Monday, November 3, 2014


My sweet PH handed out the candy.  I had a flu shot and didn't feel like running to the door.
I had a Hallmark Witches Spell Book that holds the candy and when you open it, it talks.
Mele would bark to say someone was at the door..and PH would answer the door with the box of candy, I could hear him telling the little ones that they had to open the box and get the candy out...and of course when the box was opened it would begin it's Witchy giggles and begin chatting...and the children would get so excited!
From then on...PH made fast tracks to the door every time the bell rang.  
After it was all over...he was smiles from ear to he always had to come tell me what they were wearing..and how cute they were...and how they would jump when the box began to talk to them!
Then he said.. "You know, I've never handed the candy out to the kids before."  and I said "Never? and he said "Never!"  How about that.  Always a first time for everything.
He had fun, I could tell!  
Patient man, my PH!


Well.. apparently my new camera has the ability to do things like this.
Take photo's and run them one after the other.
Not at all sure how to stop this thing..or even if it will show up on my blog..but..when I discovered markings on my mirror...needless to say it sort of frightened me.  So..(don't laugh) I I took each picture..."..if there is some one there..make an X" and continued to snap pictures.  You can see the attempts...and finally an X of sorts was accomplished.You can see where the marking begins and ends...  I didn't know this was in my camera..or how it got animated.  Kinda drives you nuts, doesn't it?
I've shown you this crazy mirror before..but this was just kind of interesting.
I'll find something else to bend your ear about tomorrow..okay? :)
At first I was really upset..but I am sort of used to the antics that go on around here..and it doesn't bother me.  (maybe just a bit)
I used to have the worst time keeping my computer mouse on the pad, in spite of the fact that there was a wrist would shoot out the back of my hand and onto the many times during an evening when I was trying to write letter..or blog..that I felt like throwing the thing against the wall.  That was when it all began.  Now we just go about our business...and ignore it.  Sometimes I'm startled..but no harm done.  

So... sorry I don't know how to stop this thing..just thought it was interesting.

What do you think?  Weird isn't it?



  1. Goodness, Mona! Now this is not only baffling and completely intriguing, but really spooky. Not a post-Halloween joke on all of us, is it?

    Lovely story of PH's first experience of handing out candy to the little trick or treaters :)

  2. Well, most cameras have this touch thing now that continues to do "rapid shooting" and then perhaps it was on video mode or something?? The light in the mirror - Kool - Intriguing and darn interesting. I like the idea of the little box to open the candy - that's a real good idea and sounded like fun. Musta been nice for PH to have a break from signalling to passing out candy, eh. Have a wonderful day, you two lol

  3. my husband passed out te candy too and really enjoyed doing it. it was raining so he stood on the sidewalk and stuck lots of treat bags in the pouch of his hoodie to keep them dry. i told him he was the scariest thing anyone had seen on halloween. an old guy in a hoodie stuffed with candy!

  4.'s always fun to discover a new feature when dealing with electronics isn't it? Happy to hear your PH enjoyed the fun of Halloween Trick or Treaters! You always make us smile Mona!

  5. I am so happy PH had fun giving out the candy:) The picture is kinda SPOOKY! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  6. Oh you have to stop it... And pick out the pic, which shows the X. 'Cause it makes my eyes cross, to try to do it, when it is moving.

    I have never seen such an effect. Wonder what the cam calls it??? Make people cross-eyed, maybe??? -gigggles-

    And I really want to know more about the mirror. And about how "things move," in your house. Oh yes!!!!!!

    And wondering how old the house is? I don't think it is a very, very old house, but... Never really saw it.

    I didn't think one got "interesting happenings" in other than really old houses. But what do I know.

    Oh and that box to be opened at Halloween, that is so cute. You have the cutest things!!!!

    Oooops. too long. will stop! ,-)



  7. Interesting and EERIE, Mona. That is just crazy and we have talked before about things that are beyond our understanding...this is one of them.

