Saturday, November 8, 2014


It's late..and I have nothing.  I haven't taken any photo's but at least the Halloween decor is all down and put back in it cartons and stored away for another year.
I had so much I wanted to write about and I even made notes,... then misplaced them.
How could I do that?  NO idea.  They were right here on my desk..but my desk and my brain are a matched pair lately!
 So..for lack of any planning on my part..I'll just do a quick little post and show you my 
Mele as a puppy..

...and my sweet Mele now.
She is such a good girl!  I love my little dog.
PH's daughter is visiting from Maryland..and things have been so busy.
I know you understand. I mean, you DO, don't you?


  1. Mele looks great now and then..sweet little moppet... yes we do understand... i am having the mind thing to...

  2. Your Mele is the sweetest cutie. She is a "Frumpet", as we say here in the Maritimes ( a dog with a LOT of hair). ha,ha I suppose with you having company, dear PH is taking a break from the heat wave he is supposed to send via the magic mirror. Now, I suppose that is Mele's job. ha,ha Have a wonderful Sunday and don't worry about posts - I write em when I have something to write about and never think twice about it girl. Cheers

  3. I DO understand, we have been busy too:) Enjoy your day and say HI to Mele for me:) HUGS!

  4. Mele is such a sweetheart, I know exactly what you mean,

  5. How could anyone help but love such a sweet little face (buried in all that!) Have a blessed Sunday...hugs. Penny

  6. Mele fits right in with your family...she's cute as a button and pretty as a princess! It's been a busy time around here too and I understand about losing things...lately it's been my mind! Hope the rest of the weekend is a good one for you, Mele and PH!

  7. ok I understand, but remember you always make my day when I see you have posted another beautiful blog.
    Florida Pal

  8. Your Mel is the cutest dog. I can see why you love her to pieces. I am always forgetting where I put things also. I have been busy getting my Christmas shopping done believe it or not I have it all done and even wrapped ready to put under the tree when I put them up after Thanksgiving. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  9. Mona, That is a cute doggie. I really like well behaved daughter Kathy, has the worst two beagles in the world. That used, I say used to be my favorite kind of dog. I love my daughter Liz's big 1/2 boxer, 1/2 lab, slobber dog. Oh he can be a slobbery mess...but that good heart he has makes up for that. My daughter Karen, has two Yappy A**ed terriors. To the moon. LOL. I tell my girls, an animal is only as smart as it's owner...LOL Well you would think that would help them shape those dogs up...NOT. I will see all my girls todfay. Bless you,xoxo,Susie

  10. -clapping hands- Another new Header! And purrrrrrfectly placed! Oh you are gettin' so cool with this!

    And it's so much fun, when clicking on your blog, and wondering what will "appear," when it fully loads.

    Fun for you to change, and fun for us, to see.

    Enjoy your company.


  11. Such a sweetie. I know she means a lot to you and you to her.

  12. Hi Mona! Just wanted to drop in and see how you are doing. Your little Mele is such a cutie pie. Hope that all is well!


  13. Such a sweet doggie . . .
    Love your header . . .
    Bet I'll be seeing another one, very soon . . .
    Mele is a GEM!

  14. mele has hardly changed at all! what is her secret? i guess the hair on the face helps a lot!

  15. Merle is so cute and she was so good when I visited you. We sure love our dogs don't we?
    Have a great week dear friend.

  16. ENJOY YOUR VISIT WITH YOUR DAUGHTER. And yes Mele is soooooooooo cute!

  17. Mele is Fuzzy's Pin Up Pom! She is so pretty.

    Your new header has such great color and looks so fresh.

    I did something so embarrassing yesterday in the little dollar store where I go once or twice a week. I had been talking to the cashier, and then discovered that I had picked up the wrong item inadvertently, and asked her if I could leave the one I picked up with her and go back and pick up another one like the others that I had. She said yes that would be fine and I handed her my wrong item. I then gathered my bag from the carousel rack and proceeded to start to walk toward the door to leave.... without paying! I imagine she didn't know what to think or say, so she nicely asked me if I was going to pay for my items now? When I realized what I had done, I was so embarrassed. I immediately went right back and paid, red-faced as could be.

    What in the world was that brain "thwart" all about? I think I was distracted while chatting with her and then was thinking 5 steps ahead to all of the other places I needed to visit and things I needed to get done. It reminded me of the forgetful uncle in "It's a Wonderful Life". I think I will still be embarrassed when I go there again...forever more.

  18. You've made this Monday bright and cheery, Sweetpea!!

    Your baby girl is quite the lovely young lady, with her beautiful coif so neatly brushed and her bright smile.


    PS There IS no match for MY brain I can think of, except maybe that cold bowl of leftover oatmeal stuck in the back of the fridge in Tupperware.

  19. I just love the picture of your porch. I'd like to sit there with a cup of tea and maybe a book or some needlework. And Mele looks like a sweetie. Isn't it amazing how they steal our hearts!

  20. Mele was a real little furball as a baby! So much cuteness wrapped up into a tiny package! She grew into a beautiful girl whose incredibly well groomed coat must be the envy of all her peers! What a little honey she is.

    Hope you had a lovely weekend!

    Big hug xoxo

  21. What a sweet looking doggy! I miss not having one -but with our lifestyle just wouldn't work.

    I love the beautiful sofa behind her. (I always enjoy seeing others' houses). Enjoy those busy days ahead.

  22. Nice to see Mele's smiling face, Mona, and she does look like a great companion.


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