Thursday, August 14, 2014


Where have I been?  Who knows.  Busy with everything and nothing of any note.  No illness really,  just slowing down I think.
Hurt and saddened by Robin Williams death.  Concerned about the wars going on everywhere.  Folks dying.  So many in desperate need in far off places, including those right here at our own borders. 
Sad stories of shootings..riots, destruction.  
And what do I do?

I pick out wallpaper.  Live life every day as though none of it concerns me.  But it does.
After WWII, I was small then..but it frightened  me terribly when the sirens would go off and we had to pull our black shades down...and later as a young girl, waiting for a young man to come home from Korea.  And again, those many years of living waiting for that flash of light they said would come before we were all disintegrated.  Watching a neighbor build a shelter knowing we could not afford one.  I had husband was away overseas.   
Then came Vietnam...I lived each day waiting for the postman...wondering if my husband would ever come home to us.

Then endings.  Watching lives of those I love end.  Friends beginning to die around me.  People who's talent I admire, suddenly just gone!  Just gone.
Have you ever wondered how people that are so ALIVE and vital can just suddenly be GONE??
I do.
And the beat goes on.
So..I've spent the last couple of weeks with my head in the sand, picking out wallpaper.  This is what I chose for the little hallway.  It's a T shaped hallway..painted a pretty Haystack soft yellow/gold, much the same color as the roses in this paper.  
The background matches my carpets very closely.  
The lighter white tiny flowers have a touch of pink to them.  Perfect.  It will pick up the pink in my little powder room as it passes and rounds the corner into the bedroom far wall.  I just may do two walls of the bedroom.

Old fashioned or not..I love wall paper.  It will go beautifully with all my wall colors.
If I brought you down a bit..I'm sorry.  The sorry will leave in always does.  We will all go on while the world boils around us.  What else are we to do.  Pray?  Of course.  Always.  Hope?  Of course!  Always.
As long and as well as we can.  
I love it.  It's cozy.  Not in style?  Of course it is.  It's MY style.  :)

Today my sweet blogging friend, Mary, came to visit..and cheered me considerably.  She brought a friend with her that was one of the nicest women you could possibly meet.
I'm so honored that they came to see me.

This is Mary!  From  My Dogs, My Garden and Mary
She brought me roses from her garden in a pretty blue ball jar and a tiny Mary Engelbriet  set of dishes covered with cherries and polka dots.  I must show you those..just adorable!

Looks good!

And this is Mary's dear friend, Tyrel.  
I took them out for lunch at Jammin' Bread bakery and chocolate bread pudding and rice pudding were the desserts.  
No room to sit inside so we had to endure the heat, but with the waterfall near by it really was not too bad at all.  Of course we were there by about 11 before the heat of the day really set in.

Teryl was pleased with her fruit was prettily stacked into a little sculpture and that rather tickled her! 

I had pasta salad and pastrami sandwich...

It was a really lovely noon time treat and good company and for awhile I only thought of the "right now." 
It's easy to get so lost in our world situation and forget to enjoy the present moment.  
We are lucky people here in the United States.
We don't say too much on our blogs about the bad situations, but we are aware. 
I love that we can enjoy our short lives as much as possible.
 Plant another flower
Paint another wall
Cook another delicious meal
Hug our babies and grands and loved ones.
Celebrate every moment of this life..and those around you.
Don't hate..please.
 Don't sweat the small stuff.
Love one another...
We are all in this boat together.
Hang in there, sweet people!

I will tell you the story of the dishes tomorrow.  It's rather ongoing right now. :)
A tale of woe.  :)  This one I can smile about.  It's only "things"..

*Rest in peace, Robin Williams!  We loved you well!


  1. The news about Robin Williams was so sad and heartbreaking. Not just for his family but for so many around the world who loved him.

    Yes, things going on around the world really bother most of us, we just don't talk about it. We look for the good in each day and are thankful for our blessings. We pray and do what we can for others.

    I just LOVE your wallpaper!

    I look forward to seeing pictures when the job is done.

