Wednesday, March 5, 2014


I have this thing for birds nests.
I think many of us who least in this circle..are nesters.

I spent the morning on the front porch drinking my coffee and chatting with my neighbor across the street.
There are 41 years between us..and yet we find so much to talk about.  Mostly I chat about things that happened a long time ago..and then when she leaves, I wish I had not reminisced quite so much..but the next day, bless her heart, there she is.  Seldom does she go more than a few days without showing up.
I guess it's okay.

I couldn't bring myself to put my Winter Fairy away.  I love her just the way she is, even if she does depict Winter..besides, someone has to guard the nests..Even people guard their nests.  A couple of wide candle sticks without their candles made a great place to perch the little nests...and doilies, of course, added a bit.
Thank you, Penny@ Penny's Vintage Home for inspiring me!

Those eggs look awfully big for that tiny nest..  Not to worry, folks do that with houses too.  I sort of did that at one time in my life.  I crammed all seven children into a very small three bedroom home.
The boys were all in one room.  Three of them in two sets of bunk beds.  Even an extra for a sleep over.
The four girls were in their own room and the old iron bunk beds were painted pink.  (Military Issue :)   Pale green carpeting with  pink and green wall paper.  All pastels.  White chenille bedspreads.  So sweet.
Nice memories.  Old people do that...disappear in memories a lot.

A few Spring flowers around the little doll house in the living room.  It sits over by the piano.  The oval table belonged once to a dear friend of my second husband, Frank, who passed on March 22, 2007.

I used to dream of living in a little Cape Cod or Colonial home..or a cottage just like the one above.  Career Marine families back in the 50's lived in base housing.  Every place we moved I planted Ivy and flowers...and had to leave it all behind in a couple of years.
Yes....I used to dream a lot of cottages, having one of my own.  It's where I got the name of my blog.
Wsprsweetly of Cottages...sometimes we whispered  long into the night of how one day we would have a little cottage.  He dreamed too.
As an officer..things changed.  We lived in a real home large enough to hold all nine of us.
Sort of shocking, now that I look back on it!!  NINE of us!
It was never to be..that little Cape Cod home..or that English Cottage..etc. but I turned my heart to the inside of my home until years later after my husband retired from the Marine Corp.
Four bedrooms to us was huge!  A family room!  A yard of our own!

No, no Cape Cod Cottage..or any of that, but I love this little home and PH for letting me make it my own.
I am content.  I am grateful.

A crocheted runner is on top of my unbleached light canvas ruffled runner.  I am loving playing with my doilies.
Yes,..and a nest...nests everywhere.
I remember planting sweet potatoes in old ice cube trays and hiding them behind things on shelves and soon the area would be covered with lovely vines.  I found I could take things other's didn't want and make them special.  White paper shelf paper lined with lace was a wonderful thing to me.
Still is.
I lined everything with that paper.  Every single shelf.  I loved it.


Mele watches carefully when I begin to pull out furniture and drag things around.  Wherever I am she is right there.
She is turning gray around her little muzzle..she and I are turning white together.
Neither of us dye our hair.  :) We agreed to grow old "gracefully".. after a fashion. :)
I have not even touched my cartons of Easter things.
Not..just..yet. But...I really, really do want to.

(I admit I'm getting anxious...but am sticking to Spring..)

Are you still there?  :):)  ...or have you wandered off or scanned as fast as you could.  Sometimes we do that but I try not to.  I get involved and end up writing LONG comments too.
 I don't get to visit as many as I would like and it bothers me.  If I miss you, I WILL return.
My love to you..

P.S.  The comments left by you out there for my last two posts are..the sweetest and most thoughtful.
Thank you.  I am fine.  We all are, or will be.
Balisha dear, I am thinking of you!!  I remember Tim.  And Becky...I remember Jorden.  


  1. I didn't scan, Mona. I read every word. I feel I owe it to the blogger and besides that I am interested in what the person has to say.

    What a lovely trip down memory lane with you today. I am sure you counted your children in your heart as you did this post...and a pause when you came to the girls...and to your first husband. Time certainly changes our lives, doesn't it? Some good-some bad-but always moving us along on its wave.

    God bless you, Mona. This was a wonderful post- xo Diana

  2. Very pretty,of course l love those baby dolls the best. :-) I too am thinking of Spring decorating. Blessings friend

  3. Hi Mona! I didn't scan either! Memories, dear one, can keep us busy all day long! ;) Love your pretty little springy vignettes.
    Hope you're doing well.
    Be a sweetie,

  4. hi mona! i am so happy you are back to posting! i love that gorgeous tea set on your table. i collect nests from the gardens when the birds are done with them and use them on my xmas tree. it is freezing here this morning but it will warm up this weekend. it's time to decorate for easter! lent has started!

  5. If I were your neighbor I would hope we'd visit everyday too. Your home is so welcoming and I bet you have some great stories to tell having all those children. So happy when I see a post from you pop up! Have a delightful day!

  6. Mona, You made a beautiful home for your family. Some times our dreams don't come out the way we thought them, but it seems to work. You hold in your heart the love of the ones you love. I find myself crying at times and I say I have turned into my mother...she'd cry just talking about the past. Now I know why...
    Blessings to you, xoxo,Susie

  7. I read every word Mona . . . looked at your photos, dollies and tea cups, Mele and white shelf paper, crochet, houses, pink bunk beds, Marine Corp and the best . . . a story on how Wsprsweetly of Cottages was born.

    I really liked this Mona . . . I know why your 41 years younger neighbor friend stops by . . . again and again. She loves your sweet way and listening to your stories . . .

    Sweet Day To You My Friend . . .

  8. Oh Mona, no scanning for me, I love reading all that you have to say. I'd love to be your neighbor too. I love to hear about your life and those memories are just wonderful blessings! Love your sweet vignettes-
    Have a blessed day, dear Mona.

