Monday, February 3, 2014


It sounded like a huge explosion, then a jerk..and quiet!  I hate them and they never fail to unnerve me.
I shouted for PH..he shouted back.."I'm here!"  Mele barked and came running to me.  Quiet.
It was centered about 20 or so miles from us in Rancho Cucamonga.
Did you know that some of us out here don't have dishwashers?  Or garbage disposals?
Or trash compactors?  I don't even have a laundry room.  That's right.  I do my washing and ironing in the garage.  It's a darn good thing I don't live on the East Coast..isn't it?  :)
I KNOW!  I tell myself that every day when I go into the garage for something.

Not only that!  I have no granite counter tops or hardwood floors.  We did finally install a new stainless sink and faucets and I do have Italian tile floors in my kitchen!  My son in law is fantastic.  It's great having craftsmen in the family.  So..I'm doing alright..don't you think?  Of course I am.
We are such lucky women to have so much!  

I had all of the other once.  But my husband died and I returned home to be near my family and left my home and my rose garden that I worked so hard to plant.  Most of those roses were gifts from my daughter, Erin.
I eventually remarried and this little home didn't have all of those pretty perks, but it was so sweet.  A totally clean, 1950's slate to play with.  It had been well taken care of.
I think...
IF I could have just one thing..I would have a pretty laundry room.  One with an ironing board in it that folds out of the wall..and a nice little counter for my sewing machine.  
But when you compare those  things that I DO have... I have a lot.
I don't have a big stove..or enough counter room..or my white glassed in cabinets I used to have, but not minding one bit.  I seldom think of it even when I see big lovely homes.  I used to think I wanted those things when I was younger and for a time, I did.   Now?  I just want HOME.  That feeling of safety.  Being loved.  Cozy and comfortable. Near most of my children.  That's what counts.
I love my tiny 1950's Tappan oven in butter yellow.  It's perfect!
I've had it was nice..but this is nicer.  
Having a cozy little home and someone who cares and being retired is..amazing!
I have time to play and it's wonderful.
(I need to do a little more staging before I take my pictures!) Mercy, but that silver needs polishing.  Tomorrow!  For sure.  :)  Well, maybe.

Did you know that I found the teapot..and two of the cups and saucers?  Of course you didn't...well, you knew about the teapot.  I shared that part.  What a search it was.  I've shown the teapot..rather a picture of it from the ebay site where I found it.  My search is still on for the other two cups and saucers.  The teapot and cups were even more adorable than the picture.  Another cup I found in an online store and finally, with a bit of difficulty, was able to order.   When I got the invoice for 24.00, I supposed it was for the cup and saucer, plus shipping.  Wrong!!
I finally found out that it was for THREE cups and saucers of Mary Engelbreit's Comfort and Joy series.  And I found out they were based in New Zeeland and that's how far my china cups were traveling.  
Finally another invoice arrived with the amount of the shipping and a note saying that when they received the shipping payment, the cups would be on their way.    Another 36.00 or so, which I then debated about going further with the sale, but because these items are so rare...I jumped in and paid through Paypal.  I wrote a note telling them that I had only ordered the one but that I would take the three.  Not a word in reply.
Once again I wrote..then posted on facebook where they have a site..still nothing.  I asked for confirmation of shipping.  Nothing.  They also told me it would take three to four weeks for my order to arrive from New Zeeland.  That message came when they sent the shipping invoice  So...I have the two cups and far.  From all that I have read about them they appear to be very reputable folks.  Mercy, but I hope so!
So...I wait.  Hopefully I have Paypal behind me.  But what a hassle if I have to go through all of that.
 Penny @ My Vintage Home is where I first spotted this adorable set.  Thank you, Penny!  I will keep on hoping I get a full set.  It's a Christmas line but I don't even care.  They have flowers and hearts and my colors....and I love them..
See what happens to you when you visit one of your blogger friends adorable homes and see something too darned cute for words and you FIXATE on it??!  I'm terrible about that!  Don't be like me, ok? :)

Much love,

P.S.  Just a note.  Nothing is ever perfect.  Ever.  We seldom put ourselves out there on our blogs.  We show the pretty..tell the good..put our best face forward..but don't kid yourself...we all have our ups and downs.  All of us!  Some of you are going through tough times.  Believe me, we all understand!
Just wanted to say that!  


  1. So glad everything is OK following your earthquake. I've lived through 2 of them and hope never to again! At least they are few and far between on the east coast.

    I love your Mary Engelbreit set. My sister loves her. I am going to look for this set. I hope you get all your cups.

