Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Is there no pumpkins in the markets and few anywhere else because of the drought??
Could that be it?  This is terrible!  
PH found three and bought two of them.  I gave one as a hostess gift and kept the other for my little wicker table.
My neighbor found TWO and offered to bring me one..I told her no..I would wait.
WHY did I do that?  :)  Surely someone will have some.
I hope!
I love my wicker furniture no matter the season.  It's a place where neighbors gather and we have morning coffee before retiring to the back patio.  We..are..creatures of habit.

I am no longer a crafty person.  I was when the children were young and I had NO time for it and now that I do..I don't want to..however, you see those pretty leaves and bow up there on that big pumpkin?  
I actully did that with an ice pick and floral wire.  It's not going anywhere!  

Look!  One lonely little faux pumpkin sitting on a tiny metal chair.  No potted mums yet.  I've been too lazy to get out and buy some.  Maybe tomorrow.  IF I do..will have to show it off that okay?

I wrapped a grapevine leaf garland around my birdhouse.  Also a broken off piece from..something, around the basket handle.  A pumpkin sun catcher hangs in the window.  The afghan on the back of the couch in the window is Mele's look out.. 

And here she comes!
Looks like I left the front door ajar and someone is coming to see what I'm doing?  

My crow wreath from last year.  I must learn to make these.  (I say that but you KNOW I won't!) 

Little red mailbox just got a bouquet of corn.  ALL DONE!
Now of course, I will change things and change things.  I always do.
Never satisfied!  

Are you still there?  If I haven't been to visit you..hang on, I'm peddling as fast as I can.  :)
I have some catching up to do!  I know!
Lov'n hugs,

p.s.  Can you  believe I did two posts in three days?  :)  I am SO proud!


  1. hi mona! and hi mele!

    your porch is charming and i love that the pops of orange blend beautifully with the red. i've seen pumpkins at trader joe's and our local market. i've not bought a one yet and my porch is totally not fall'd out.


  2. Ah, someone had success. This is a test run for me.

    I will be back later again. No time now. Painters arriving soon.

    Big hug, Des xx

  3. Thank heavens! I panicked when I heard there was another problem posting comments. Thanks for letting me know! See ya later then! :)

  4. Your porch looks great Mona. Wish I was there with you having a cup of coffee and talking away.
    Today I brought out 6 plastic tubs of fall decorations and put them on the front porch and there they sit.
    Will have to get cracking as it's going to be to darn hot to do much.
    Glad to see that you are posting again.
    I found lots of pumpkins at Trader Joe's and they were only $2.98 and they had a lot at Wal-Mart but were $4.98. Try those stores.
    Looks really good Mona. Happy Fall weekend.

  5. We have all kinds of pumpkins here, all around the countryside, for sale at country side stands, at the stores , etc. Certainly no drought up here - ah, a nice surprise to see another post . I think your porch looks quite lovely, cozy and very inviting - I want to be one of those neighbours dropping by for coffee. Now, I have just read mary@mydogsmygrardenandmary and she mentioned a "Trader Joes". I found a little heavy cotton shopping bag one day and it had "Trader Joes" on it. Is this really a place. Can you tell me anything about it? Thanks and hullo to your sweet PH n hug to little Mele.

  6. I am so proud of you, too! But I had to rush right back to urge you not to overdo that enthusiastic pedalling, please. We definitely don't want you collapsing into an exhausted puddle, just when we've been popping the champagne corks to celebrate your return!

    It was such a treat visiting you on the front patio/porch today. Always one of my favourite places, it's looking so pretty in all its autumnal decor.

    And your real pumpkin is beautiful. Don't try to persuade us you aren't "crafty" anymore. We aren't.

    Mele's happy greeting made my day! She is such a gorgeous little girl and so cuddly and soft with all that beautiful fur. Please give her an additional treat and say it was from me!

    Your wicker furniture, red postbox, footstool and bright floral cushions shout "welcome"! I could sit there all day, chatting and drinking coffee, but you would throw me out!

    Your plants are always so lush and it really feels like being in a cosy corner of a conservatory or greenhouse. Very peaceful and soothing to the soul!

