Saturday, April 5, 2014

~RAIN IN CALIFORNIA...~ least for a bit...but that was last week.  Hey, I'm grateful!!  
I haven't got much to share..but you will be happy for us when I tell you we finally got rain.  A LOT but not as much as we need.  Our poor state is still suffering while in Washington they had too much.  

When I saw this hanging over our home...and not moving..I began to watch and hope.  God didn't speak to me and tell me to build an didn't get overly excited..  :)

I began to look around and saw this....

Then these began to drift in further over...

Yep!  Those looked like rain clouds to me.  I dared to hope....

They seemed to get darker by the minute...

The sky in Southern California is seldom this brilliant color of blue..and I couldn't get enough of it and I hoped the sun would not burn the clouds up...and they didn't.
That night..the sky opened up and it rained so hard that we got out of bed to watch as it came down "in sheets and buckets..  It rained all night...and then slowed to a soft steady rain the next day.
You probably think it doesn't take much to get me excited when I can be so moved by clouds.
You are probably right to think that...but..
 already I can tell that this rain will make for a pretty Springtime.  

I hoped it would rain more..but drifted off the the east...sadly.

Guess I have to do another naked rain dance. :)  I would like to say it works every time but...*shrug* it doesn't.  
Oh..exciting times in California!!  (yawn..)


A footnote:
Today was our Sandy's birthday.  Her sister came today and we cried, held each other and shared the dreams we have had of her.
In mine Sandra  told me " Don't cry, I'm alright Mom, I'm tending the flowers."  I woke crying.   In my Erin's dream she came very close, held her sisters face in her hands and said "Fill my heart with love".   Erin and Sandy  were extremely close.  I firmly believe our loved ones come to us like this.  
Sandy was born April 5, 1959.  She went to live with God and wait for us there on February 22, 2013.
She left behind a loving and devastated husband, son and a daughter, three little grandchildren and one that was born shortly after her death.  She left me, and six siblings that adored her.  


  1. Losing a child must be the hardest thing in life. I'm so sorry that this happen to all of you. We never know what is ahead for us do we?

    Your clouds are beautiful. I look at them with hope too. We do need more rain and each cloud holds that moisture that is so badly needed in our dry season. I'm afraid that this week was about the end of it.

  2. It's really something that one part of our country can cry for rain and another has too much. My son was caught up in the wildfires when he lived in San Diego on 2007. It was so hard for us to comprehend in Illinois. He was surrounded by fire and only had the beach for safety. He came out okay (and many others). Mother Nature is quite fierce.

    Blessings and much love to you and your family on Sandy's birthday. My heart will always ache that you lost your girl. Just terribly wrong and sad. I will always think and pray for you, my dear.


  3. Hi my darling Mona, I can quite understand you getting very excited about rain. In Australia when we have droughts, we will stand out in it and get soaking wet, just to feel the thirst quenching rain. There is nothing like it. You can see the gardens saying thank you.

    I'm so glad you had Erin with you yesterday.
    Big HUgs Kay

  4. You want rain and I don't, the problm is that You most likely won't get much more but here it'll most likely pour down soon :-)

    I can't even imagine how it is to lose a child, I wouldn't know how to survive it.

    Take care!

  5. You got up to watch the rain. Did you sit out on your porch, with a cuppa and listen and watch. Nothing like the sound of falling rain on the roof - puts me right to sleep. What nice pictures of the clouds. I love clouds. The "70th" Bday Party was soo much fun. They had a DJ and the firehall was packed. There was all kinds of fun and 50/50 draws, great food and free gifts for everyone. Everybody was up dancing, even a lady in a wheelchair - kinda reminded me of a regular ole barn dance missing the bales of hay. ha,ha You would have loved this Mona and I'll betcha that PH woulda been up on the fire trucks. I slid down the pole from the second floor when we went on a tour - the sweet fireman showed me how to do it. And yes, PH, I did it a second time. ha,ha The sun is shining today and the deck is 5 feet high on the outside with snow. This warmth this morning will melt a lot of snow. Its pretty cool to have a BBQ and sit out on the deck in shorts n tanks surrounded by snow. I love this time of year. You're both invited to the BBQ and PH can leave the mirror home. ha,ha Have a wonderful day honey and thinking about you - that's why I called yesterday - I remembered :)lol

  6. Watching the rain is what we often do as well, Mona. Glad to rad that you got some much-needed rain. Although after reading that and then about Sandy's virthday, Incouldn't help but make a correlation. It seems the heavens were shredding tears in asvance of those of yourself and family. Remembering a beloved family member who has died is so very hard. Yiu ade in my thiughts, dear friend.