  9. What a lovely post in photos and thoughts.

    Wishing you a happy spring season.


  10. Cute subject line. It's hard to come up with cute ones. So I like to notice them, when I see them. :-)


  11. Oh yes, "Pretty Blog Land" is very well populated, with those-who-nest. :-)

    You are lucky to have a younger neighbor, who appreciates hearing about "how things were." Enjoy her appreciation. As she is enjoying, what she is learning from you.

    Oh please do, leave your Winter Fairy out! Having a Faerie around, never "hurts"! :-)

    Of course "olden" people savor memories! Of course! Why did we bother making nice ones, if not to enjoy them later?!? :-)


  12. It's so nice to bring out different decor and have a fresh start. I love winter fairy and the crochet doilies you use. I see a little baby doll coming out of her chair! heehee! She should come over here to PLAY! Sweet hugs my friend!

  13. You had a lovely large family, my Dear.

    And I too have loved the idea of a cottage to live in. Now would be the time, for us to do that. But we stay in our now-too-big family home.

    Because over the years, it just happened... 2 of our children and their families, live right beside us. Never planned it. It just evolved. But naturally, we stay here.

    So sometimes I make believe that the rooms we use, are really all there is to our home, and it is thus A Cottage! "Pretend" can work, for any age. :-)


  14. "...or scanned as fast as you could."

    -chuckle- Nope, I didn't scan, scroll down, and run.

    But we all know, that we all do that, sometimes. We aren't proud of it, but, it happens. -sigh-

    And knowing this, makes me cut back on the number of words I use in a post. I'm thinking of making a "Page," for the longer writing of words. Thinking about it....

    Guess that way, I could "get the excess words out of my system." -grin- But the only ones who would read them, on a "Page", would want to...

    See this!!!! You have *made* me write a number of long comments!!! -grin- You *made* me. Never mind that I am always chattering on, too long, all over. I am a 'chatterbox'! No doubt about it.

    Lots of gentle hugs,

  15. H and I have a young military couple that we hang out with at the auction. They have a 1 yr old baby girl and a 7 yr old little boy...they both call us Grandma and Grandpa...their real grands live far away... I love the vignette on your coffee table. I can't think of the name of the pattern on your tea set, but it's one of my favorites! I am finding it harder to think of the name of things as I get! I received my Medicare card in the mail the other...I'll be 65 in April! Hugs Penny

  16. Very lovely post, dear heart.
    We do indeed count on our memories. Things change over time so much...good changes and bad. Things happen in our lives that we never guessed would have ever happened. The wonder of it all is that when we start thinking of something that makes us sad, we just look around at things that make us all seems to balance out, I think.
    ok, I've forgotten...out of your 7 kids, how many grands and great grands do you have??

  17. Your bird nests are so cute. Love the way you have decorated with them and your dollies. It is nice to have a younger friend who is willing to listen to your stories and keeps coming back for more of your interesting tales. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  18. Mona, what a lovely post. I think we all have dreams that didn't quite make it to fruition, but the important thing is not wasting today, wishing for the dream of tomorrow. Your home is so refreshing and I love birds and bird nests, too, although I don't collect any inside. My niece has a bird theme in her kitchen and it is just adorable.

    Mele is precious, by the way.

  19. I never skim your posts, Mona. I savour every single word. You have such a lovely way of expressing yourself and I am drawn right into your world. I am so pleased yo know you are feeling a little stronger again. I, too, adore birds and their intricate nests and love your pretty collection. It was a treat seeing Mele today. What a precious fur baby she is! Tell her I have also allowed myself to turn grey gracefully. I am spending a few days with two if our five dogs at our cottage this week. I have the two girls, while hubby is looking after the three boys at home.
    Big hug, Des xxx

  20. You didn't lose me, I read every single word:) I love you home and the warm feeling I feel when I visit with you! Spring forward dear friend, it's almost time! HUGS!

  21. Who would not read every word you wrote. Well I read every single word. Yes us women do a lot of nesting. Most of all I love your nests that you have decorating your room. Looks fabulous.
    Hugs Kay

  22. Dear Mona, you did not lose my attention either and like your neighbor I keep returning to "listen" to the shared memories.

  23. Hi Mona....I read it all. Always do. I bet your kids still have the happiest of memories from being put together in close quarters.I was an only child so I dont have any of those memories. They are lucky. If you ever get done doing your house you can come to mine and get started! Nests remind me of spring and renewal. After all this sleet and ice we are ready for it here in the south.

  24. Your nesting inspires me and soon I hope to be nesting too! It's always good to read your post. Love, Pat

  25. Dear Anonymous...How sweet you always are. Thank you. I leave my comments back to you on here and always hope you find them.
    You never fail to make me feel good. I do have an email address if you ever need it.

  26. I find people stories of their past are so incredible interesting. I love to hear you heart and soul.

    I think how wonderful it must have been to live 9 together. You know my favorite show is the Walton's!

    I think people were a lot happier years ago then they are today - you know what I mean?

    Love, sandie

  27. Those rooms of long ago sound just charming and delightful! I'm sure your children loved them too and have fond memories of a super nesting Mom! I grew up in a tiny cap cod home. Dad built it in 1951 and Mom still lives there! Growing up we had 3 bedrooms and there were 6 kids! But Mom and Dad made it work and later a fourth and second bath made it heaven! Our first home was a small cape cod and now at the Pines, it's a cap cod too! Funny! I'm having trouble getting into the Spring mode when temps are in the teens..except today we're expecting a heat wave to the 50's! Yeah! Easter is late this year but I know you'll have tons of fun to show us. I would come and visit you every day if I were your neighbor! Your a sweetheart. Have a good weekend Mona!

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