Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Every day I intend to do a post..just to let my blogger friends know I'm here..but every day I end up putting it off.  If I knew the reason why, I would say.  I don't.
I'm not ill.
I'm not really depressed.. perhaps a bit.
The week has not been bad..so..  :) I'm back.

 I did accomplish a couple of things this past week that I have had on my "To do" list for a long time.
(I don't really have a list.. well..except in my head.)
The little iron front fence has been removed and the rust chipped, sanded and repainted by a professional painter, and put back in place..

 ...and my little red bench has been repainted by the same man that did the fence and in the same paint as the house trim and placed away from the lawn sprinklers at the far corner of the garage that needed some interest.  This works for me. 

I saw this gorgeous Dragon Fly sitting on one of the tippy top branches of our peach tree and thought he was worth capturing.  Isn't he/she(?) just beautiful.  Matches my little red bench to a T!   :)

 Front porch cleaned, power hosed, stripped of overgrown plants and dead ones, fountain scrubbed clean and adjusted and all ready for the season.  EVERYTHING had to come off the porch and it was knee deep in old dead plants and pots and a foot high in clippings and gunk!

 Yep..came out of my doldrums and got busy and accomplished something!  

I love this little flower box on our bedroom window.  The button mums have finally bloomed..and I'm loving it!  

I LOVE taking care of a home..maintaining it..homemaking to me is a constant thing.  I am a closet cleaner too.  I confess.  I love to clean and see things sparkle.  I have never seen homemaking as a chore but as a hobby that takes some skill.  It's been a lifetime of learning..and something I never tire of.

Just a fact.  :)

If you hate housework...that's okay.  No two people enjoy the same thing.  To me, homemaking does not stop at the front door.  It's inside and out.  It's a full time job and I never liked working outside our home.  Many of my friends prefer it..I never did.

Do you still love me?  :):)



  1. Your porch is beautiful! These are the days to be out there enjoying it, too.

  2. I love homemaking too. I actually love to clean closets and drawers. I guess I like order....or maybe just too old to want to search for something and not being able to find it.
    Your porch is beautiful.....Love all the color at your house.

  3. i have missed you mona! i always love your porch! i love your blog and all of your decorating!

  4. Oh Mona, your porch looks so pretty and clean! I have been doing non glamorous cleaning...got the freezer defrosted and cleaned...now I'm working on the small freezer in the house. I'm trying to get my head around Christmas decorating...no ideas yet...lol! Hugs, Penny

  5. Must be something about this time of year. I was away from my blog for a couple of weeks for no real reason, and I was doing the same things as you ... little piddly things that added up to spending quite a bit of time on things that really ended attention.

  6. I love you because I love cleaning to a sparkling clean, too, Mona. I am glad that you are getting some things done. That really does help "snap us out of it", doesn't it?

    Your fence and bench look great and your porch is BEAUTIFUL!!!! xo Diana

  7. I missed you too! You always make my day,

  8. My dear Mona, so glad that you posted. Your porch looks terrific. I miss reading your posts. Hope that everything is fine with you.
    Give Howard my regards.
    When are you coming down this way?
    Have a great rest of the week. Yea, we are getting cooler weather and maybe rain on Wednesday. You may see on the news that some crazy lady in Fullerton was dancing down the street in the rain, and in her nightgown. LOL


  9. Dear Mona you have nailed it with your front porch. It looks so beautiful and inviting. I would love to sit and chat with you over a pot of tea.
    You truly amaze me with your wonderful decorating.
    Hugs Kay

  10. Your porch always looks good. I say yes to hiring someone to paint! I don't mind housecleaning and like to keep my house looking good...but then there is always outside and it needs to be worked on too. Some of us don't have PH's to do that for us. I don't think there is any problem here with you enjoying cleaning house! I would say it's an asset!!!

  11. I DO still love you:) Love all of your pretties, the bench, the fence... but my fave is the window box! OH MY goodness, it is precious!

    Enjoy your day dear Mona, nice to see your sweet self here:) HUGS!

  12. Well I see you have been a busy lady. I just got my computer back and now I have work to get it to the stage I want it. so many items I don't need in my Puter.
    Loved the working woman blog, being YOU.
    Another Good blog for susre.

  13. Mona, I always say I hate house work... But it's the dusting and vacuuming that I truly hate...But I hate a dirty house more...thus I clean. LOL I love, love, love your porch. It looks so sweet and inviting. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  14. yes we still love you and with all the decorating and painting and love of cleaning, no wonder you don't have time to post.. the porch looks great...and the way you feel about cleaning is the exact opposite of me..i wanted to be a man and prayed to be a boy until i was 12 and realized it would not happen. the reason was two fold, no housework/cooking/cleaning and i wanted to be able to pee in a jar while traveling. LOL the good thing is you and Linda, another blogger who loved to decorate and clean, you can have things because you like cleaning them. my house is bare because if it had all these decorations the dust would kill us because i would not clean them. but i do love to see things sparkle. it amazes me that cleaning a mirror and the glass in the room makes it look beautiful

  15. How could we ever do without Mona! You have such a gift for making your home such a lovely place to live! Your beauty shines through in your lovely porch...just a happy place to be! Thank you, love, for sharing your days!

