Your Wren, sounds like she is living her life to the FULLEST! She is doing things lots of folks only dream of doing! Good for her! Have a blessed day dear friend, don't drift too far, HUGS!

  4. Your Wren is an adventurer for sure! What an amazing young woman. I am sure when you do eventually get old that she will take care of you.

  5. what a wonderful story. you are blessed to have her in your family... good to see you post again. Wrenna is beautiful inside and out

  6. Beautiful post Mona . . .
    You have that right . . .
    BE PROUD . . .
    She sounds like she is
    Exciting March it will be . . .

  7. what a gorgeous and interesting woman! i bet you are excited for march! i was wondering where you have been and what you've been up to!? you've probably had more winter than i have!

  8. What a wonderful post about your granddaughter. She sounds like she is enjoying life. I know you are proud of her and excited to see her come March. Hope you are doing well. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  9. You have every right to be proud.

  10. What a beautiful name and like the bird was born to fly! What a wonderful life and the stories must be endless.

  11. You haven't posted in a while and just know that I have really missed you! You have a beautiful grand daughter inside and out....hugs...

  12. Oh my goodness.....this is certainly a young woman with an adventurous spirit. Her name is beautiful and I can only imagine the beautiful heart that she must have. I know you are super excited for her visit.....Prayers for her on her journey....

  13. It is really lovely to have seen Wren grow from a young girl in highschool to where she is today. A beautiful grand daughter full of sight for her future. You are indeed blessed, as she is too. Lovely update on Wren.

  14. She's beautiful! I can almost see her spirit through the photos. You have every reason to be proud of her. There are some folks who just live life to it's fullest and she's one of them! I stood under that very same Alaska sign! Have a wonderful visit with her in March and I'm glad you're back blogging!

  15. Wrenna is an amazing young woman.

    I'm happy to see you here posting again.


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