Tuesday, October 21, 2014


The photo's above are a few of my grands and my children.  I thought it made a nice Autumn header.

I have no material...I didn't take any new pictures..at least nothing worth publishing.
I did go shopping and picked up a couple of cute things to add to my Halloween collection today.
Last week we went to the mountains..for  a Hoedown..and it was fun.  The dinner was great, the music was wonderful good old country Hoedown ..but the pictures I took  turned out blurred. They presented a stage play "The Haunting of Sleepy Hollow"  ..and not a one turned out.  
So..I'll show you the only picture that did turn out.
We arrived at the Riley's Ranch at Sundown..and it was beautiful.
 I live about 45 minutes, less without traffic, from these mountains and in the opposite direction to the West  is the Pacific Ocean.  I live right in the middle.  Then if we kept on driving on through the mountains we would arrive in Palm Springs!
We are four hours from Las Vegas, Nevada.
South is Mexico and Yuma Arizona where Pat and I went to be married at 17 and just barely 20 years old.
That beautiful young man will be gone 18 years this December 15th.  I lost him in Autumn.  Autumn Leaves was our song.  Those Autumn leaves are beginning to drift by my window...and I miss him.
I always do and most of all, this time of year.

These are the beautiful San Bernadino Mountains  where so many people come to spend time in Big Bear, Lake Arrowhead, etc.  We have skiing and summer sports.  I was born here in Southern California, as was my mother and all my relatives, so these are places I've gone as long as I can remember..except a short time of my childhood when I lived in Oregon during WWII.
You must click on the photo to see how desperately our mountain ranges are suffering from lack of water.  I love California..and as much as I love to travel and was delighted with the beauty of other states..California is my home..it's where I belong.

Our subtle season's are wonderful in the sense that we can go find the color, or go to the snow in nothing flat...go deep sea fishing...or to a mountain stream..  We have the giant Redwoods...we can watch sea creatures at play, such as Seals and little Sea Otters, etc...and the Whales pass our way.
Anything that hurts California, hurts me.
If I go South there is Mexico.
Things have changed so much that it's sometimes confusing to me.
Makes me sad.

I don't think there is a state in our Country that I don't have a sort of connection to and that I care about and where dear ones live.
I have blogger friends in probably every state and through them I have come to know a bit about them and their state on a personal level.
We are one.  Why can we not remember that.
How lucky we are.   How lucky I am to know all of you.
Call me a sentimental old fool..it's ok, I don't mind one bit because it's true! :)
Lov'n hugs,


  1. What a LOVELY post.....
    I am so sorry your love has been gone for so long. I love California!! And I agree.....you have a BEAUTIFUL banner on your blog!!
    My sweet Louis Dean lost his beloved Ellen in the fall. It has taken years for the fall to not be a sad time for him.
    From one sentimental fool to another - I LOVE this post!!!

  2. Lovely go see the header photo of your family members, Mona. And, while this season surely brings memories of Pat you will surely recall the happy times which I am certain outnumber the sad ones. I am an east coast native who has not only seen a very small portion of the west coast. Thanks for sharing your love of your native state.

  3. I love your banner - it makes everything about you and your family complete. After reading your post, I can see and understand your love of California - a lovely post by the way. I see the drought in the mountains, and have seen the fires on the news. It is so sad to see large mountain and grassland areas burn, however; Nature will replenish itself and all will eventually be green again. Its just the way it is, right. So I understand and can feel the light in your heart California Girl, especially with PH lighting it up with his shining mirror. ha,ha lol

  4. Mona, If you are a sentimental old fool, I am your sister. I love my home town, state and country. Family is very important to me, too. You have a friend here in Indiana, don't forget. xoxo,Susie

  5. awww, I am so sorry for your loss, you really loved that man didn't you, I can see how Autumn has so much meaning to you, beautiful post, beautiful photos, beautiful you,,,,

  6. You are such a love Mona! I thank you for sharing your thoughts, your feelings and your beautiful family with us all. A visit with Miss Mona just warms my heart...always! Hugs to you!!!I adore your autumn header too!

  7. I have not yet read this latest post, which I am dying to do..I simply had to rush right across to leave my first comment directed at your absolutely delightful header! What a glorious montage of your Halloween festivities. All the colour, beautiful little Emily and hungry family. It's a treat to be able to share in this with you, Mona.
    Love Des xx

  8. Morning Mona, Happy to have you back so I can read your great words. Yes, times when we travel down memory lane it saddens our heart. Makes us wonder WHY things has to happen in our lives. I am thankful for meeting you and becomming your Friend on this computer of mine.
    You have a great day;
    Barbara xoxo

  9. Well, here I am, back again after having read your beautifully narrated, bitter-sweet post and zoomed in on the mountain scene, which is gorgeous. Not knowing the way it should look under 'normal' circumstances, when rainfall is plentiful, I am not able to judge its dryness. It looks densely forested to me and green, but I could see the dry earth beneath the trees. Are those natural forests, Mona, as opposed to man made?