    Have a lovely weekend ~ FlowerLady

  2. I loved the abilities that Robin Williams had. No doubt about it, Mrs Doubtfire has always been my most favourite. I have watched it with the kids my nieces n nephews and even grands. I never tire of it and every once in a while one of the kids would say - lets watch that Mrs DFire movie again - what's not to love. May peace be with him now and to his family as they go through their loss and my own personal thankyou for all the smiles you have brought into our lives.
    I understand how you feel about the situations around and about you Mona and I can only say there are heroes who return home and there are heroes who "carry on". Carrying on, is the most difficult thing ever, and some just cannot do it - it's the really brave ones that do. All of us are aware, whether we live in USA or Canada or elsewhere. Presently we have a Prime Minister that shouldn't be running our country - he is just an embarrassment and not a true representation of a typical Canadian. I know you - you know me - we both represent the good in life, the ability to carry on, even when its the hardest thing to do - As you said, "we are aware, we can enjoy our short lives as much as possible, hug our babies, grands and loved ones, celebrate every moment, don't hate, don't sweat the small stuff, plant, paint, cook and most importantly LOVE one another....Perhaps you should run for Senator or straight to the Presidency - perhaps Hillary would give you a boost.... is she one of the good guys?
    Oh, and by the way I love you n PH, my Maine MirrorMan and your wallpaper girlie lol xo

  3. This was well written, Mona and touched my heart. We all carry so much on our shoulders...we all hurt for one reason or the other.
    We have a choice every day to either be kind or not so why not be kind to both human and our cherished animal friends. It, at least, helps us sleep well at night. Take care. Hugs, Deb

  4. I think of the world events going on around us and I am sad. But you can't live in sadness forever. As you said, we hope and pray and leave things in God's hands. And go on with our lives.

    I love your wallpaper. So beautiful.

    How wonderful to meet one of your blogging friends! I am hoping to do just that in a few months. It will be fun.

    P.S. That food looked awesome!

  5. What a touching blog you share with us. I feel as you do on all the sadness, wars, and even the simple things in life.
    I love love love, did I say LOVE the wallpaper. I also am a Wallpaper gal. What you picked out is almost to the T what I had in my daughters room. I did two walls in the paper and the other two walls I did a cream of solid colors. How much we think alike

    Enjoy your day
    Barbara in sunny Florida

  6. The pasta salad is right up my alley, and we just finished off a package of pastrami from the deli yesterday. Love it! We add cheese and sauerkraut and grill it on the griddle... Just yummy and delicious! I love the wallpaper you chose, and yes it is old fashioned, but totally YOU. xox

  7. i love that wallpaper! are you going to hang it yourself? i have been really bothered about robin williams. he seemed to have so much to live for. he was so loved by so many. but not enough to keep him here. what a fun lunch you got to have with friends!

  8. Robin Williams death has touched so many people as well as bringing attention to topics from mental health to how Twitter will handle comments. His life, his movies, and the love his fans have for him will go on for many years. But nothing is forever. We all will leave some day. I hope we all will be remembered with such respect and love. You are so right to live each day to the fullest. Continue to decorate your world! Continue to share it with us! I'm smiling at the lovely's you! Enjoy! Love you Mona!

  9. It's nice to put a face on a blog friend.

    I, too, keep my head in the sand as much as possible.

    The roses in your paper look very real.

  10. I loved meeting you and talking about all the things that interested us.
    Loved your wallpaper. I would have picked that pattern also.

    Food was delicious and so peaceful setting by the pond and hearing the water trickle by.

    Loved all your pretty things in your home, so comfortable and welcoming.
    Glad you called UPS and get them on the ball.
    Once again, loved meeting you and you were so warm and gracious.
    Have a great weekend.

  11. your wall paper is beautiful, i like the colors..what a wonderful lunch with blogger friends. it looks delish, all of it and that is a cute little arty salad.. glad you had a visit to lift your spirits..

