Wednesday, November 12, 2014


I'm just kidding around.
Sort of.
Am I the only one that just plain runs out of steam?  Probably not..but right now as I look around and see all of the Autumn decor that needs to come down and get packed away, as much as I love the season, I am having a difficult time facing it this year.
I know!
It's disgusting!

Then I look at my photo's ...while searching for the one I just took that I intended to post this evening..and I think..
OH..this one!  This one is a favorite!  (see how easily I get off track?)
But then I think, "Didn't I already post this one?"  and I try to stick to my plan..and I keep looking.

Ohhhh...this one.  This one is a favorite...
To me she is stunning!!  but then I'm great grandma so of course I think that.
  And..again I pause!  I think "Wasn't this one posted not long ago?"  and I keep looking.
You see my pictures are ALL over the place and none are organized, so when I want to find the ones I've downloaded...they are nowhere to be found and I keep going.

This is her daddy.  It's homework time.   Ad is my first grandson.  His father is my eldest son and the second grandchild to be born to us.
I can feel my heart swell with love for them.  They really don't live all that far away..just off toward L.A. but too far to see them very often,  Everyone is working..and might understand.
They will come to see me soon.  They tell me they are coming and I wait.

Posing on a gold carpet in Hollywood California.  What does she dream of being when she grows up?
She now speaks three languages.
(I don't even speak one all that well!)
Takes direction flawlessly,
Knows how to pose for the camera.  (does NOT take after her great grandmother!)
Gets lots of love,

She could grow up to be a teacher?  Work in computers like her Daddy?
Be a great woman or a homemaker and Mommy?
Whatever she chooses, I hope she grows up to be loving.
.....and I wonder.  How much of her life will
I get to see.  Will I see her grown?
Will she want a cottage or a condo?
I know I won't get to see her children, but I wish I could.
I wonder....what will her life be like?
How I wish her great grandfather could have seen her.  How proud he would have been.

Love and hugs,
Mona what was the picture I was looking for?  I MUST get organized!  :)


  1. Oh Mona,
    This post just tugs at my heart and puts tears in my eyes tonight. It is just one of those nights, I guess.

    Is that Emily? She is just beautiful-she reminds me of our SweetCheeks. I, too, hope I get to see our kids grown up and have them know how much I have loved them their whole life.

    God bless you, Mona. Much love to you- xo Diana

  2. Beautiful, gorgeous great grand . . .
    I get side tracked too. All the time.
    I had great plans to accomplish something today . . .
    NOTHING . . . well I did get some on line shopping kind of things done. But that was it!

  3. Oh Mona I know the love you feel for your great grandies. I have only one and she is not yet two. I love her to bits, although she lives a long way away and I only see her once a year.
    Thank God for photos that can be sent on the net.
    Now what did I come to the computer for?
    Hugs Kay

  4. My oh My how little Emily is growing up. She looks determined there on the carpet and quite at home. Perhaps she will be a famous actress. If she has your charm, then she is set.....and I just thought of something. PH can hold the mirror while she gazes into it and possibly sees her future, eh - Mirror, Mirror held by PH, What do you see??

  5. i don't know that i will ever get to see a grandchild!

  6. Be still my heart. We are given them for just awhile and then they leave as it should be. They grow up fast. And your granddaughter is just beautiful.

  7. I feel your pain Mona! My pictures are SO un-organized! I swear I am gonna work on that soon... giggle or at least I am gonna say that I am:) Enjoy your day dear friend! Get in the car and go visit your little one! HUGS!

  8. You made me smile; I get sidetracked all the time, going down various rabbit-holes. Your grandchildren and great-grandchildren are beautiful. Love that close-up shot.

