Monday, March 3, 2014


I needed to regroup.  I missed blogging but one can't think of anything with a foggy mind.
Mine was ...foggy.  You have heard of drowning in tears?
Spring is still a couple of weeks away..but the birds don't know it.  They are already out gathering for their nests and calling to mates.  It's wonderful to watch.

You can see where I was early this morning.  I wrote it on my trusty Susan Branch Calendar.  Spring is in the air and I am hot footin' it to Michael's Craft store to get in on their silk and paper flower half price sale.  I bought a few things..or rather finished up.

After laying around on the sofa in my pj's for too long, I decide it was time to join the world again..and jumped right into Springtime decorating by visiting our local craft store.  I came home with a few things..but the next day ran right back to pick up this sweet Spring basket already decorated that I had seen for half price.  I added my own touch..and added it to the underside of my "garage sale" end table.

I do that...go home..think about something and rush back to the store.  I added some grass in a dark moss green, tied a pretty pink chiffon bow around my bunny's neck and added a little antique creamer ..just cuz!
Do you do that...suddenly add something...JUST CUZ??
Cords!  Well, a decent photographer would have cut off or hid the aren't are friends so you won't mind.  You won't, will you?

I don't usually decorate with Lavender, but lately it has been creeping more and more sweetly into my living room and I really like it.  It mixes with the pinks, roses and soft reds.  I love all colors and it's time for lavender to be added
I think sometimes we limit ourselves without even realizing it.

I went ahead and added my bunnies..bunnies are Springtime.  Yes indeed they are.

You are the sweetest, dearest, most supportive bunch of folks in the world and I love you all.
Yes...LOVE!  Thank you.  I am not alone in my sadness.  Many out there have had such rough times..and you all are so kind with your words of encouragement.  How blessed we are to have one another.
What a wonderful world in spite of the harshness.



  1. I've missed your blogging...but I understand.... I love your new spring decor! It is so funny...I don't usually decorate much with lavender either, but I set out some lavender dishes today to use in a tablescape later this week. You know what they say..great!!! Hugs, Penny

  2. I am glad to see a post from you here today.I have been thinking about you and know that it has been a tough time of life for you. You have had a lot on your plate. None of us are invincible...and us tough old birds just tough through things that would destroy a weaker person. Hang in there, Mona. Spring is coming with brighter days ahead.

    Love to you-I am only an email away! xo Diana

  3. I've been thinking about you. Glad you posted today. I'm sorry you have been sad. I've been having a very difficult time but I think I'm ok now. You make your yard and home so beautiful. You are beautiful too. Love Pat

  4. Dear Mona - I'm so glad you're back! I'm longing for spring, too, as I know it will lift my spirits. I love your sweet bunny and spring decorations. You've been on my heart, so I'm happy you're feeling stronger. Hugs - Rhonda

  5. Like the others I have missed you and you have been on my mind and heart. You truly are loved by us.

    I love decorating for spring with bunnies also. I really like the lavender color and think I will have to look around for something to put in my house.

    We had another major snowstorm today so spring is still elusive for us. But it's coming. I just know it is.

  6. I love that you're back but I truly understand why you need time to "regroup". And what better way than to herald spring in? The bunny and basket are darling! I feel a trip to Michael's coming on.


  7. Oh, Mona, the purple looks very Springy! Welcome back...:)JP

  8. Mona, how lovely to find this new post, my friend. You have been missed by your fellow bloggers, who understand that sometimes time off is very much needed. Lavender and all forms of the color purple are my favorite and sure you will enjoy it too. And, yes, I am also one of those who sees something, needs to think about it, and then goes back to buy it, and happens for online shopping too.
    Welcome back, dear friend.

  9. I love your sweet lavender, bunny, flower springtime treats!

    Now will you please stop over with a pay loader to carry my snow away to another land . . .

    Maybe I just need to wear red shoes and click them together . . .

  10. Welcome back dear Mona ~ I hope you will have sweet days ahead of you. Spring is coming and it looks like it has already happened there in your home.

    Purples are a wonderful addition to spring bouquets. I love them in my gardens and am working on an afghan done in purples too, as I'm adding them to my inside decor too. I'm wearing it more too. Maybe it comes with age.

