Saturday, December 19, 2015


 The early morning sun in our living room.  
This room is only bright in the morning.  It's beautiful and only lasts for a very few moments..but there is something so special about it.
Sitting on the sofa watching the sun rise in the East ...a wonderful way to start my day.

Lamps in the late afternoon make this room so cozy and welcoming, but there is nothing like the mornings..

Just touches of Christmas is all this room needs.. a bit of evergreen here and there..holly added to the bouquet of roses..

 ....a pair of childrens ice skates made into a sweet Christmas decoration...

 Some pine and evergreen, with the word  "JOY" in delicate glass letters is all my cup shelf needs...
I will probably add a bit more..but...then again..maybe not.  

 Evergreen and roses, my favorite combination..

 A Cup of Christmas Tea~
If you have never read the book...please do.  It will touch your heart...

 Miss Priss...all dressed for the season...

You see, I decorate with toys...I always have.  
My children's toys as they grew out of them were the perfect look I wanted.
For many, many years that was all I had to decorate with..and things that others didn't want anymore and it became a sort of style for me.  I used to call it "Early Goodwill."
Everything in this picture..everything was someone else's once.  Except the birdcage..which was a birthday gift from one of my daughters.  I will always keep it until one day she takes it back.

 And last of all is one of the dearest things I own.  My piano where I spend a bit of every day of my life.  It belonged to a dear friend's husband who passed away...even the music books once belonged to someone special who is now gone. 
Everything but the photograph's were once owned by someone else.  That is why my home is so special to me.  It is filled with things that were treasures to someone else once..and now I am entrusted to care for them.  For now.


  1. I am in love with your early goodwill. super style to me and your living room is gorgeous.. i would be sitting there waiting for that morning sun. I love to see our rooms lit with early sun, it changes the whole look and makes me happy. looking at the sun in your room gives me that same happy feeling.

  2. I can imagine you sitting at the piano . . .
    Playing "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" and singing right along as you play . . .
    And the early morning sun shine peeking in . . .
    I can hear you now . . .

    1. Lynne...I cried when I read this. Thank's was "our" song.

  3. Mona, I love all your pretty things....even things once owned by others can fit into our lives. Especially if we love it. I love sunlight in my home too. Wishing you a wonderful week ahead . Merry Christmas to all of you there. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  4. You have a wonderful talent for making every thing look divine.

    Merry Christmas!

  5. I love the room with the sun shinning through the windows. Everything looks so neat and beautiful. Love the way you used the holly and greenery in your decorating and the dolls. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  6. I have decorated that same way all my life and it is so special dontcha think? Your home looks so warm and inviting and lovely!

    1. I am not attracted to things in department stores.never have been but I remember wanting pretty things so much it hurt. Then I finally found out how to get the feeling and look I wanted..sometimes at no "cost" at all. It's addictive, isn't it?

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  8. Oh, Mona!!! I could so live in your house!!!! It is breathtakingly BEAUTIFUL!!! I have been reading your posts but have been on my mini iPad and I can't figure out how to comment on that thing!!
    That living room!!!! OH! That LIVING ROOM!!!!
    Anyone can decorate from a department store! Only ARTISTS decorate from things that have history and have been loved by others!!

  9. Your home is beautifully decorated for Christmas. It looks prettier than any that I have seen anywhere. There is so much to see that I am going to go back and study it all again. You have major talent for putting everything together with beautiful results. I love that all of your items have a history to them, not just some "things" that you ran out and bought. Linda, who commented above, is correct. It takes an Artist to come out with the results that you have.

    Merry Christmas!

    Susie D.

  10. It is all so beautiful, Mona!!!

  11. Mona!
    I LOVE this sweet room!! Seeing your tea cup shelf painted white has convinced me that I need to do the same with mine up in my Guest Room!!!
    LOVE how you displayed your Tree!! So pretty!!


  12. I too love morning light in our living room. The sun comes up so far in the southern sky right now that it illuminates the north wall. Just for a whisp of a moment, though. I'm not a fan of short winter days.


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