Friday, August 1, 2014


...isn't there???
We were suppose to get up at 7:00 this morning and head out to an Estate Sale! For the first time I had done something I always mean to do.  I made a list.
I am NOT the most organized  person and I often  "plan" to do certain thngs and then seldom follow through.
A trait I hate to see in others!
Isn't that the way of it usually though? :)

When PH woke me and said.."are we going?  It's 20 minutes 'til 8!"
I said.."  We'll go tomorrow."  soooo he went back to bed.  
Then I remembered!!  The RED DISHES!  I was out of bed in a flash and was in the car before he was.
(for a change)

...and was I glad we went!!

The red on white set is Kirkwood by Royal Dalton
Made in England
 I had taken my little notebook and looked at the photo's posted of the sale..and made a list and studied it as to what I wanted to check out first when I arrived.
I was going to do this right this time.
First and foremost was THE dishes.  In one of the photo's I could see a very tall stack of dishes and the red caught my eye.  
They were all in one stack so it was difficult to see what they really were and the photo was taken from a distance.

 They were perfect!  ALL of them came home with me.

 The red plates are Tonquin by Franiscan 
Made in Stafordshire England.
I was in heaven!!

 This little pitcher caught my's much prettier in person.
It's gorgeous.  I mean, Christmas IS coming you know! :)

 This lovely large bowl is interesting.  It says "GRIPSTAND"
on the back, has a picture of a building with T.G.Green Ltd.
Made in England on the bottom.  
I like the little handles that help you grip the bowl.   It was $7.00.
There was another bowl..which was $8.00.  I took a picture but it didn't turn out so I didn't post it. was the largest of that old Pyrex bowl set from the 1950's. I'm sure you all have seen them. 
 I bought it because it was in mint condition.  Not a scratch.  It was just a bit smaller than the Gripstand bowl.

 And this!  Well...this was the next thing I found which was not in the photo's.
I have a California King bed and this lovely hand crocheted spread fit it beautifully.
It would be way to large for a table..OR it could fall to just above the floor on all sides. was perfect for my bed.  
PH frowned.  Hmmmm wonder why...but I knew.
He would have to pull it back to take his afternoon nap.  :)
(I did it for him!) 
It doesn't take a lot to impress me..but I was in heaven when I found this.
Estate sales are never the least expensive..but this huge coverlet was well worth the $40.00 I paid...and more.
I cannot even imagine how long it took them to make this.  I believe the lady had made it herself.
There was more to look at but PH had nothing to occupy I was sort of rushing.
Plus he was hungry.  
I was so grateful for him taking me that I made him big thick slices of french toast and scrambled eggs.
Happy wife.
Happy life!  

Hugs and love,

Not a word from the seller of the set of my ROSE CHINTZ.  Nothing.  I wrote a note asking if they had been shipped.  No reply.  
*sweating it here!*  

I do have the pretty ones above..but you and I both know they will go to daughters. :)


  1. These are goregeous. I love everything and that spread is amazing. As for the lady not shipping your other dishes yet, I think she is a real flake.

  2. What beautiful things you found!! The dishes were a steal, and that bedspread is gorgeous. so much work to make that.

  3. Your dishes are gorgeous and the price was such a're a great little shopper! I love your BIG crocheted piece and I don't think $40 was too much to pay for it either! Have a fun weekend....hugs, Penny

  4. You have done it again... Getting out of bed early was certainly the right thing to do. I love the plates and your bed spread is gorgeous. I would turn it back every day for PH to have a snooze if my bed looked like that.
    I hope your dishes arrive soon.
    Hugs Kay

  5. I love the dishes! I also think the bedspread is a beauty. Plus it reminded me that my Mom gave me a crocheted bedspread that I've never used...forgot I even had it until I saw this! ha! Guess I'd better do some closet digging! Have a good weekend and I do hope your dishes arrive!

  6. These are goregeous.the spread the dishes to die for.. great things you have gotten.. would love some of those red plates.. with love Janice

  7. Woo hoo for you, Dear Mona! Love your pretty red and white dishes. I love your gorgeous crocheted coverlet too. I crochet, so I know it does take a lot of time to make something like this. It looks so pretty on your bed. You're having too much fun! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. What a bargain finder you are Mona. I have a sister-in-kaw that has a thing for dishes and she has some beautiful sets too.
    As for that crocheted spread. I'm comin to Riverside to shop. That is amazing. I want it!!!!!. It would be perfect on my canopy bed.
    I think your dishes are coming. the lady is just holding on to them for as long as she can. Don't things on ebay have to ship within 7 days?
    Is your alarm set for tomorrow too
    Happy shopping

  9. I would have bought those plates in a minute, I think their are worse things then being a dish addict...I love beautiful dishes, I adore the huge beautiful set you got on ebay, I should have didn't end up saying how much you paid, would love to know...I would have paid

  10. You scored! Did you get the Clarice Cliff ones, too? I love the reds and would have ventured out just to get them, too. Love the Chintz you bought. I hope the come. It does sound like Sara is quite sincere.


  11. Lordy Lordy Miss Molly, I mean mona, lol I would give anything to find things like you do. I would love to have got that crocheted spread. My oh My, how beautiful. You know where to send it when ya tire of it.
    The dishes are beautiful as well. Love everything. Oh if I could live next to you.


