Thursday, October 23, 2014


... the pear tree leaves are still green... and refuse to admit it's time to drift to the ground..'s pumpkin carving time.
This is my Mary and my little great, Emily!

"I could carry ALL of these!"
(She has such a CAN DO attitude!)

Whats Autumn without pumpkin cookies??  Right?

Telling a fortune...just for fun.  

...and MORE and bigger pumpkin cookies!!

My precious pumpkin tea set, a gift from daughter, Mary.  It will go back to her one day.   Fall always sees these on my dining room table!

My  very favorite Autumn painting by a wonderful artist I found on Ebay.

My sweet, sweet patient husband that I adore.   I was so lucky to find him to go through these golden years with.  I am NOT a loner...  Thank you, God!  
Would you like to know where I found this gentle man?  Just ask.  :)  At the grocery store?  Through friends?  At church?  Back in high school?  At the local gas station where he offered to help me pump gas..  Did he hold the door for me at the bank?
did he accidentally bump me at a stop light and take my name and address?
On E Harmony, one of those places on line?  At our local super market where we got to chatting while in line..and he walked me to my car..and helped load my groceries?  Or on (another online place?  At a local pub?    Take a guess.  :)

My precious girl...Mele!   She has seen me through some of the saddest days of my life.
She hears me laugh more often now.
Did I tell you that I love this time of year?  Even with my sometimes sad thoughts of my loss..
I've been blessed.  How can I be sad for long.  
I can't.  :)

God is good!



  1. Such a precious post, Mona! Yes, you certainly are hugely blessed to be surrounded by so much love and, yes, the sad, hard times are an inevitable part of life. No one escapes those.

    Please, please share the story of how you and PH met! Such incredibly beautiful, kind and soft blue eyes he has! Bet they were your 'undoing' ;)

    Please give Mele a cuddle from me! She is a darling little fur baby and just look at the intense, concentrated expression in her beautiful eyes. They are so, so sensitive to our ups and downs and just want to lick all the pain away. So pleased she's seeing you laugh a lot more.

    Big hug

    Des xoxo

  2. I am a sloooow learner, clearly. I have just discovered that I can leave my comments using my name only, not hiding behind 'anonymous' as I have been doing for all this time. I always thought I needed to have the URL as well.

    Anyway, Mona, I really wanted to say again how very much I loved seeing these gorgeous pictures, some of which you have featured previously. Mary always looks so happy and bubbly. What a lovely person she must be to know. Emily is such a striking little girl, with her pale complexion and dark hair. A real beauty!

    Those are the most beautiful pumpkin cookies. You have such talented daughters!

  3. Emily is so beautiful and I can see this is an exciting time of year for her and everyone else.
    I would not have a clue how you met but so Happy you did. Please share please. HUG B

  4. You did it again, how do you think of so many lovely this to show and speak of? You are so Blessed to have this talent, wanna share with me you secret. Wink wink
    By the way, where did you meet the hubby? Did I read it and then forgot, maybe I better so read it again,
    Have a lovely day my sweet Computer Friend.

  5. I wish I could give Emily a hug . . . Sweet and adorable!

    Tell me please, how did you meet!

    Did you make those pumpkin cookies? Could I have one, PLEASE!

  6. Mona, Now I am ever so curious...where did you meet that handsome man? Wow, your beautiful daughter looks like you. Love the cookies baking. xoxo,Susie

  7. Great post:) God is good and gives us what we need, when we need it! I will guess at the gas station:) Enjoy your day sweet Mona, HUGS!

  8. If I could have a home all decked out for Halloween it would be yours, it is beautiful, I have been thinking where you could have met this handsome man, but all that matters is you DID and lived happily ever after, with of Mele, thank you for sharing this , it touched my heart,

  9. And of course, I love your love, of the fun, of Halloween!


  10. i LOVE your decorations! now i am very curious about where you met your husband?

  11. God is good - all the time. I love your little granddaughter - she is so cute. And your daughter looks like you. Love the pumpkin cookies and all your beautiful decorations. I love this time of year too. And your pup and your hubs. Did he pump gas for you? sandie

  12. Your home is all decked out for fall...gorgeous...I esp. love your pumpkin tea set! You are such a tease, have to share your story with us! Hugs, Penny

  13. OK. Enough with the teaser. Now you have to tell us the story of meeting PH. Emily is just the cutest little girl ever! And those cookies!!! Now I am hungry for one. Can you push it through the computer screen please?

  14. this post absolutely touched my heart.
    and your great heart... beautiful lady... must now tell us where you found that man.
    what a handsome guy. his eyes are mesmerizing.
    i know you call him patient husband... and i think i see why.
    there's a calmness about him.
    it perfectly balances your own joie de vie!!! xoxo♥

  15. I adore you sweet Mona..sorry I have not been crashed,Tv died and had to put my dog to rest all in one day..that was 2 weeks ago..I need to get back into my groove and don't have it in me right now..take care my dear ya gloria

  16. What a lovely post. You were so lucky to find a sweet man to spend your golden years with. Love the photos. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  17. Mele is adorable as is your great grand daughter and those are beautiful cookies and so is that painting with the cat... i say he bumped you in traffic.

  18. Love the post Mona. I know how you met Howard, but I won't tell. He is a very nice gentleman and you were so lucky and so was he when you found each other. Wish some nice man would walk into my life.
    Love the tea set and fall decorations and those cookies. Did you get them at your son's store? I could sure put away a couple right now.
    I am so enjoying this Fall weather we are having. Love being able to sleep with covers - yea.
    Have a wonderful weekend my dear friend. We will have to get together soon. Your granddaughter is beautiful.

  19. Good morning Mona, Well where ever you met PH you found a good one.
    Am I dreaming..... did you find him at the grocery store????? Oh those eyes!!!*****
    Your home looks so warm and cosy with Mary carving the pumpkin and Emily looking on. Just as a family should be
    all the generations together.
    Sending Hugs

  20. Sweet post, Mona! I think your hubby has the kindest, calmest looking eyes. He is a keeper, isn't he? I sure hope you will tell us how you met!
    The pumpkin cookies are the prettiest I've ever seen! And little Mele is a beauty. Emily is adorable!
    Take care and have a great weekend!

  21. Love every bit of this sweet post! I love this time of year too and it's fun to find someone who decorates like me! (well, yours are more elegant!) Enjoy this weekend Mona!

  22. You didn't bump into his car...did you???

    Love all the family and October things in this post. Emily is precious.
    Have a lovely weekend,

  23. I'd say you met thru friends...seems most people meet that way. Or else, the couples are friends, the mates die or move on and the two left marry.
    He looks so gentle and loving and, yes, you both are blessed to have ea other thru these last years.
    I adore your header...:)


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