Sunday, December 20, 2015


Hi agian..
A couple of people asked me to post some pictures of my here are a few.  I have hundreds..some from back when I got married in 1954.  Some are from later years..
But it's over 60 years of collecting and some have gotten broken from babies..kitties, accidents and from moves..but many have survived.
Below are a few.
Figgy pudding?  :)

 A choo choo..

A sleigh full of toys..

Grandfather clock..  

Rocking horsie!

 and Saint Nicholas too!!  

 A little raccoon and a car car!  Just like the one my grandpa used to own.  It even had little glass vases in holders on each side of the back seat for flowers.  We cranked it to get it started..had a choke..yep, and a throttle..all the wonderful things that all car car's should have!  

 Grandpa's pocket watch made of GOLD...well..not this one..

 ...and of course a coo coo clock!

Wonder what kind of bird this is...shaking his tail feathers!!

I have some that are so old and cracked and faded...
much like 
my memories of those Christmas' of years gone by.  
I find myself drifting off and reliving some of those days.  I guess that's what happens as you age.

Sentimental me...
Guess I'll always be
So in love with you,
No one else will do
Sentimental me...



  1. Part of the fun in decorating a tree, (at least for me, and I think for you) is the memory attached to each little ball, bauble, ornament pulled out of the container to be placed in just the right special spot.
    Love the little old car and your memories!
    Thanks Mona . . .

  2. They are all so precious! Merry Christmas sweet friend. Have a blessed holiday. Hugs, Diane

  3. You have a wonderful collection of memories on your tree....thank you for sharing them! Christmas hugs...

  4. they are beautiful. I love the old car and the pocket watch. wonderful collection

  5. What beautiful ornaments. I just love the old timey ones like you have. Thanks for sharing them and your memories with us. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  6. Merry Christmas sweet Mona,
    Barbara in Florida

  7. How wonderful that your tree is full of memories. Just as it should be. I have ornaments dating back to when I was a small child and I cherish them. Thank you for showing us yours.

  8. Mona, I loved seeing your ornaments. I too gaze at our tree and let my memories of certain ornaments carry me into the past. Bless your heart...Sentimental you. :):) xoxox,Susie

  9. What a beautiful memory tree! You have some great ornaments, Mona.
    Merry Christmas!

  10. Beautiful ornaments Mona! I'm betting that bird is a partridge in a pear tree species! Jack and I were just talking about "Figgy" pudding and wondering what it is!

  11. Your collection of Christmas ornaments is beautiful. I love Christmas trees that are decorated in many different ornaments, each with sentimental meaning. One could spend hours just looking at all of the pretties on your tree. Tree gazing at its best.

  12. Pure magic...loved my visit here today!!

  13. I love ornaments that have memories attached! They are the very best ones!!

  14. Thanks, Mona, for sharing these photos of your holiday decorations in thisnpost and the previous post. We also have some that have been used year after year and have sentimental, not monetary, value. And, that's what the holidays are most about...memories.


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