  9. Emily has such a sweet face....beautiful young lady! I started organizing my photos in August...any photo taken before that is somewhere in a dark hole! Hugs, Penny

  10. Mona, I think all your children are nice looking . That little one is a doll. Reminds me of Emma with the posing. Blessings to all, xoxo,Susie

  11. We all get sidetracked once in a while. Your grandchildren and great grandchildren are precious. This post was very enlightening, enjoyed it very much. Have a blessed day. Love your new header. Madeline

  12. Very beautiful little girl...

    Hmmm, don't know what you mean by your photos being "all-over," but I believe you.

    Here, all my photos go into the Photo thing, on my computer. (iPhoto) And I never keep photos! I can hear the collective gasp, across "Pretty Blog Land." I post them, and thus, they are "kept"..

    And then I delete 'em, from my photo place.

    Ones I can't post (family)... I post to my private blogs.

    And then I delete 'em, from my photo place.

    So very few pics, are in my photo place. Ever. Works for me. :-)

    Annnnnd, a new Header!!! Yesss!!! New Headers are getting like peanuts, right? You can't have just one! ,-))))


  13. Profoundly wistful questions and insights, Mona! I can hear the yearning in your voice. Emily has certainly grown and her independence is beginning to assert itself, as can be seen in her pose in this most recent picture. It's understandable that you miss her and want to be part of her life for a long time. The close up of her younger self is gorgeous. She has strikingly lovely colouring and features. I do hope they visit soon! She occupies her very own special place in your heart!

  14. Mona so many out here do just what you do...get lost in memories and look forward to seeing the ones they love. You, my dear, are NORMAL and it has nothing to do with being organized!...:)JP

  15. Organized? What's that? I am so unorganized it's not funny. I have so many pictures I am trying to get in some kind of order. I do a little every night.

    Your great-granddaughter is beautiful. And growing up so fast.

    Your post brought a lump to my throat and a tear to my eye. I have no children and so no grandchildren. Neither do my brothers and sister. When we are gone, it is the end of our family.

  16. Oh Miss Mona, she is beautiful...just like her great~grandma!!! I can't believe how grown up she's gettin'.

    I'll come help ya get organized, remember...I'm twisted that way, 'just can't help myself. Heeehehe!

    God bless ya dear friend and have and extraordinary weekend.

  17. Oh Mona, what a beautiful little girl. I know how you feel, I will not see my granddaughter graduate from high school, get married and have children. But she has a good foundation and I will be watching from heaven.
    We all get old and that is the way of life. We must enjoy it while we are here.
    Hope all is going well for you. Hope we can get together soon. Take care of yourself and say hi to Howard.

  18. yes she is stunning...
    actually as in
    elizabeth taylor as a child
    and i have no steam either.
    be kind to yourself dear one.
    all in good time.
    no clock is ticking. well...
    not a clock that REALLY matters anyway!
    this post is lovely in so many ways. xo

  19. Mona, I don't quite know how I wound up on your blog several months ago---but I got hooked and read every post! Your zest for life, your beautiful family, beautiful YOU, your tales of how you met your husbands--and more--just amazed me. I am about 13 years your junior and I cannot hold a candle to your energy and love of life. I hope you'll keep sharing, you inspire me to try and get out of this rut! I stopped blogging ages ago...just fizzled out! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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  21. Mona when you get all that organized you can come work on my stuff. Maybe you need an OCD friend that must have everything organized.
    Your granddaughter is beautiful. Who knows what he life ahead holds? I hope it's full of promise,joy and happiness.
    Been a cold day here again today...37F right now...brrrrr!

  22. That little girl is really sweet! I know I'm running on borrowed steam lately. I hate our time change and the darkness that comes so early. I'm always looking for pics for the blog...sometimes I find them, sometimes I get distracted and run in another direction! Glad I'm not alone!

  23. I feel sure you might get the blessing to see her grow up...mine is only 5 so I try to see her often as I am sure I won't see her grown. We are both blessed to have been able to have great grandchildren in our lives, tho. My poor little mama didn't make much past 70....never got to see HER are lucky...
    I have a grandgirl snuggled in my bed this cold morning. 22 degrees with snow predicted...getting out my warm boots and we're off to church.....


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