Monday, October 6, 2014


Not really...that was a TRICK!  heh heh!

Introducing a heads of the kitchen?  Do you mind?

A bowl bull of kitty heads?  In the kitchen?  Gross, but Halloween is coming soon and I wanted to be a tiny bit scary.
Just a bit?  (shhhh..they don't know they don't have bodies...)

I still treasure this bit of art work.. the remains of a poor foolish little Fairy that didn't believe in Witches..  I don't believe that, do you? 

....but see what it says on the lid of the jar?  My little neighbor girl comes over every year and looks for things she has seen before...and this one in particular.  She always lets out a love to be scared.   
She is so cute.  She began her visits about four years ago..and this year..was not too happy with my delay in decorating.  (neither was her mother)  

 Black cats, and crows and ghosts, and black candles...I love it!

I think her button is glowing...hmmmmm..  
Her name is "Beth"...I thought it suited her..don't you?  :)
Every time I look at her, I get the urge to look behind me!
I...think it's that grin of hers.  Soooo...moving right along...

Sorry...she won't tell me her name.  Says it would shock I've stopped asking.
:) Says to mind my own "beeswax!"  Honestly!!!  Some Witches!!!

Says his name is "Barry" and that he sings.  He says the crows that live in his hat sing with him.
Barry?  Really?  I don't believe a word he says.  
Then again...


Okay, I've blown enough smoke for today.  :)
Can you tell I'm feeling good, even if it IS  1:00 in the morning?  

Huge hugs!


  1. Delightful . . .
    I love to awaken with a smile from you . . .
    "On the road again . . ."

  2. Thanks for the tour, always a delight to find you have posted again. Love it

  3. Oh I LOVE all your scary ideas the children will be delighted indeed. Hug B

  4. Ha, I got started right after I read your last post and Halloween is taking shape on my deck now. I am in the mood and may just finish it off today - then to the kitchen by the back door where the witches dwell.....waiting for those that dare to come in. Lovely to see all your decorations and looking just so neat. I didn't see PH hiding in around there anywhere trying to hear the whispers of the witches and the magic of their mirror. lol

  5. Mona you should be tucked up in bed at 1am . I loved the black cat with his tail up. Seeing we don't celebrate Halloween, can you tell me the origin of the halloween festival.
    hugs Kay

  6. i can tell you are having a blast decorating.. i love the jar the fairy is in, it is beautiful without the dead fairy of course... if your weather is like ours you are really feeling good. i am about to head out on a walk, we are cool and beautiful and that makes me happy. by cool i mean 61 which is a record breaker for us in Oct

  7. I love it all, what a wonderful atmosphere you have created, the children must love it, its a wonderland!

  8. I get into all kinds of trouble too when I'm up in the middle of the night! Isn't it fun to decorate for the little ones....their screams of delight are music to my ears! Hugs, Penny

  9. 1:00 AM... GIRL, get some sleep:) I love all of your sweet decorations and the scary ones too! Enjoy your day dear Mona, HUGS!

  10. Everything looks wonderful...You have the neatest decorations. I just started decorating yesterday. Its hard to get in the mood with this hot weather.
    Takes a whole lot if imagination to conjure up fall at 90 degrees.
    Still fun to see the witches, pumpkins and fairies come out to play and make mischief.

  11. Such cute stuff, all about! Your home must be a treat, for your little neighbor!!!!

    Ahhhh, and I see another reason you are feelin' good! A new Header pic here!!! Yessssssssss!!!! You are just getting so techy!!!!! :-))))

    Happy October,
    "Here there be musing" blog

  12. Mona I love all your scary Halloween decorations. You have out done yourself in your decorating. Really enjoyed this post. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  13. Oh, what delightful magic you weave with your tales, Mona! Witches and fairies, pumpkins and black cats. You imbue them all with life. No wonder your neighbour's little girl loves to come visiting. I can feel the prickles of excitement she must get when you tell her your stories, i feel certain with a gleaming teinkle in your eye and a conspiraorial whisper. She most probably views you as the most exciting surrogate grandma a little girl could possibly wish to have. Gee, I wish you were my Gran and I'm nearly 60!!

    How lovely that you make time for her and include her in your festivities..the memories she will have of visits to your home must be so special! I am sure that one day, when she has children and grandchildren of her own, she'll be telling them of her experiences with the most wonderful, kind lady she knew as a child..and that, of course, would be YOU!

    Every child's perfect Grandmother!

    Love Des xxx

  14. Drat! Spellcheck has a daft mind of its own and actually misspells what I know I typed correctly first time round...twinkle and conspiratorial!
    Des again xxx

  15. it a case of a bad workman blaming his tools?

  16. How lovely and magical your home is! All your Halloween decorations are wonderful. I would love to have an "in person" visit. I'm sure your little neighbor is enchanted when she sees it each year.

  17. Mona! You have some darling Halloween decorations! Just loved that you shared them! Those kitty heads are plain fun! Adorable!!!!

  18. Yes I can tell you are feeling good. Love the Halloween decor...but let's talk about those red dishes. LOVE THEM! You love the roses...I like the plain or stripes.
    You have so many cute things...I would enjoy just looking at it all. Of course some could be missing after my visit.

  19. 'Tis always excellent to be in the mood for love!!!

    Your a hoot and a half girlfriend. If ya run outta cats...stray kitty reproduced under the house, I've got extras....'just sayin'. Heeehehehe!

    I love your decorations sweet Mona, there is none like you for sure.

    God bless ya and have a wonderful day beautiful lady. :o)

  20. Your house has to be so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey I heart it;s your birthday tomorrow - is that true?

    Happy Birthday early!

  21. I've been trying to get all my Halloween things out and decorated but for some reason I'm behind this year. I have some good ideas for the party I'm having on Halloween night....but there's all these crazy projects I'm involved in too...oh well, I love seeing your fun things and knowing you're in the "spirit" of it all!

  22. Happy Birthday Grandma. I love you!

  23. Happy Birthday, Mona!!!

    Love Des xxx

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  25. Hi, Mona, I love a bit of scary, too. Halloween was right behind Christmas on my childhood Best Loved Holidays. We always had so much fun...I don't think kids today know what tricks they can play on someone that doesn't give them a

  26. good grief!!!
    i'm late to this party.
    this is hilarious!!
    i'm glad to meet all the scaries.
    some of them actually are a bit creepy!
    but are you ever fun.
    no wonder your neighbor friend awaits your halloween décor!
    my favorite is barry.
    i think he's a baritone.
    ... lolol.... get it?


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