Friday, February 5, 2016


Miss what, you say? 
(don't listen to me, I'm babbling!)

Valentines is just a week away..ALREADY!

Dining room table...

I'm hanging on for dear life..but the world is turning faster and faster...

The breakfast bar..

I am not the only one that is feeling like that I I'm going to fly off into space..
Then again...could be.
Oh..and I've become a "shopaholic" and didn't know it.  Yep. T'is true!

The hutch top.

Great grandchild..(baby girl) is due in March and I've been in a shopping frenzy!
Tomorrow is the shower..  This is #9..and I'm as excited as when the first was born. 

Coffee table in living room.

It's been fun..I guess you know by now I LOVE babies to pieces!! I didn't post any of the grands or greats..but, yeah, I talked about one of them.
Sorry.  :)
You forgive me...don't you?

Love and hugs..


  1. so glad to see your pretty valentine decorations! have fun at the baby shower. we have a new one coming too!
    Happy Day!!

  2. Hi Dear Mona! Oh, you've created the sweetest Valentine's vignettes and congratulations on your new little sweetie coming into this world! What a blessing. I haven't been able to do nuttin' around the house for Valentine's Day since I broke my knee cap. I'm pretty well contained on the sofa in the den! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. Mona, I love the posts on your children...such pretty girls. You have some wonderful Valentine's décor. Hope your day is a beautiful one. xoxo,Susie

  4. Mona, I love what you've done for Valentine's. It's so pretty and festive. Pinning. :)

  5. Wonderful Valentine's decoration. Enjoy the baby shower. It is always a joy to welcome a new one into the family. Have a blessed day and a wonderful weekend. Madeline

  6. everything is beautiful and festive. you will shudder when i say this so get ready... there is not one heart or valentine or any thing pink in our house.. are you still there? can you get up off the floor?

  7. I just love the dishes on your hutch top! Are they Brambley Hedge? Years ago, I almost started a collection of them and now wish I had.
    Please hang in there-there are a lot of us who just love to read you blog.

  8. very exciting!!! A new baby to love! Blessings and hugs all around....and it's so happy, romantic and beautiful for Valentine's day at Mona's! Have a great baby shower!!!

  9. Lovely decorations Mona. I love how you embrace all the special days.
    My new grand baby (also a girl) is due in June.

  10. How beautiful...just like a dream, Mona!...:)JP

  11. I knew I'd see those pretty decorations soon! You sure know how to do a fun holiday theme. I love that little mailbox and I hope it gets filled with lots of valentines! Have fun at the shower and congrats on the new babe coming...something wonderful to look forward to!

  12. Pretty decorations - love all the pretties. Have fun at the baby shower and congratulations.
    Have a terrific week Mona.

  13. While there will be no decorations in our place, I am happy that yiu have shared yours, Mona. You always do a wonderfully beautiful series of tabletops for special holidays. A big hug to yiu and yiur special someone, PH. Also great news about the future new famiky member.

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