    Love and hugs to you ~ FlowerLady

  11. So happy to see that your back Mona! You create such lovely and happy vignettes that are a joy to look at! It's so understandable when days are sad for you. Just know you have so many who are thinking good and healing thoughts for you. Happy spring lovely Mona!

  12. Yep, here I am enjoying your beautoiful Blog as usual. I love Easter, so calm and peacefull to hear the birds enjoying their day as well. Love all the decorations you have in your lovely home. My son told me one day, "Life is what you make it Mom", what a great quote, right?
    Enjoy your day my Dear Friend,
    Florida Sunshine Gal.

  13. I am ready too, sweet Mona! I need some SPRINGTIME in my home:) Your decorations are looking mighty pretty and will surely welcome SPRING soon! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  14. Mona I just love your bunny and the way you have him fixed up. Spring time is coming soon hopefully. I will not decorate for Easter until after St. Patrick's Day, then all my bunnies and spring things will come out. You are in my prayers every night. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  15. My heart goes out to you. We can't help but feel sad when we remember those we've lost and see the troubles around us. I'm so glad you put out some pretties to brighten your home. You know I love the touches of lavender! You are such a dear friend to me. Sending you bunches of sweet hugs, Diane

  16. You do have a lot of wonderful friends here who care about you girl. It is nice that you are back. I understand though. And I think it is good to take one day at a time. Life is so hard and fragile isn't it? Sandie

  17. So happy to see you back! So happy for you, that you pushed yourself, to get back. Hugsssss...

    This is the second blog I have read this morning... Where the lady is surrounding herself with sweet Spring Time decorating. Lovely. Wise.

    As I said to her, we do what we have to do. It's been a long winter season, and it doesn't seem over yet. So if we can find a way, to surround ourselves with the "warmth" of thoughts of Spring Time, it's super.

    Actually, even the project of so doing, is super. It gets our mind focused on something lovely. And thus, pumps us up, to doooooooooo something lovely.

    Gentle hugs,

  18. yay mona, the comback kid! nothing like a trip to michaels to snap you out of sadness...hehe! i love what you did under your table!

  19. glad you are back and feeling a little better... with all those beautiful decorations and sweet bunnies it will be easier to feel happy...

  20. Mona, You are loved too. So glad you feel like blogging and decorating. It's pretty the vignette you make with your bunny. Sending hugs to you, xoxo,Susie

  21. Hi Mona...missed you! I love bunnies too especially the china type! Those that don't eat your flowers. LOL. Your basket is cute and I like the colors! Keep on keeping on dear heart. All will be well. Hugs!

  22. Thank you so much for your kind words on my blog, and taking the time despite your own sadness. I'm new here, but I can just tell you are a lovely person with lots of dear friends. I love your bunny, and all your spring decor. We are getting more snow tomorrow, so I am holding off, but you've given me something to look forward to.

  23. Oh Mona, everything looks great!
    Sorry that you have been down but Spring is just around the corner.
    We all love you and are here when and if you need us.
    Soon I will be making the trip to your house. Take care of yourself dear friend.

  24. Hi my dear friend. Life rolls on doesn't it. Although some times we think every thing stands still.
    The season would not be the same if you didn't decorate. Your bunnies are wonderful and look just right under and on your lovely table.
    Keep listening to the birds.
    Big Hugs Kay

  25. Mona its me again. Does that calendar say you are having tests??? I hope you are OK.
    More Hugs Kay

  26. Hi Mona, So nice to see a post from you. How pretty your home looks with the bunnies and touches of lavender. May God bless your day. Love, Mildred

  27. Such sweet Spring is springing up all over your house---I just look my eyes full, because there is still some snow out, but it's receding to reveal BROWN grass and earth, so tulips can't be far behind!

    My heart is thinking of you in this time you speak of, and I'm sending you the warmest, comfiest, coziest soft Grandma hug from WAY over here. Even Grandmas need a Grandma hug now and then, and even though our own Grandmas and Mammaws have passed on, we can share them amongst each other.

    love and,


  28. The temps here are actually rising a bit. I think Spring may happen one day! Your decorations would warm up any home and heart. I'm sorry you've been sad and I'll send this big hug your way. You're a treasure Mona! Thanks for sharing your cute decorations today!


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