  12. I loved this touching post. Love the wallpaper. I have never been touched by a death of someone in I have been about Robin Williams.I don't know just makes me very sad.

  13. I am little worried about you girlfriend.
    I am so glad your friends came over - it is nice to meet our blogging friends.
    That food looked so good - wish I could eat with you!
    And we just took all our wall paper off! Cost a fortune! lol

  14. Dear Mona....your thoughts are shared by so many of us. I so love the wallpaper you selected. It's beautiful and soft! The luncheon looks so girly and divine! As always, I so loved your post today! Sending you hugs and happiness!

  15. Well said Mona . . . Nice post . . .
    I liked the ending thoughts of LOVE . . .

  16. Important we have things around us that we like.
    Perfect wallpaper!

  17. Oh so true!!! We try not to say much, in our blogs, about "the woes of the world"... But we know.

    I try not to delve deeply, into the "news"... But I know.

    And feel it is Wisdom, to do as Joseph Campbell said; "Go joyfully amid the woes of the world."

    For, what good does it do us or anyone, to give ourselves grief, by dwelling on that, about which we can do nothing.

    Thank you for saying this, Dear Mona. We need to say this, now and then.


  18. Ohhhhh that wallpaper!!!!!! Yummmmmy!!!! :-)

    And what a delightful lunch with blogging friends! Also yummy!

    What a great post! Containing Wisdom. And great photos. Yessss!!!!

    And I am so glad to see you come back here, and let us know, what's been going on. It's nice, to kinda' "keep tabs on" our blogging friends. To know, they are OK... Even if they are not blogging...

    Gentle hugs,

  19. Oh my! Similar thoughts in all our hearts and minds. Sadly, we had a copycat suicide in our own hometown just yesterday. But life is for the living and we must pray against the darkness all around.

    Oh that wallpaper is just dreamy!

  20. Well good morning my friend,
    Gosh, just happened to pop onto blog this morning !!! And, got to see you !!! And, Jammin' BREAD !!! Delightful !!! YES !!! I am STILL coming there again, and, of course with YOU !!!
    Life has just been crazy busy, and, all the twists and turns it takes us on !!! I just hold on, and, GO !!! Sometimes we have no choice ...... It's just what we CHOOSE to make of everything that truly makes or breaks us !!! Right ?!
    I love reading all your posts ... You are delightful !! Love the wallpaper !!! BEAUTIFUL, BUT, I am a wallpaper big time FAN !!! It's charming !!!
    My bestie hangs wallpaper and paints for a living ... She is awesome !!! IF you NEED someone ... I can get her to do it for you !!! That's just how she rolls !!! You are my friend, so, that makes you her FRIEND !!! We would have an excuse to come visit YOU !!! hahahaha ..... something to think about !!! Just make sure you order enough paper !!! She has taught me that !!! Better to have some left over INCASE you ever need it for repair, then to be short and have to piece the job :( you just let me know !!! You probably do that yourself too ..... just a thought .... I miss you soo, and, hope all is well with you dear one ....
    Keep in touch, and know that you are loved by many !!!
    My heart is just SICK about Robin Williams, I just adored him as a person as well as an actor !!! Just makes me want to curl up and CRY !!! God Bless his family as they struggle with this ......
    Okay, my friend, up and at em' got get going !!! Keep being the ray of sunshine that you are .... say hello to your sweet neighbor as well ...... have a cup of coffee with her for me ..... make it a happy day !!! Sending much love and hugs right down that darn 91 freeway to you xoxo
    Big hugs ~Tanza~

  21. Mona this was a wonderful stated blog. It seems like their is something terrible going on every where. I cry every time I watch the news. I am grateful to have my children and grandchildren and great grandchildren to keep me going and my wonderful blogging friends. Love your wallpaper. Have a blessed day and stay cool. Madeline
    P.S. The lunches look so good.

  22. I love your posts, I always feel like we just sat down and had a little chat. The wallpaper sounds perfect. I can't wait to see it. Lunch with friends is always the best and looks like you had good food to go with it.