    That camera function is crazy! lol

    Glad your hubby got such a kick out of handing out candy. I don't think MyHero has ever handed it out either.

    Hope you have a great (un-weird) day! xo Diana

  8. That thing your camera is doing is crazy! Sorry you weren't feeling well Halloween, but it sounds like you and PH still had a fun evening....hugs, Penny

  9. Mona, Loved the story of your husband passing out the candy. Your camera is crazy...I think darned electronics have a mind of their own, at times. Hope you can figure that one out. :):) # weeks till Take care and enjoy this day. xoxo,Susie

  10. very weird and yes it is irritating. never seen anything like it.. to funny you did not do it, just happened. i love the story of hubby never handing out candy... i don't think mine has either and neither did my first husband or my dad....

  11. My husband always hands out the candy. And he is much better at it than I am. He always laughs and jokes with the kids.

    That camera is strange. But I can see the X.

  12. This is my favorite post of the Halloween season! That mirror is so cool...Thanks for posting the crazy pic! I don't think my camera does neat moves like yours. PH is a gem! How cute that he has never handed out candy. I bet he'll do it every year from now on. Maybe we'll see your home on Ghost Hunters this season! Ha!

  13. Why is it mostly women giver out candy? And that mirror and movement - scared me.

  14. Wow that mirror was scary. Glad you husband PH enjoyed handing out the candy. Have a blessed evening. Madeline

  15. Boy! You camera sure can do "unusual" things. It almost looks like you are making your own version of a shaky camera movie. The effect is creepy and I do see the markings on the mirror. I'm sure some scientist could explain why it's happening, but I have no idea.

    Such a sweet story about PH being on candy handout for the very 1st time. It sounds like he really enjoyed being assigned the job and that he got a kick out of the kid's reaction to the talking candy box. He'll probably want to do it every year from now on.

  16. I love that PH experienced his first Halloween treating candy for the little ones . . . with you! I hope you are feeling better after your flu shot! AND I hope you can figure out how to stop your "wiggly jiggly" photos!

  17. The witches spell has entered your camera Mona. I had to laugh when I saw it. I'm glad PH had fun with the kids. Hope you are feeling better.
    Hugs Kay

  18. So. Ice to read about the fun that ahoward had on Halloween, Mona. And maybe your camera knew it was the day to act weird and was just complying.

  19. So happy your hubs enjoyed Halloween so much. What fun! I am intrigued by the spooky goings on too.

  20. The mirror does have a really strange distortion in the reflection in the picture, doesn't it? I've never seen that before in a mirror.

    Does your little Mele ever notice any of the strange goings on? There is an area in our house where Fuzzy sometimes lays down and falls asleep and then acts like someone or something does something suddenly that makes him jump up to his feet and look around behind him like he was grabbed. Maybe it is the ghost of the old kitty that we had when we got Fuzzy.

    It sounds like your husband and Mele had fun giving out the treats.

  21. I love the picture - hope you do post more like this - and that X on the mirror - that is cool and spooky at the same time!! Reminds me of when my mom passed away and all the goings on that went on with her letting us know she was around.

    I read your comment at my blog - you would really enjoy the fall colors up here - so maybe if you can get up before they disappear it will be a beautiful day trip.

    thanks for visiting. I've been so busy lately I haven't gotten around to visiting much at all.

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  23. No handing out candy on Halloween here but I have handed out candy at easter which is our handing out candy day to kids dressed up to witches and warlocks :-) No fun boxes though, too bad it does sound fun :-)

    Have a great day!

  24. A fun post Mona. Keep trying with your mirror. One day you'll get a face in it and it won't be yours!

  25. Hope you have improved. Glad H enjoyed the trick or treating. What a marvelous, magical way to hand out candy.

    I have no idea about your camera. maybe it just won't happen anymore.

  26. that banner photo is great - I could sit there and enjoy the day so easily. Just beautiful.


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