Monday, September 29, 2014


I had my key so I just let myself in...a rest is always nice...but it's nice to be back.
When one starts Autumn decorating as 
late as I did this just may as well
jump right on into Halloween...right?  Don't you agree?

My Autumn mantel is done.  I'm not going to change it one more time.  If it looks like I stood back and threw things at it and left them pretty much where they would almost be right!

Would you believe there are no pumpkins in town?  My friend found just two at Lowe's and PH found three at our Stater Bros. market nearby.  California drought?  So..I used old faux ones I had.

The pumpkin and black kitty cat are a couple of my favorite Halloween decorations.  They were made by an artist found on ebay.  I bought them a couple of years ago..

These shelf sitter kitties are also favorites.  They also smell like cinnimon.
The pumpkin tea set was a gift from my daughter Mary.

The tiny hutch is done.  The tea set will get polished...maybe!  I like my silver polished..but I know some don't.  So..I will find time to do that.

 These little stuffed Witches boots came from an artist in England.  another of my favorites.  They have tiny wooden buttons and real sweet.  The scarecrow tassel was another hand made favorite from an artist blogger I met.

 The white doily will be changed to black lace as soon as I find them!  Grrrrr

This Halloween chalkboard was another ebay find by a wonderful artist!  The back is black and covered with tiny stars.  :)  She even included a box of chalk!  Enlarge for detail.

 Just thinking as I posted this photo.  So many of my decorations are artist made or treasures given to me by my children.  The little squirrel was also from Mary.  He came with something else that has long been separated from him.. Same with the tiny pumpkin tea pot.  The little girl in the photo with her little dog "Nertsie"   Taken in Portland Oregon a million years ago.

I am sorry it has taken me so long to get a post done.  I've just been..a bit tired.  The heat I'm sure and life, as you all know, can happen suddenly.
To all of you who inquired about my absence...THANK YOU!
Blogging has always been a joy to me...and it's because of all of you out there.
I am just slowing down.

Much love,


  1. Mona, You have some very unusual decorations. I like the way it all looks. I love the fake pumpkins. The little lights really make it nice. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  2. Mona, what a treat to sick on your blog and find this post detaining your fall decorations. We have none in our home as we are still hoping to sell it and are keeping things to a bare minimum. I never really decorated for the seasons other than Christmas. Glad you do and have such treasures to show all of us with good memories behind them. As far as taking a rest, glad you feel better and you were missed too, my friend!

  3. Yay!!! you are back and decorating too! it all looks so festive. i love that black cat door stop!!! no pumpkins...omg...i never thought about the drought causing a pumpkin shortage. i would be SO unhappy!

  4. I love your mantle, Mona...esp. the antlers! I have been wondering where you were hiding, missed you! I can't seem to get in the mood for Halloween decorating this year, but I got a little inspiration from you....hugs, Penny

  5. Love all the decorations...I haven't even started yet! I'm so far behind I many never catch I've slowed down with blogging too. I had to smile at the "pretties" on the hutch and then the skull thrown in for effect! Love it!

  6. Your house looks great. You do have unusual decorations. I havethose wee little fake pumpkins, they real. If they weren't so heavy I'd mail you some. I have only done a little decorating. With our house being on the market I didn't want to over do it. Feel better. Hugs

  7. I am so happy to see a post from you, Mona. I was gone all summer, too...but glad to be back. It is like coming home to family, isn't it?

    Your decorations look great...all Halloweeny and Happy and lovely.; xo Diana

  8. Hi Mona. Your mantel certainly does not look like you just threw things at it. It look marvelous.
    My favorite decoration is the black cat on the pumpkin.
    I an't believe you are still having hot weather. I thought it should have cooled down by now. I know how horrible droughts can be.
    HUgs kay

  9. Your fallness and Halloween decos are wonderful. I don't have a lot of either. I decorate more for Christmas.
    Glad you are back, dear one.

  10. Your decor is great! I wish you could come here and throw up some decorations for me! It may be an undecorated thanksgiving in our home this year!! We will see!

  11. Another great Blog. I share my coffee with you as I read and see all the lovely Fall and Halloween decorations. You are such a great lady. Thank you for being my Friend.
    Barbara-A Florida gal.

  12. Thanks for finding that key and letting yourself in - have missed your cheerful and most colourful posts. I haven't even started any kind of decorating yet. Its been non-stop around here with getting ready for the train robbery, came and went on Friday and earned tons of money to give to charities in area. Life is not slowing down for me. I am behind and trying to catch up - so much to do. I feel inspired to start, seeing your beautiful decorations. I do hope PH hasn't been standing in the driveway all this time, but I am sure it was him that signaled where the robbers were on Friday and gave us enough time to catch them before they robbed the train. They had actually entered the train, there were shoot outs and pranks, but we chased them out the door. PH - you wanta be Deputy next year? Thanks for the heads up.....FLASH LOL

  13. Mona your stuff always looks good. I see all sorts of places for black sheers. LOL! Slowing down? You?? Oh you may try to convince some of these folks but you aren't fooling me one bit! Enjoy your day and welcome back! You are always missed!