    I learnt a lot today, about where you live and how very much you love your State and Country. I felt your deep sadness, too.

    I now know why Autumn is so special to you and fills you with such nostalgia and longing. Thank you for drawing us in, around your 'hearth' and sharing this heartfelt, beautiful post with us.

    Take care!
    Des xoxo

  10. Memories are precious, aren't they? Autumn is special to me too:) My Granddaughter will soon be 19 and was born in Autumn and named Autumn! I adore that picture! Enjoy where you live, it is a beautiful place and I hope to visit again soon! HUGS!

  11. A fantastic new Header!!!!!

    And a lovely post!!!

    Love the Header. Love the sentiments you share, in your post.

    The "only-thing-better", would be more posts here. :-)

    "Here there be musing" blog
    "Here there be more words" blog

  12. Oh Mona, what a beautiful header - such lovely pictures. I love autumn also - such a pretty month. I also love California and my second choice would be Virginia, where I was born.
    Your right we have so many places to go and see in CA.
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful post.
    Hugs dear friend

  13. Love your new header. As you know I was born and raised in northern California. At 18 years of age I married an Alabama man and have lived here for a good many years, but I still think of California as my home state. Thanks for sharing this beautiful post with us.. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  14. i love all the photos! finally..you have pumpkins! our leaves are almost all gone. this time of year just flies by! the hoedown must have been fun. i've been wondering where you are!

  15. Your autumn header is so pretty...and I love seeing pictures of your sweet family! I'm a sentimental old fool too...Hugs, Penny

  16. I think the reason California got so expensive with so many people - is all the wonderful and different thing it has. You can go snow skiing and water skiing in the same day. I have been there m any times - I have had different family members out there forever. It truly is a beautiful state. A little different, but wonderful. Hey save me a donut!

  17. Being sentimental is good for the soul, Mona...remember that...always!...:)JP

  18. I love all the pics in the header! The middle one shows a beautiful young lady taking something from a big pot..that lovely girl looks very much like my Granddaughter Summer! (Did she come for a visit and not tell me? Ha!) I think we are so lucky in this country to have so much beauty & diversity...there is a place for everyone and if you can't find a spot to be happy, then there's no hope for you to ever be happy! They need to place you on TV for a commercial for California..you've almost sold me!
    Take care Mona dear!

  19. Love your beautiful family pictures. Sounds like a wonderful week-end. That little dark hair great grand of yours is just precious.
    Sorry that fall brings up the memories. You did love that guy for sure. So happy that you have found happiness again.
    Love how you explain where you live. I haven't spend a lot of time in California but I would love to some day.

  20. i am an official card carrying member of the sentimental old fool club!
    i'm a very proud member.
    we wouldn't have it any other way would we?
    your family pictures are beautiful in the header! and that tiny dark haired beauty... emily.
    oh my. she's lovely.
    as was this ENTIRE post!!! XO♥

  21. What a great post! I thought the photographs in your header summed up autumn beautifully. This time of year always brings out the sentimental side of me.

  22. I am such an America loving girl. I love the Fall....but the Fall also brings memories of the C. We have a lot in common!

  23. I love that you are sentimental, Mona. I think that is one of the most endearing things about you.

    Your state is gorgeous and I am glad that you are proud to live there.

    Your header is just beautiful- full of love and family and memories.

    Have a blessed night- xo Diana

  24. Morning Mona...coffee is ready! So what's wrong with being sentimental? I love bringing back memories...especially happy ones. You live in a gorgeous part of the world but then so do I. A bit different to be sure but America nevertheless.Totally different experiences of growing up but we turned out ok! I am still drooling over those donuts!

  25. Mona your post is food for my soul. I read every word. Sounds the perfect place to live. Well I guess we all think where we live in next to perfect, but it is wonderful that you are close to so many things. What a great header you are getting very clever.
    Sending Big Hugs Kay

  26. It is so nice to meet you, Mona. I am not sure where you live, but I lived in Hemet California for 8 years so probably close to where you are. I loved looking out my windows and seeing the mountains. Autumn seems to be a time for remembering, and you seem to have wonderful memories of your sweet Pat. xo Laura

  27. Wonderful post Mona . . .
    Love that you went for a drive and outing. What fun!
    I really liked you telling us exactly where you live, what you can see and experience. What a lively place to live. You do California proud.
    Like your header too, when were you all in the kitchen around the soup pot?

  28. Dear Mona - I think it's because you are sentimental that your posts are so wonderful to read. I've been feeling a little sentimental this Autumn, too. I was born in Victorville, California while my dad was in the service during the Korean War. I remember my mom talking about how much she loved it there. She would hang my diapers on the clothesline and the first ones were dry by the time she hung the last. I was eight months old when we moved back to Missouri and I've lived here ever since (although we visited California when I was 12 and again at 16). My mom passed away in January and I've been missing her a lot. She and my dad were so young and happy when they lived there and they were able to celebrate over 60 years together before they passed away. So sorry to ramble on. I just love your sentimental little heart and the touching stories you tell. Hugs - Rhonda


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