Friday, December 18, 2015

~NO SNOW...~

Do you? 
It's cold and dry here...but the weather is not what we are celebrating...

A dear old man in Temecula California made this shelf for me..the two don't go together but it doesn't matter.  I love both do go together.  
You know?

 The family room is full to the brim now with Christmas.  
T'was fun!

 The Brambly Hedge tea set was a gift from my daughter Mary.  She gave me a little at a time.
She was working her first job at the time..and worked hard.  They mean a lot to me.
Guess who's name is on the bottom?  :)
What they gave me will go back to them.

The tea cup tree.

Pay NO attention to the tree.. was still working on it..took me forever to get all the decorations on it.
60 years of collecting..bulbs from the 1950's.  I seldom throw anything away.  (You probably already guessed that :)   I pass them on.
My collection of eggs are finally gone.  The girls have them.  We used to get together the on Easter and decorate eggs for Christmas.. all year we collected old jewelry, cut out figures of old Christmas was fun.
We don't do that anymore.  
We keep saying we are going to, but we never do.  
One of those things that pass with time.   
You know how it is, don't you?  
I do.



  1. Hi Mona! Your home is looking beautiful this season. Just perfect! I actually spent a few days in Temecula in 1996 - pretty town. The wisteria was in bloom at the Callaway winery and was absolutely beautiful. Not something that grows here in Wisconsin, so it was a treat! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas! Jane

  2. Everything looks so, so beautiful! And I love your teacup tree! Never ever seen that done before and it's such a brilliant idea. I know exactly where to come to rekindle childhood memories of Christmases Past! We do not do Christmas anymore, and I am perfectly happy about that, but it's lovely to see it done so well and with so much love here!!

  3. Your home is so Christmasy! Is that a word? I have always loved your teacup tree. Everything is beautiful.

  4. No snow here either:) It is chilly for a couple days but mostly really warm for this time of year! Love your teacup tree! Enjoy each day dear friend, HUGS!

  5. Every thing looks beautiful. A lot of loving time was spent doing this just right.

    Merry Christmas.

  6. Love it Mona . . .
    Look at that beam . . .
    Perfect with the garland . . .
    All your collectibles, charming indeed!
    And your Tea Cup Tree . . . priceless . . .
    Take a close up pic of your tree, I'd love to see your ornaments, colored balls and such. Please?
    Shinny Brights?

  7. I love your tea cup tree on the vintage sewing machine, great idea! I didn't get my presents wrapped yesterday like I planned and the outlook for getting it done today is not! Please, please, pretty please show us some close ups of the ornaments on your big tree. Christmas hugs....

  8. Mona, your home is just gorgeous! If I didn't know any better, I would imagine your living room to be in an English Cottage, somewhere in the Cotswolds. It is warm and inviting with all of the beautiful Christmas trims. I really like your tea cup tree and Brambly set. So special!

    Merry Christmas dear friend!



  9. your home is ready for Christmas but that is o surprise to us.. I love your new shelf and i agree it does go together. my first ever tea cup tree ad what a great idea....

  10. Mona, The teacup tree is adorable. You have such cute ideas. I love that you give the things the kids bought you back to them ...when it's time. That is how I feel about things also. Blessings and Christmas wishes to all, xoxo,Susie

  11. everything is so pretty mona! you've outdecorated me by a mile! i just can't get into xmas with this hot weather this year.

  12. Everything looks so festive, Mona!
    Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  13. Your decorations are lovely. I love the teacup Christmas tree. I too have put names on things that will go to my Children after I am gone. You and I are so alike in things that we do. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  14. Yes your room looks lovely as always. The teacup tree is unusual but very pretty Mona.

  15. I do so love that Tea Cup Tree!!!! Your garland across the room is gorgeous! Is it real? Everything is so beautiful and I could look and look and look!!! I have been to visit this post several times already and still see something I hadn't noticed before!!! So much eye candy!!!!

  16. Stunning!! Our tea cup tree is lovely! I keep a Tree up in the craft room year round and in the Spring and Summer, it is decorated with roses, tea cups , cup cake and ice cream cone ornaments!!


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