Thursday, April 24, 2014


I didn't even get to wish everyone a Happy Easter.  If yours was as nice as mine, you had a WONDERFUL time.

Easter Sunday was good except I could NOT walk..
A family gathering at Corona Del Mar was delightful..except..I had to hobble to the beach wall..and my daughters had to help me to a chair which they conveniently had situated  not too far from that wall.
I thought I could walk on sand better...WRONG!  It was like walking on stones.  

I couldn't walk in the sand to the shoreline, couldn't wade in the water..couldn't play with tiny great grandson...NOTHING!  
This is PH and I sitting on the sea wall, me in my Sunday best (I stole my son in law's hat trying to keep the sun out of my eyes..)
Sitting with my feet all propped up on a chair was all I could do.  Poor me...AGAIN!
My sweet daughter, Erin, practically carried me to a chair..even brought me a plate of food!   This senior citizen stuff is not half bad, especially when one's foot is out of order!  (Actually, this foot thing is driving me nuts!  It's one thing after another don't has anything to do with...age.  Do you?? )

Did I tell you that we had a bit of a flood?  Yep.  A couple of inches of water in the bathroom and bedroom, soaking our new carpet.  I helped PH move dressers..and screwed up my foot by pushing against the wall with my feet and my back against the dresser...IN WATER!  LOL
Made for a great week! :)
Daughter in law, Cheryl, brought these from their bakery..and since they were sitting on the table right next to me..I made myself feel better every now and then with one of them.  Lets see, only half a box to go! :)

...and then of course there were these delicious tidbits right next to all the cupcakes..oh..and those were not the only cupcakes...three layers of lemon, lime cupcakes were further over just out of my reach!  Darn!!

See those big lemon cupcakes over there to the left??  Yep..out of reach!
My girls DO bake good things.

Sweet daughter brought me an Easter Lilly!  That's son in law, Brock in the background.

Just some of the family, a scruffy looking bunch, aren't we?  Some had already left when I remembered to take a picture of them.. Three of my daughters and two of my son's are in the picture. Two sons in law, one daughter in law and two grandson's.  At least 21 of my immediate family..that is, my children and grands and greats, are missing from the photo..all in other states and  I miss them.  
My daughter Sandy is at every family gathering in spirit and always will be.  We feel her presence.  I miss her little family terribly.  I wish they lived closer.

I love my family so much.

P.S.  Have I told you I am never, ever, going to get in an airplane again if I can help it?    I gamble every day by living in California.  Heh heh!!
Yeah, I know, it's not funny, is it?  


  1. In spite of your pain and discomfort, you had a lovely, happy day with your family and that's wonderful.

    I do hope you will be feeling better with each new day.

    All of those baked goods looked delicious.


  2. i use to practically live on planes and now i have no desire to fly at all! what a wonderful easter! it must be terrific to have such a large family. it is just the 4 of us total.

  3. That "scruffy bunch" look like a lotta fun - I think it would be swell to meet them all, go to the beach and eat a pack of food. Nice way to enjoy the day. I swear I gained 4 pounds over Easter - I don't think I shall ever be hungry again. ha,ha I like that photo of you and PH and am surprised he didn't take his mirror to the beach - would have been some great reflections with the sun there. OK, I shall stop being silly and say quite seriously that I would have immensely enjoyed the food n the fun. Never, ever, getting on an airplane again - CRAP, neither am I - Most of em don't work anyway and then they ""just disappear"". Lovely photos dear Mona and lovely Easter - hope your foot heals soon and hope the water damage wasn't too bad - what did you have - one of those heavy spring rains?? Take care my friend, hullo to PH :)

  4. Sorry about the bad foot/ What's going on with it? I just cannot imagine you in a wheel chair with your spunky personality, but it's nice that it allowed you to be with the family and not have to stay home and miss all the fun. I would LOVE those lemon cupcakes... hide them before I eat them all, okay? xox

  5. Hi Mona, I know exactly what you were doing to push that dresser. Back to the dresser and feet on the skirting board and push, push, push.. I am so sorry you got flooded. Does that mean new carpet if it all got soggy...
    A nice letter to Mr. Insurance I bet.
    I'm so glad you could be with the mob at Easter time. Looks like they had a fun day.
    Hugs Kay

  6. Dear Mona, isn't ole age grand, I just take one day at a time. Family is everything so cherish them , pray for them and make the memories.
    Barbara Hugs from Florida

  7. Mona, So glad you had a fun Easter and with your family. That makes it much better. Good times and good food. xoxo,Susie

  8. Oh no, sorry about the foot! I hope it gets better day by day! Yikes on the flood, we had our own problem like that recently, not fun! Loved seeing all of your sweet pics! I know you enjoyed seeing all of those sweet faces! Enjoy your day with the cupcakes dear friend, HUGS!

  9. Mona, hope you get to feeling better! You have a great looking family there and what fun to all be together and enjoy each other's grand company! Too fun!

  10. First... You got your lovely new photos, on your computer and blogged them!!!!!! Hooooray!!!! That new camera is wonnnnnnnderful. Look at the clarity of those photos!!!!

    What a lovely day you had. Even if your foot was "giving you grief." Sorry about that part. But yes, sometimes it does seem like it's one thing, after another. Joseph Campbell had a delightful paragraph, dealing with just this "thing," about "olden" age.