  16. Oh wow, your porch looks amazing. It is so pretty and fresh. I could sit there and visit with you all day. I just looked at my patio and it is a total mess. I need to clean it up.

  17. First picture... That lovely, soft, green, fern-y thing... What is it? It's beautiful!

    Mmmm, you have been forgetting "the memo"....... Stating your preference, and asking if we still love you. *Naughty, naughty, naughty...* We don't do any apologizing for our own preferences. Remember???? Remember??? Remember???

    Hugs, hugs, hugs,
    "Here there be musing" blog
    "Here there be more words" blog

  18. Will always love you. Love your porch and the new paint and the blooming flowers. You know I love house keeping too - but when you still have young ones around - it gets me down because I clean and they mess it right back up!

  19. Your house, inside and out is lovely and so welcoming. It totally reflects your sweet personality and kind nature. My favorite is your front porch. You don't see large front porches anymore. That's one thing I love about older homes where you could sit on your front porch in the late afternoon and neighbors would stop by to sit and chat for a while.
    As for cleaning, well that's a love/hate thing for me. Love the feeling of accomplishment after cleaning well, but hate the work it took to get there.

  20. Oh, of course I still love you! You are a super star! And you have been supremely busy. Everything is looking absolutely perfect! You must be feeling ever so satisfied with yourself after all you have done. Your red bench beside the garage looks so lovely. My only probably silly question is, are you still able to open the garage door, easily, without needing to move it aside a bit more?

    The patio is picture perfect. Your pictures show it off beautifully, both from within and on the street side. Such a lovely, lovely entrance to your charming home.

    I, too, am house-proud, but I cannot claim to always enjoy the effort it takes to keep everything looking well maintained. Maybe it's because with five dogs, I just seem to be busy constantly! I most certainly do enjoy the end result of my efforts, though. Often, at the expense of a stiff, sore back. But next day, I'm 'at it' again :)

    It's so good to have you back, sharing the busyness of your precious life.

    Big hug

    Des xxx

  21. And that beautiful red dragonfly knew yours was the home to show himself off to his best advantage ;)

    More hugs, Des xx

  22. Your porch is so pretty and inviting. I would love to just sit down in one of those chairs and have a chat with you. I admire people like you that like to clean. That is my sister, not me. I like a clean house, but hate what I have to do to attain it. But there's only one way to get what I want -- clean!

  23. Your porch looks very pretty. I like your little red bench, too. Amazing that a matching red dragonfly came to visit. I have never seen a red dragonfly, bright blue ones, but never a red one.

  24. Looking very spiffy Mona . . . I really like your rod iron white fence and oh my that red bench is wonderful . . .
    Doesn't it do your heart good when things get cleaned up, sorted, fixed . . . I like that "home keeping" thought . . .

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  26. yup!
    love you even more!!!
    the pictures and this post are simply grand.
    i too dearly loved being a home maker. that's what made it hard going into the 'working world' after bob died. it was totally foreign. and downright scary at first!
    i have always loved keeping a home. dishes closets vacumning...
    never grows old. and making things beautiful. that's the fun part!

  27. Looks great, love the pumpkins! I love being home but I also enjoy my job...I'll look forward to retirement in about 100yrs! I have a few closets that need attention..just hinting. I was thinking about faking Ebola so some decontamination crew would come and clean my house...that might be a bit extreme.

  28. I'm a homemaker too Mona. Your new paintwork looks a treat.

  29. Hi Mona! Everything looks so pretty at your house! I too think it's a privilege and a joy to clean our homes. Sometimes I just get tired, especially with all this unpacking going on! Love that cute little red bench.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  30. It's just like that sometimes, the energy to sit down and write something when one doesn't feel inspired just blows away. Those times it's better just to don't do it.

    You know I love that red color :-)

    Have a great day!

  31. wow your front porch is gorgeous!! So glad you stopped by and said hello at my blog.

    We use to go over to Riverside and walk up Mt. Rubidoux and around some of the older historical homes. I love that area.

  32. How very beautifully you have things decorated.

    thinking of you.

  33. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  34. I enjoyed your post, Mona, and seeing your reds! I'd never seen a red dragonfly before. I'd say they're pretty awesome! I don't mind cleaning as long as I don't have to rush. The thing I do mind about cleaning is that for the effort, it doesn't last long enough! I have gone from working fulltime for many years to working part-time, but I'd really like to be able to stay at home fulltime. Maybe someday. BTW, I've put you on my blogroll. Wish I could put your porch on my house! Blessings to you and yours, Bess

  35. Beautiful!!!

    Uh, since you love cleaning and organizing I could use you a couple of weeks.

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