  2. Good morning Mona. I love the set - it is really pretty. I didn't feel the earthquake.
    Don't feel bad Mona, I have no dishwasher, my washer and dryer are in the garage. My little cottage was built in 1955, but its mine and I love it. I have no granite counter tops, just tile. So you are not alone.
    Have a good week and I hope Howard is doing well with his surgery.

  3. yikes, another earthquake! glad it wasn't too bad! i love your teapot and cups. hope it all works out. why don't people have dishwashers and garbage disposals and such? love love love the tappan oven!

  4. Couldn't live where there are earthquakes! Your home looks so cozy and all your decor!

  5. You have happiness, Mona...that's what matters!...:)JP

  6. Great post, Mona! Yikes, living through an earthquate must be such an awful experience, I can't even imagine. Oh my, those are just beautiful cups and saucers, love the colors! That tea post is beautiful! Happy things surrounding is a wonderful thing!

  7. I love it! All of it! I am inviting myself to come to CA and sit down in your kitchen for a cup of coffee. I want you to tell me the story about each wonderful thing in your kitchen. You are so my kind of girl Mona. It's not about the granite and the stainless that everyone must have these's the heart that shines through in the things you love....beautiful home!!!!

  8. this is the year i turn 70 and i have never had a dishwasher, laundry room, trash compactor or garbage disposal.. no marble and no hardwood floors...I did have a 1950's aqua oven and a coppertone fridge. i had forgotten about that. they did not match and i did not care. that was our first home. i don't fixate on teacups but i do fixate on techie things... and all things camera or photography.... and FOOD... the OREO commercial drives me nuts

  9. Love your pretty teapot, I sure hope the rest of the set arrives as promised:)

    We ALL have problems, SO TRUE! I think folks find encouragement in tough times by visiting blog friends:) I know I do:)

    Have a blessed day out there dear friend, HUGS!

  10. Every climate has it's challenges. Our blizzards and heavy snowfall, the polar vortex, would have some begging for an earthquake! Glad your lovely home is good after the quake. It makes sense to have the laundry in the garage where you live. I don't think you have basements like we have here in the East. Your teapot is so adorable. I know you'll find those 2 cups...probably at a garage sale!

  11. I hope you get the rest of your pretty set...let us know when it comes! And you are right, we all face challenges. And I'm happy to have a smaller home, too and enjoy my life. We are blessed my friend and thankful....that makes us more beautiful, too! Sweet hugs!

  12. Hi Mona! OH, MY! I'm glad y'all are okay after the earthquake! I've never experienced one and hope never to.
    I love your home - it looks and feels like home. I love your precious yellow oven and I seeing and hearing about all the treasures you find and good luck on finding the other little cup. We really do have so much to be thankful for don't we? That's a wonderful place to be - in thankfulness.
    Love you,
    Shelia ;)

  13. So glad that you are okay after the earthquake...I guess all areas have their "scares", we have tornados here. I had to chuckle about your butter yellow oven....mine is butter yellow under the coat of almond paint (remember when almond was the "rage") The only way I'm getting a stainless steel oven is if I spray paint! You are so's not where you are, but who you're with. Hugs, Penny

  14. Glad you are okay after the earthquake. I too have no dishwasher, garbage disposal or trash compactor. My laundry room is in the basement. Like you I am comfortable in my small home. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  15. Dear Mona - I love your cozy kitchen and would love to sit and have a cup of coffee or tea with you! You said it so well - we are blessed and should definitely dwell on that. I see some of my friends huge homes and latest everything and I am happy for them - but that's not me. I'm content in my little home with the outdated kitchen and everyday clutter. You are so right that sometimes we get the wrong impression about others lives through blogs. Rarely do you see a photograph of a stack of laundry or a pile of bills - ha ha! Thanks for sharing yourself with your "cyber friends." Sorry to be so wordy. Hugs to you - Rhonda

  16. I'm with you, Mona. While I would enjoy a large bathroom and kitchen, and a bigger laundry room, I'm blessed beyond measure and to be retired and able to travel and enjoy this amazing life is more than I could ever have hoped for. In the midst of trials, I am blessed.

    I hope your teacup order gets resolved. Coming from New Zeeland, I imagine it will take some time, but stay on top of it.

  17. I always love to peek into your house. It is so comfortable looking. I can imagine a very happy couple living there.


  18. Mona, my friend, so good to know you and PH Howard are OK after reading the start of this post about earthquakes - yikes is right! Your home does look lived in and loved and comfy and what more do we need. Modern conveniences are nice and we DO have a DW but sometimes it takes us a week to fill and run it with just 2 in the house. Our small laundry room is in the house, which is handy. And you are so right in saying that all of us has our own share of problems and that no one has a "perfect" life. Sometimes though it's hard for people to share unhappy things in their lives.

