Saturday, August 16, 2014


The dishes!  Okay, I will tell you the story to the point it is now..but first, I want to thank every single one of you who commented on my last post.  You touched my heart!  There are times, and I am sure most of you have felt this at one time or another while blogging, Bloggers are wonderful folks!
I am proud to be one of you and have you as friends.  

I will answer every single one of your comments! 

The dishes arrived three days ago...all six boxes.  
The problem? 
 Both platters were broken.  The one on the left doesn't look bad, until I tried  to fit the piece to the platter, and then I found there was a gaping hole at the V.   The bottom of the box was scattered with tiny shards of white from the platters.  
Not completely the woman's fault...though there should have been more padding in the bottom of the box.
It must have been dropped from a good height.
And yes, they were insured

This was one of the large tea cups..not easy to find.  There were only four and this one though wrapped well as were all the dishes, was in the bottom corner of the box, right next to the platters.
All told, considering there were so many dishes..some 134 of them, the breakage was not bad at all.

 This stack of dishes were every one chipped and the little coffee cup's handle had been broken off completely and  then repaired.  Usable but broken.  
So...I would say the person who sold me the dishes did  NOT describe them accurately. 

This is an example of the chips. She stated in her ad that there was not a single flaw, no chips, no cracks and that there were only two dishes missing.  She would have had to be blind not to see all the chips.  A dinner plate and a luncheon plate were the only ones missing??.  Wrong!  The count was all off..
I won't go into detail.
I have notified UPS and they picked up the dishes early yesterday morning.  So..we shall see.
I will notify ebay because  I have tried three times to contact the lady but no far.
I have photo's of every single chipped dish and the broken ones.
I will open a case against her if there is no response.  I will give her until this coming Tuesday.
These dishes were NOT cheap..but still a bargain for the ones that did arrive safely.
I just want communication.  That's all.
Do I love them?  Yes!

Bottom line?  These are just things!  
Small stuff in the scheme of things.

Where did I put all those dishes?  Why..I will tell you tomorrow.  
I promise.
So that's my story and I'm stickin' to it! :)


  1. well deserve to get what you bid on and believed the description. i have found that ebay is really good at taking care of these things and if you used paypal, they are excellent too. so sorry you had this problem.hugs!

  2. If you had bid on a 'set of dishes, incomplete, well-used, chipped and cracked' then that would have been just fine - but you didn't. I can't help but think that if the seller was so inaccurate, that perhaps her packing was also inadequate. I hope this gets resolved for you. It's certainly a disappointment.
    Now, of course, you have me curious about where you're going to store them all!

  3. So glad that you contacted UPS Mona.
    I think that lady is blind, because when I saw them - there were a lot of chips and they certainly were not packed with the proper material. There should have been pop corn between each layer and on the bottom there should have been a lot. Not that paper she wrapped them.
    I hope they make it right.
    Look up the dishes on Replacements and see how much the platters go for and stick to your guns on the cost to replace them.
    Again it was great meeting you and the lunch was wonderful. I can see why your son is successful - terrific food.
    Have a great weekend.

  4. How disappointing...may it all get resolved satisfactorily. Talk about false advertising...

  5. H was in the freight business for over 40 years and packing is EVERYTHING! If it isn't packed's going to get broke! I would hope that she will give you an adjustment for the chipped and broken pieces...that would be the right thing to do. Otherwise....the dishes are gorgeous and I am so glad that you got them...hugs, Penny

  6. How disappointing. I hope and pray this all gets resolved. You deserve to have what you paid for. I know that Ebay has been fair with my sister in her dealings with people who have misrepresented their items. Just keep in touch wih them.

  7. Mona it does seem this lady has misrepresented her china.It should get her banned from selling on EBAY.
    There is always the problem of people doing that to you and I would certainly contact them now with pictures and the letters from the lady. Surely there is enough pieces of good china to make a set but the pieces that broke like cups and platters are more expensive. There should have been several boxes...for all those dishes and lots of packing. What a shame...

  8. I read the amount of boxes. 6 is still not enough.

  9. I am thinking they might not have been broken in transport but broken before she sent them.. people will do anything..they are really pretty and i have no advice to give. i wish you luck with this..a shame about th e platters, they were lovely...

  10. I agree with Sandra - if you cannot go see them or meet halfway, those places EBay or Selling Places always have crooks. Sometimes people misrepresent their product and if EBay gets wind of it, yes, they will ban herd, however, you said you cannot get in touch with her. EBay themselves will be good to you, but talk to them and keep in touch with them and keep a copy of any letters/documents they send you. I am thinking the dishes were probably broken prior to delivery for those UPS or Courier guys are very good at handling their deliveries. I hope you handled this through paypal or your bank and not a cheque. Keep in touch with EBay for they are supposed to have a good reputation but do remember, customers do get bitten from time to time because of misrepresentations. Continue this post as you have news. Big hugz to you honey and my Maine PH fella. Love you both. xo

  11. Oops, and I forgot to tell you that I almost did the same thing at a buy n sell from in this area. There was a teacup and saucer and some dishes - lady said the same thing - great condition blah, blah, blah. Fortunately I was able to go see them with cash in purse. Got there and cup was not as described and did not match the saucer and dishes had CRACKS and chips. NO, I did not buy them. I came home and reported her to Buy n Sell and they banned her from their site?? Remember, EBAY will be good to you, get a hold of them and keep in touch with them.