  23. Glad to see you back here Mona. You are a bright spot in a lot of people's day and are missed when you are absent. Just in case you didn't know that.
    I think it is perfectly fine and necessary for anyone to be thoughtful or conscious of what is going on around us. There is a lot that could be helped or made better if more people didn't ignore the what is happening. I love how you reminisced about your the days of your youth and what it was like for you during that time. I was born in 1950 so I have only read about that point in history, but one thing I got from reading about it was the way people pulled together and helped one another during that tough time. The iconic picture of the sailor kissing the nurse in Time Square speaks volumes. We have lost that pride and that part of the American spirit.
    So as I step down from my soap box, I say good for you Mona for sharing and giving us some food for thought.
    Your wall paper choice is just beautiful and so you.
    Stay Happy...

  24. Sometimes the little things make life bearable in spite of the BIG things we can do nothing about. So glad you had a lovely visit to lifetime your spirits. So what if that wallpaper isn't "on trend". It is pretty and romantic and if it makes you happy that is all that matters.

  25. Dear Mona
    You hit the jackpot with this post. Such depth of feeling. It clearly touched everyone who visited and reveals, yet again, how truly remarkable you are.
    Your wallpaper is really gorgeous! Very romantic and dreamy.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful, warm and loving self with all of us spread across the globe. Knowing you is certainly an enriching experience.
    With love and hugs,
    Des 🌹

  26. Mona, It has been a rough week in our world. I wish people could just love one another . Your friends looked happy. and the food looked good. Thank goodness for loving friends and family. blessings, xoxo,Susie

  27. Robin Williams death has bothered me also...maybe it's the way he chose to leave us. You would think that someone who was loved by so many would not be forced into suicide, but we never know what demons live inside that brilliant head. Apparently enough to do this.Now we find out he was sick too and maybe that pushed him over the edge. So sad...
    Back to a lighter note. Your wallpaper is beautiful. I don't care who thinks that wallpaper is passe I still like it. It brings life and instant decorating to a space. Slap that stuff on the wall girl then take a picture so we can see. Love you!

  28. Sometimes with what all is going on, it is hard to stay positive Sometimes you have to turn off the news.
    Very good points about what we should do.
    Although I am sad that Robin died, esps being a clown myself.
    I have always felt that he suffered with a non-stop brain. He felt like he had to keep us laughing. I think of how calm he must be now. His brain is finally quiet and at piece. I feel bad for his family. He was a wonderful person.

  29. Really enjoy your blog and you definitely hit a chord with this one. It's been a sad week and some times all the things going on in the world are overwhelming. I'm glad to know that everyone responding seems to feel the same way. For some reason, Robin Williams death has hit a lot of people - me included. It's hard to imagine someone so loved feeling that hopeless. So after a few days of feeling sad, I reread the sign I have on my fridge that says, "No amount of anxiety can change the future." What a great reminder. And now I've taken a big step forward to do what I enjoy. And it sounds like you have too. Enjoy your wallpaper, family, friends, and all you love.

  30. What a wonderful post, put alot of my feelings into words....
    I love the wallpaper that you chose and I can't wait to see where you hang it!
    We spent the day out of town for some needed relaxation...may do the same thing tomorro! Hugs, Penny

  31. It's clear to me, Mona, that you don't put your head in the sand at all. I like that you don't let the terrible happenings worldwide take away your joy in your life - in your home.
    I look forward to reading about the mystery of the dishes!

  32. Mona what a great post. Yes we all hurt in our hearts when people we think should never die do and the hate and unrest, in other parts of the world. How can we tell them life would be good if they truly care for each other, and have respect for each other. I feel helpless, except for my prayers.

    So we need to keep ourselves happy, like choosing wall paper. I love the beautiful floral you chose. Plus what better way to spend a day with friends.
    Hugs Kay

  33. I loved this post, Mona. Your words are so wise and stated so well. Your lunch with friends sounds lovely and I also like your wallpaper. Hope you'll show us some photos once it's put up! Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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