  19. I'm happy to know that the earthquake wasn't too bad! You are so sweet, Mona. And right about everyone having something to deal with. A worry, problem, health issue, or something! Some folks look like they have the perfect life and if they do they are doubly blessed, but I doubt if anyone really does have it so perfect all the time. I know I don't! But, I'm content in my little house and I find my contentment in simple things. I used to think I'd like a bigger house, but the older I get the more I wonder if that would be wise! More to clean. Haha! I don't need that! Take care!

  20. Mona, I live right in the center of Indiana and we have had 3 quakes ...two since I've lived here. I am glad you are safe. I love your cute teapot and cups. Take care,xoxo,Susie

  21. I was in California once during an earthquake visiting my sister. I think they are very scary. I am glad you are doing okay.

    You know as I have been downsizing my house - I am realizing how many things we have that we don't need.

    I think as long as we have life and love- we are doing pretty good.


  22. Oh My Goodness . . . an earthquake . . . I hope not, really, well I hope you are ok and no after shocks!

    Love your cozy little kitchen . . . with the yellow oven!

    Fun post Mona . . . I sure hope your ME pieces arrive and that you won't have to pay postage from New Zealand!!!

  23. Everything will be ok soon, Take life easy and all will be easy for you to do.

  24. Oh I bet those earthquakes do unnerve you. Believe it or not we have little tremors here in Ohio a lot. Strange I know. LOL! We had a 3.5 this summer and I was in a panic so I know how you must feel with the ones you have.
    I use to dream of those big houses all pretty and fancy too. Now at my age I am glad I do not have it to clean up. LOL!
    You always find such pretties and the pitcher and cups are so sweet.
    Have a lovely week.

  25. Your home has always looked beautiful to me, and I have taken some ideas from your photos. And I think it is all about valuing what you have, rather than what you have had in the past or want to have in the future. You are a lovely lady, and it was a pleasure visiting your home. Vx

  26. Rhonda :) You can never be too wordy for me. I love it and thank you for your sweet comment. I hope you get this message. Big hugs..

  27. I do hope your cups arrive. Like you I had a very, very big old farm house. Lots of room and now I have a little cottage I call home. It is mine and I am safe, and happy. No tangible things can make us happy it is what we have in our hearts.May be a bit of garage finds and fun things we do get a little happy about Hmmm yes we do????
    Hugs Kay

  28. Hi Mona, I do have a dishwasher that is over 20 years old.No granite, no new anything. I used to think I needed all that but realized one day I don't. I have news for you...some of the older stoves cook much better than the new ones! I had one once that had a deep well cooker in it. It was old when it was purchased but it worked like a champ! That would be nice to have that cooker again. At least you don't have to go into the cold to use the washer dryer. Keeps it out of the house too in case it might leak. Love the teapot and the cups. Your cups could have started with the count of 3 but sometimes things happen to them on the way. Any tearing or re-taping of the package? I feel sure you will have an entire set of all this. You are verrry good at it.

  29. Hello dear Lady, See if you move to Florida you want get those Earthquakes, lol, You can get the 4 seasons for sure if you move to the right spot, by the way is right by me.
    You have a surprise comming so be on the lookout.

  30. Thank you Mona, for commenting in my blog. Me, way over here, in the NE. And you, way over there, on the west coast. :-))))

    "Nothing is ever perfect"

    You bring up a fascinating topic, in blogging. Most of us tend to pick out the fun bits, and even photograph them, for our blog.

    Basically trying to keep our blog, a warm/safe place to visit. Mostly trying to shift out the not-so-perfect parts, of our life. All the while knowing, that no one's life is purrrrrrfect.

    Sometimes, it's a balancing act. We have to tip a bit to the not-so-happy side. (Your earth quake, for example) But it is a big part of your day! Feeling an earth quake is! How could you blog, and leave it out?????

    And I'm glad you didn't leave it out. It certainly lets me know you better, to hear about it.

    Just glad you are safe.

    Gentle hugs,
    (Upper NE)

  31. Oh I love your home. It's so cozy. We don't need all the bells and whistles in our homes to be happy. Cozy is so very much better.

  32. I love your cozy home. No granite counter tops, no hardwood floors, no trash disposal or dishwasher here either, well, I carry out the trash and wash the dishes. :-) My husband helped with those two things when he was here.

    I live in a tiny 50's cottage that my husband and I moved into in 1973, fresh out of the US Navy for him. He passed away in Dec 2012 and even though I miss him terribly, I feel and see his presence all around me in everything that we did here together. I am very thankful for this little place, on 1/4 of an acre.

    I look forward to reading more about you and your sweet cottage.

    Happy Valentine's Day ~ FlowerLady


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