    Huge hug, Des xxx

  7. Very PROUD of my cali friend. I miss doing mine but just nothing from the ole brain comming to Thanks for making my day once again.
    Barbara in Florida

  8. it all looks amazing, we have an abundance of pumpkins this year, I wish I could send some to you!! A little far,to send I mean, lol, take care,

  9. Hi Mona! I love your fall decorating! So sorry there aren't many pumpkins around. Maybe soon! Since we've move to upstate New York there are pumpkins everywhere and they're expensive but I'm buying them anyway! Little Mele is such a doll! You must brush her daily as she just looks like a powder puff.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  10. You are on a roll Mona . . .
    Try not to pedal too fast!
    Sit back and enjoy the morning coffee time . . .
    I hope you find more pumpkins . . . Sounds like Trader Joes will be the place to go! (Wish we had a TJ . . . but we have pumpkin farmers all around us . . . )
    Happy day my friend . . .

  11. Mona everything looks so festive. I hope you can find more pumpkins and get the mums. We have lots of pumpkins here. I am so glad you are back posting, love your blog. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  12. Your fall wreath is definately a keeper....I love that little bit of grapevine sticking out on the left side! I hope you find some more pumpkins....hugs, Penny

  13. Always enjoy wicker! Your fall porch looks so in inviting...with or without pumpkins. No shortage in my part of the world - wish I could share some with you! Jane

  14. Love your front porch Mona. with the wicker and all those beautiful plants, you certainly have a green thumb. They make your porch look so cool and inviting. A cup of coffee and an early morning chat before the heat sets in sounds like the perfect way to start they day.
    Your house, inside and out, looks lovely with all the fall decorations and I think the pumpkins are just a little late making an appearance in the stores this year.
    Stay cool, we're in for another couple days of hi temps. Sure hope this in Summers last hurrah.

  15. You did 2 posts, in 3 days!

    Took lovely photos of all that decorating!

    You changed your Background to a pretty Autumn one, from Blogger!

    You did GOOOOD, my Dear! :-)

    Now, if you would like to come over here, and prompt me, to get the rest of my decorations up.... -sigh- That would be very helpful!

    I am slower than molasses in Jan., this season, with decorating! -pout-

    Happy October,
    "Here there be musing" blog

  16. And what a beautiful and inviting front porch you have!!!!!

    I am just amazed, at how creative.... people like you are!!! Doing all that pretty-ness, to a front porch.

    Happy October,
    "Here there be musing" blog

  17. It's beginning to look a lot like autumn ....everywhere I go.
    I made this song out of a Christmas song......just for you, Mona.
    Glad you found some pumpkins...there's no shortage here in Illinois. You could come for a visit and buy a few :)

  18. You are a posting machine, Mona!;>)

    Love your wicker and your lonely pumpkin. I have not had a chance to get out to purchase any pumpkins yet. Maybe tomorrow with the grandgirls!

    Have a wonderful Thursday- xo Diana

  19. you are back!!! i love seeing your decorations! i was out in the country this morning and the colors are ready to explode! i have my camera ready! and there were pumpkins EVERYWHERE!!!! of course i bought some more!

  20. your title says it all for me.
    white wicker is the only seating i have in my 'wren house' . . .
    so named because it's tiny.
    but i find it refreshing year round and good for my back.
    your porch is so inviting!!!
    and little mele as greeter . . .
    well! just perfection. that's all!

  21. Inviting and cozy as always! The dry weather could have affected the pumpkin crops but I like the faux ones since they don't rot. Looking good and I am proud of you!

  22. We have pumpkins galore around here. I haven't started decorating yet because I'm painting walls. Hopefully that will be done soon so I can get my Halloween decor up! Your home always looks so welcoming and pretty. I bet it's the best gathering spot for the neighborhood! If I bring some pumpkins can I join you?

  23. I love it all Mona! I believe the Crow Wreath wins first prize of all the autumn decor I have seen! Why is it we loose our zest for decorating when our children fly the nest? We keep trying though don't we? You have done an amazing job making your home reflect the season!


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