    Hope you figure out what needs to be done, about the foot. Xrays maybe? We really, really need our feet ya' know. -grin-

    Noooooo, don't say that joke, about living in CA! Don't put it out into the Universe, as the saying goes.


  11. you had a wonderful Easter except your foot, I hope it gets better soon, too bad about th flood, so much mess it makes, take care, those cupcakes looked sooo good!

  12. Mona I hope your foot gets better real soon. Sorry to hear about the flooding and your foot. Your family looks like a lot of fun. The goodies look delicious. Glad you had a good time despite your foot. Have a blessed day.

  13. I'm sorry to hear about your feet..hope it's better soon. I've had a few issues myself lately...yep, old age aint for wimps! Your family outing looked so fun..the beach and sun! Wow! Those cupcakes looked very yummy and I'm sure most of us are getting over that sugar high from the weekend! Loved the pic of you and're both too cute for words! I hate flying too but my son and his family live in Oregon and the quickest way is by plane. I'm probably going to have to board one again even if it makes me crazy! Have a good rest of this week!

  14. Looks like such a fun gathering and those cupcakes do look so yummy. So sorry about your foot. I hate it when I can do all the things I want to do. Hope it is better soon.

  15. Oh my goodness are as bad as me! It seems like a foot or arm always gets mutilated when me and H start moving stuff! Sometimes it's his foot and sometimes its mine! I loved your family photo...they look as scrufty as my bunch. We had a quiet Easter...our daughter had to work, so the kids were all with their dads. We are still busy working in the's about 500 sq feet and it all looked like the photo you saw...what a mess! You asked me how big our home is...its about 3500 sq feet. The reason it looks smaller in the photos is because I usually just show the porch. Have a great day...and take care of that foot! Hugs, Penny

  16. Yep, it's always something and I do think a lot of it is age. Darn it. Sorry about the sore foot and the water problem. Hope it didn't do too much damage. Your Easter looks like a lot of fun was had and lots of goodies to eat! Hope the foot is feeling good again real soon!

  17. Oh! You look beautiful and joyful even if you can't walk! What wonderful family memories you made there and I am glad you had some food within reach! We would hate to hear you starved to death at the beach while your family played nearby. Your family is beautiful and I KNOW your daughter is there in spirit, too.

    Hope your foot is better soon, Mona. Blessings- xo Diana

  18. Your family looks like a fun loving group. No about the flood.Did it ruin the carpet?
    I hope your foot heals quickly. Sure do know how that is. It's not fun at all.
    Take care sweet friend.

  19. Your family looks like a fun loving group. No about the flood.Did it ruin the carpet?
    I hope your foot heals quickly. Sure do know how that is. It's not fun at all.
    Take care sweet friend.

  20. Looks like you had a wonderful day despite not being able to walk around, Mona. Hope whatever is wrong with your foot, heals fast!
    Have a wonderful week.

  21. I was almost feeling sorry for you until I saw the chocolate cupcakes. One learns not to use appendages to shove or move heavy things around! I have done it with my knees and you will pay for it dearly. OLD??? Heavens no! Sorry about your foot....and your carpet. All will be well soon. Gorgeous big family.

  22. Delightful picture of you Mona even though you were not feeling a delightful time with more pain. Shoo that foo foo bird away! You seem to have the best family gatherings, family, food and laughter makes for a perfect day.

    Happy I am back and able to visit with you my sweet friend!

  23. Hope your foot is feeling better and all the water is cleared up. We all think we are still 20 and can do things. I'm forever hurting myself that way.

    Looks as if you had an absolutely wonderful time on Easter. Spending time with family is priceless.

  24. What in the world were you doing...woman! Pushing furniture with your feet and your back up against the wall?????
    Here I was feeling sorry for you...thinking it was arthritis or some rare disease :)
    I hope you realize that I'm funnin' you a little. We oldsters do things like that, but we don't tell on ourselves.
    Hope you're feeling better now....Have a great weekend,

  25. Dear Jean..I get so frustrated when I can't write back to you when you take the time to visit and leave your comments! Anyway, you KNOW I appreciate them! WAIT! What do you mean you don't feel sorry for me!! LOL You made me giggle!

  26. Some marvellously clear pics of what was quite clearly a lovely family outing in the fresh air and sunshine. Those lemon cupcakes would have tempted me sorely! Such a super pic of you and PH. Hope your foot is healing steadily! It looked quite swollen!
    Hugs, Des xx

  27. Hello Mona I enjoyed this post very much I could feel the love of family with every word, you are truly blessed with such a huge talented family. I am so sorry about your foot and your not being able to enjoy this time the way you would have liked but it sounds like your wonderful family took care of that perfectly. About all those lovely cupcakes and jelly beans and well sweets I am now very hungry and since it is just past 8:30 am here in Canada I bid goodbye to see if any thing like that lies about here:) Take care Hug B

  28. I am so sorry your foot is out now!!! And for your flood. That makes such a big mess.

    You have a great looking group there - and full of love. Nice to have such a big family!

  29. Hi Mona, while I was a bit late in catchung up on this Easter celebration post, it was lovely seeing you and Howard and your famiky and those treats and beautiful weather and your famiky. Sorry to read about the foot injury and water issue. Hope you are feeling better every day. Those home made treats were sure to have helped you recover.😏


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