  7. Mona, I am so sorry for the loss of your wonderful daughter. May God give you some comfort.
    Glad you had some rain for your state. We had flooding day before yesterday. Yesterday was nice and today will be also. Blessings to you and your family, Susie

  8. Oh the sky is beautiful and I am thankful that you got some much needed rain:)

    I am sending you a BIG HUG as you cherish the memories of your precious Sandy! I know that there is a place in your heart that will always be hers! Love you dear Mona!

  9. Loved the clouds . . .
    Loved the rain . . .
    Dreams brought tears and peacefulness . . .
    Your daughters visit, holding one another . . . is loving!
    I look forward to seeing your flowers . . .

  10. what wonderful dreams and memories you have. i hardly ever have dreams about my dead family. i am so glad you finally got rain! i love heavy rains like that though having a flat roof always makes me nervous!

  11. Hooray for rain... I love your series of clouds photos. Can almost feel your hope/excitement, when taking them. :-)

    It is good, that you passed the sad day, finding hope and peace.

    Gentle hugs,

  12. I am so glad you got some rain, I know how bad you guys needed it. Great pictures and such sweet memories of Sandy. Hugs, marty

  13. Birthdays of our loved ones that are gone are hard aren't they.....

    I was just as excited as you were yesterday...we got rain here in New Mexico too! Much, much needed rain!
    Have a wonderful Sunday Mona....xo Penny

  14. Skies are hazey here today with rain supposed to set in tonight or tomorrow. Our temps had been in the 70's but now dropped into the low 50's and I am freezing!

    I'm so glad that you have six other children that can cry with you and carry the burden of the loss with you. XOX I believe that loves ones, those we had a really strong connection in life with, DO come to us. You are lucky that Sandy speaks to you in your dreams.. Love that!

  15. Happy Birthday in Heaven Sandy! I bet there is a huge celebration up there. Your family misses you so down here.

    Love and hugs,

    (A naked rain dance?)

  16. Mona, I am so glad to hear that you got some rain. The photos of the clouds are fantastic. Keep the sweet memories of your daughter Sandy and know that one day you will see her again. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  17. It's nice that you finally got a little rain...Sandy sent it to you to make you smile.

  18. Hi Mona,
    So glad that you had your daughter there to share hugs on this special day. Special days like these are so hard when a family member is missing....but we do have the happy memories of when they were with us.
    Childhood memories are the best.

  19. I love a rainy day, and I'm sure you really love one there in your corner of the world. Showers are so refreshing.

    Prayers for you today, Mona. I know yesterday was a hard day for you. How wonderful to have people around on such momentous days.

  20. Thinking about you today, Sweetpea. This would be my Dear, Dear Mammaw's 119th birthday, and I bless her every day for the influence and knowledge and kindness she brought to my life. What they give us lives on and on, as we pass it down.

    love and,


  21. I am glad to hear you got some rain. I have been reading of the drought. The sky is so beautiful when it is clear of haze; or humidity we have here in the summers. Have a lovely week a head.

  22. The skies are beautiful and glad they blessed you with rain.

    Sandy will always be with you.

  23. Mona it's comforting to you to have Sandy come to you in a dream I am sure. It's her way of telling you she is alright.It is hard to believe that it has been a year although I know it probably seems like an eternity to you. One day you will all be together again.
    Now, I always say...gonna run naked in the yard and scare a few neighbors! So far I have not done that yet....I will hope that you think better of it too!!LOLOL!!!

  24. How hard it must be. Be comforted, you are being watched over. I really believe that. Glad you got some rain. April showers bring May flowers and all that right?

  25. What a beautiful post. I am happy that you got some rain-I know what a blessing it can be when so desperately needed. I pray for your family over your loss,



  26. I'm happy the rain came and the rainbow was your dream with your beautiful daughter. I hope you have some peace and comfort knowing she's OK and watching over you. I hope many more rainy days will ease the drought out there but I will always love that beautiful blue sky you showed us!Take care dear Mona!

  27. My heart aches for you dear Mona,
    I know you have had to endure so much.
    Your a brave lady and one of my hero's.
    Big hugs friend,
    come visit sometime when you can.


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