  14. Hi Miss Mona! I am so thrilled your are back! I so enjoyed all your autumn and Halloween decorations! Do you know that I have the black kitty plate? It is part of a set of four from the old Lillian Vernon catalog...years ago! So happy to read your blog once again! Hugs to you!

  15. Hi sweetie, your mantel is fantastic! Love all the fall/halloween decor scattered around your beautiful home.
    fondly ~lynne~

  16. You have hardly been slowing down... Not with allllllllll the decorating you have been doing!!!!

    And I, have most of my decorations, still sitting on the table. Waiting to be placed! ,-)

    Brought them down yesterday... Tried to put some Halloween lights up... Got frustrated... And went for a nap!!!! :-))) The rest still sit there, this morning.

    So glad to see a post here, my Dear!!!!!!

    Happy Autumn,
    "Here there be musing" blog

  17. Perfect Mona . . .
    You give me inspiration!
    Love, Love, Love the photo of you with the dog!
    And all your fall colors and touches.
    Great post . . .

  18. Hi there Mona! Happy to see your sweet face here AND your beautiful FALL decorations:) Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  19. my favorites are the cat on the pumpkin from ebay and your tea set, the pumpkin one, you are ready for Oct.. and it is hear tomorrow...

  20. Mona I am so glad you are back. I missed your wonderful posts. Your Halloween decorations are great. I do not have a favorite I love them all. I am getting ready to put my sunflower decorations away and get my Halloween decorations out. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  21. Welcome back Mona, my morning coffee wasn't the same without you. It looks like all your fans agree.
    Your mantel looks perfect and I have been oohing and aahing over your other decorations as well. I always wait until after Oct 1 to start decorating and like you have so many things. I collect witches so they will be scattered all over the house.
    I just love this time of year...
    So glad to your happy face again

  22. I have to tell you I love your decorations - they are gorgeous! And your header is exquisite!

  23. Mona, you are all dressed for autumn! I love that little black kitty perched on the pumpkin.
    Have a wonderful week.

  24. Hi Mona! I love all you did in your home! So glad you are back, and to know that all is well!

  25. You are back! Wonderful! And wow, have you been busy during your absence. Your home looks so warm and inviting decorated in your favourite Autumnal colours. So much to take in, it's hard to know which vignette is my favourite. The little black cat straddling the pumpkin really stood out for me and I love the pumpkin teaset! That chalkboard is ever so delightful, too, but I will pass on the skull and that huge black spider, if you don't mind 😉I hate spiders, even fake ones.

    No genuine pumpkins! Your fake ones are adorable alternatives, though. And, it was especially lovely seeing the picture of you as a little girl, with your dog. How adorable you looked, with you beautiful dark hair.

    It's so good to see you blogging again! We all missed you! And it's great that your comment section is as it was. I am able to comment again!

    Hugs, Des 🌹

  26. Oh Mona, so glad that you are back. It must be a virus going around, as I don't feel like doing anything either. I guess I am just lazy and tired. Take care of yourself. Your decorations look really good. I haven't done anything. Must get it done tomorrow or it will not get done due to the heat wave coming Thursday.

  27. I am happy that you are back! Your Fall and Halloween decorations are great. The more I looked at your photos, the more cute/pretty things I saw.

    I'm going to get some fake pumpkins this year. I like to display them outside in my flower beds. The last time I used real ones, I left them out there a little too long and they went very bad. I ended up having to use the snow shovel to shovel them into a garbage bag. It wasn't too fun.
    I especially like your collection of cute black cats!

  28. good grief charlie brown!
    where to begin??? LOLOL!!!
    if there were ever two people totally opposite . . .
    and yet ~ i have just spent the last two (yes TWO!) hours reading through this wonderful blog all the way into the middle of may.
    had to make myself stop!
    all the wonderful family... the projects... laughing out loud at cleaning paint off the car at 10pm! ... beloved patient husband ~ the perfect match for your zany and creative ways ...
    the enchanting little bakery owned by your children... the patio umbrella project...
    you have to understand ~ i'm a minimalist. LOLOL.
    the way you live is totally foreign to me . . . like visiting a strange land. i could never live with so much stuff. even BEAUTIFUL stuff. but oh how adorable i find it for you! and your sheer exuberance for life itself. i have been delighted here. i may not comment each and every time . . . but i'll be back for sure! XOXO♥
    P.S. you have beautiful feet!!!
    LOLOL. love the glam silver toes!
    and ... i find the mirror

  29. Nice to see you tip toe back in, Mona... Always miss ya when you're away... xox

  30. So glad you're back, Mona! I missed your sweet spirit!

  31. Hey!!! While it is great to see all your hard work in decorating, Mona, it's so nice to hear from you again!!!...:)JP


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