  12. Mona, Mona, what a take down this lady is. Your heart must have dropped to your shoes when you found the broken plates and chipped pieces. Don't forget to take it further. Keep us informed I feel so sorry for you. Yes it might be just plates, but those plates cost money, which is always in short supply in my house.
    Hugs kay

  13. Oh so sorry about the broken dishes and that they were not described accurately! Hope you get some communication from the seller! Sending HUGS your way!

  14. Oh what a terrible shame I know how much you were looking forward to them. They are pretty. Hug B

  15. Sure sorry this happened to you. The fact that she won't respond is a sure sign she did something wrong...not describing the dishes as they really were..and possibly sending you broken dishes to start with. Also, they should have been packed a whole lot better. What a shame...hope you get every bit of your money back.And, I hope you post her Ebay name so none of us will do business with her. Of course, if you turn her in to Ebay, they will probably bar her from selling there.
    hugs to you, dear one. Keep us informed. xoxo

  16. Oh I am so sorry some were broken, this is sad. I think this lady should not be selling on Ebay. She is kind of a mess.

  17. Mona, I think you were ripped off big will be a fight to get your money back, I am sure.
    Please let us all know the name of the seller so that none of us ever buys from her...she is very deceitful in her description and obviously has no clue on how to pack breakables.
    Best wishes for a good turnout to this disastrous purchase.

  18. Why is it we start out with such an honest heart, happy expectation, thoughts of " just what we have dreamed about", trust in the result . . . AND
    receive the opposite . . .
    You have ever right to speak to this,
    contest to the chips and breaks
    and receive recognition from this eBay sale . . .
    Better yet, . . . compensation returned!
    Unbelievable . . .
    One would have had to gave been blind to not notice the condition . . .
    Still . . . I am wondering what you are going to do now.
    Leaving me with a cliff hanger!
    HUGS my dear . . .

  19. Mona so sorry to hear that the woman miss presented the dishes she sold you. I hope you can get this all straightened out to your satisfaction. She should not be allowed to sale on ebay. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  20. Oh no, what a shame about all the broken dishes. They're so pretty and you must have been looking forward to receiving them. Hopefully you can get it all worked out, but that won't fix the dishes.

  21. what a shame, they are lovely, I hope you get some satisfaction,

  22. Oh gosh, Mona, what a disappointment this must be. They are beautiful dishes and I'm so sorry they arrived this way. The dishonest seller should be banned from selling again! Hopefully the majority of the dishes are okay and you will enjoy them. Take care!

  23. Oh wow!!! What a saga!!!

    Not doing ebay, I don't have any idea about what one does, in this situation.

    But I wish you well...


  24. I am sorry that your set of dishes arrived in such sad condition, and that it seems that some of them may have been chipped/cracked before she even sent them. I was thinking that maybe the seller took them to one of those places that packs the items and then ships them for the seller. It is a shame that they were not packed more protectively for shipping.

    It would be difficult to pack ceramics to keep them safe during shipping. I guess wrapping them in padding and putting in a box, and then padding that box some more and putting it into another box.

    I hope you can get refunded for the pieces that are broken. The lady seemed like a nice person who just wanted to find a good place for her set of dishes at the time I read your original post about the dishes.

    Some commenters said that she must have been blind to have not noticed the damage to the set of dishes. Seriously, she may be blind and didn't realize the older chips and breaks in the pieces. But the completely broken during shipping pieces is something else. It is unfortunate that things turned out the way they did.
    I hope it all works out for the best in the very near future.

  25. Mona, as so many others have posted, I hope there is a successful resolution for you. Certainly, the seller should have been more upfront and honest in describing the items. The breakages may not have been her fault, so the shipper is definitely at fault. I have bought and sold on ebay and once had to issue a refund when the buyer complained that I had nit described WHERE an item was made, yet nothing was defective. Ebay sided with the buyer as I hope they will in your case. I was able to later resell the item, a digital camera.

  26. Those dishes are just beautiful! I hate they were broken. Such a shame. I wonder what will happen.

  27. Mona - The dishes are beautiful, but clearly misrepresented. I imagine the S&H was significant. I buy things frequently on Ebay and in over a 1,000 purchases have only been ripped off 2 times & had to open a few cases when sellers would not respond. Be prepared for 2 possibilities. Either the woman will tell you to return them for a refund, but Ebay sticks you with the cost of return S&H or if the woman does respond She may be reasonable & reduce the price accordingly & give you a partial refund. If she is cranky she can tell you that she will only issue a refund if everything is returned & you are left footing the return shipping + insurance and have to repack it all the way it came to you. She would be crazy not to work something out with you since the odds of more pieces breaking in another shipping just take devalue the set more. If you really want to keep the set, was it insured at fair market value & if you collect the insurance money do you also get to keep the dishes? I would think so. I hate that part where the buyers has to pay the return shipping when the seller was the one who made the mistake. I would leave frank feedback so other buyers can know how she treats her buyers. I can't abide it when they misrepresent such obvious flaws.

    I have learned that with fragile items, before I even bid/buy, I ask the seller how the item will be shipped & how they plan to wrap the items. Most are profession in how they wrap the items & box them up. There are those who sell everything they find at garage sales & are clueless about mailing fragile items. I found a rare 140 year old Spode cup & saucer in the pattern I collect and the lady put both pieces in a plastic produce bag, slipped it into a brown lunch bag and taped it closed. When it arrived it was mostly dust & a few bits. It made it all those years only to meet a terrible end because of a clueless seller.
    Good luck & hope to hear of a happy resolution.


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