  12. your husband is a sweetheart!!!!!

    and i ought to know. 'cause i am married to a very caring man, also. :-)

    he'd do that; "are we going?" thing too... since i'd said i want to go somewhere. and typically here, i'd say; "not today, after all." :-)


  13. Mona, Is there a 12 step program for dish addiction??LOL. Guess not. I love that bunch of red dishes. They were meant to be yours. Oh yes, I can just see your husband face with that spread on the bed....but I like it too.:):)xoxo,Susie

  14. The dishes are very nice and I bed spread is just beautiful. You are one lucky person to find such nice items. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  15. that bed spread is gorgeous and worth much much more than 40 dollars. i cant even buy anything including sheets for my king bed for that price.. in stead of commenting on your dish addiction.. LOL i will tell you how many dishes i have.
    8 plates, 6 cups 8 glasses and one set of flatware. that is it... and you will shudder when i tell you the plates are Walmart Cornell ware, the cups are all miss matched from thrift stores, 6 glasses are from the dollar store and the two glasses we use daily are insulated plastic because of pool deck and tile floors. I am on the cusp of Spartan and only have what we use daily...are you crying yet?

  16. Mon, you know that crocheted piece is my favorite...great price, too! Love the red/white transferware dishes...I have a set of Clarice Cliff Tonquin in purple. It is such a pretty pattern...didn't know that it was made by more than one company.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  17. Good for you! I totally agree, there are much worse things than dish addiction. I've been to a few good estate sales this summer. Sharing a sweet Staffordshire spaniel estate sale find on my blog today. '-)

  18. While you are estate shopping...are you looking for a bigger home? One with more cupboards and places for your dishes?
    I do love these dishes...and even though I have a few sets of dishes, i too could find a place for them. I love red and these are so beautiful.

    I hope that your dishes arrive. I was a little skeptical about the seller. Hope I'm wrong.

  19. Love your purchases . . . Great find with the RED . . .
    Don't tell me you haven't received the others? Does she have your money and no delivery? Oh dear . . . Was that eBay or Craig'sList? Estate sales might be more money but you can count on having the purchase in your sweet hands.

    Let me know about the online purchase!

  20. I love your dishes, Mona! I would have snapped those pretties up in a New York minute if I'd seen them. I don't need any more dishes, either, but I love them and can't help myself when they're as pretty as these! Love the crocheted piece, too. It looks pretty on your bed. Hope your dishes arrive safe and sound! Let us know.

  21. From all the comments I have read - we would have all snapped up those dishes in a heart beat. Beautiful.
    I love the bed spread - I have three that were made by my mother, aunt and grandmother - I should get them out and use them.
    I would say that you got some terrific treasures.

  22. I am a dish lover, too...and a red addict, so you can imagine how I feel about your find! That crocheted coverlet is outstanding, too! Bet you're glad you hopped out of bed after all!! ;)

  23. While your dish collecting has me beat, Mona, I confess to having waybtoo many pieces of a set bought many years ago, which will be sold when we finally move. I plan to go simple like Sandra (MadSnapper) but Ido admire the lovelynpieces you found at such a bargain,

  24. august 3rd

    your first posted words... "judge not..." did someone "judge" you????

    if so.....grrrrrrrr...


  25. My goodness you got quite a haul there girl! I love those solid red dishes of yours! I have run out of space to put more dishes. I need a pantry...or a sideboard to start filling up. The bedspread is lovely. Can you imagine all the hours it took to make that? Is you crockery bowl big enough to make rolls in? Looks almost the size of mine. Mine has blue stripes around it. done good. Quit worrying!

  26. I would have made a beeline for those red and white dishes too! Good for you - and what fun you must have had.
    I read your post about the ebay dish sale - I certainly hope you hear something or receive them soon!

  27. oh wow these are all such great finds! loving the plates!

  28. I love everything you purchased especially the RED - but where do you put it all????

  29. Wow, thoese plates are gorgeous and the bed spread is stunning. You found some great treasures.


  30. A big HIGH 5, came away with some awesome buys. I LOVE those pretty dishes. You will have such fun with them.

  31. I have Bed Envy!!! I have always wanted a crochet coverlet but have never found one that was light weight but big enough.

    Did you get those canisters, too? I love that red!

  32. I would have gone for the bed spread too! It is stunning. I have recently started collecting red transfer ware too. It is just perfect for Christmas. I read in your comment that you have a grandson that is a fire fighter too. Send me his name and I will pray for him when I pray for my son. Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha

  33. What beautiful treasures! I'm so happy for you, Mona, that you found and bought such lovely items....BUT, you still haven't rec'd your beautiful E-bay purchase??? I think the woman sounds a bit weird in her e-mails, but I sincerely hope I'm wrong about her and that you DO receive them, in perfect shape, very soon! You can write to E-bay with complaints about deadbeats, etc. I had to do it once and got my money back. Please let me know if you need any help like that!! Love you, Mona!! Have a blissful week!

  34. I would NEVER judge...I am the last person who should be judging..I collect cats...and said cats, I'm off of china like this. :-/ In fact..I think those beautiful red ones are ones I recently found at a garage sale (smaller plates) just for them. ;)

  35. Oh Mona, those red dishes are so wonderful, I would have been doing the happy dance!!!! What a wonderful find!

    Miss you my friend and hope that all is well!

    Huge hugs,

  36. Fantastic is all I can say!!! Love it!


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