Thursday, February 6, 2014


I thought about doing a rain dance...but decided against it... well..I mean it was a thought..:)

Daughter, Dawn, wrote on facebook that they had RAIN in Santa Cruz...and she was overjoyed..I quickly wrote and told her to send RAIN to see us..we hadn't see her in a very long time!

This is for my sweet friends out there who are living through some serious cold and lots and lots of snow..taken late this afternoon.

A gentle reminder that flowers are blooming right now...somewhere out in California...and your turn will come...

...soon...very soon.
(tiny log cabin I set there for just a moment and forgot it.)

Mele out check out the yard..and no..these photo's have not been enhanced at all.. sweet girl.  I think she is bored with all my picture taking and no ball playing! :)

Patio is ...dry.  I finally remembered to water my plants..the poor things!
I think if it's winter they will be just fine!  *shaking head*  Plants do not water themselves.

...and then..
the sound of pitter patting on our skylight sent me to the window..and it was actually

All that beautiful dampness is RAIN.  This is my plant hospital.  The winds blew so hard that we had to put the umbrella's down..and now they will get some rain water!  OH JOY!
Now if it will just keep coming down..softly..soaking into the earth, we will have a beautiful Spring.
And I will be grateful as all of us Californian's will.
Snow would be lovely (for awhile) but I will settle for this and the temp being at ..

... a perfect 50 degree's.  

Hang in there sweet are going to have a beautiful Springtime..
It's now 5:42 pm...the it's still falling softly.  Just the kind we like. 
If we get too much too fast or if it lasts too long, we slip and slide away after all our fires.

My love to you..and thank you for all of those dear comments you left for me.
You never fail to amaze!  Never!


  1. Hi Mona! Oh, how pretty it is at your house. Your flowers are beautiful and your grass is so green! Glad you're getting some of that soft rain, that's the best kind. Little Mele takes the cake. She is one beautiful little girl.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Dear Mona - Your flowers are SO beautiful! And I am very thankful you got some rain. I've been praying for that for everyone in the drought. Thanks for your comment back to me. Did you notice I figured out how to comment non-anonymously? :) I may be a slow learner - but I don't give up! Hugs to you - Rhonda

  3. Your yard is amazing and should be in Better Homes and Garden! Love all the green and the flowers. I know our Spring will come and so will Summer. Having to muck through this snowy and very cold Winter this year will only make me appreciate those seasons more! I know California is in a severe drought and I'm sure every drop of rain is a enjoy it as you seem to be doing! Have a good weekend!

  4. Mona your pictures are beautiful. Thank you for sharing. I am one of those sitting in snow. I am so longing for flowers. Thank you so much for giving me hope and I am so thankful you are getting some rain.

  5. Dear Ronda..I still haven't nailed this computer thing still tiptoing around. I ask for help a lot..not a technical person at all.
    I think you are doing fine. I just have no place to answer you except here. :) That's ok?

  6. You have a beautiful yard, it looks so lush and green. And those flowers are so pretty. I can't wait to see them here again, but it will be awhile! Yay for the rain!! I've been reading about the need for rain there. Have a nice Friday and weekend!

  7. Your yard is so pretty! Your grass looks just like a green carpet. Can't wait till I see green instead of white when I look out my back door.

    So glad you got some rain. You should have known when you watered your plants that would happen. It always happens to me. I hope this helps with your drought out there.

  8. Thank you, thank you for that luscious green and colorful flowers . . . what a treat!

    And a gentle rain for you . . . how perfect!

  9. see mona...all you had to do was water your plants to get the rain to arrive. it works for me all the time!

  10. Hi Mona,
    I am one of those hip deep in snow and pretty sure this has been the worse winter ever!
    Your flowers are simply stunning...and your yard is so green!
    No one would guess there has been a drought around you.
    You must have the greenest of thumbs, looks amazing.
    I hope to see green and flowers again, someday.
    Big Hugs,

  11. Oh Mona, I am so happy you got a nice rain shower:) YOUR GRASS is beautiful! Can you send me some of that pretty grass for my yard? Thanks:) Enjoy your day dear friend! BIG HUGS!

  12. Miss Mona! I do believe you have a sanctuary there! This is simply lovely and so GREEN! Did my heart good! I so enjoy pictures of your garden....could you come to TX and teach me how to grow such lovely plants? Thank you for sharing love!

  13. Morning Mona, Beautiful full blooming plants, I love pretty flowers and my favorite are Roses of course. I could just sit with you on the porch, drink coffee or tea and enjoy your company.
    You have a wonderful day
    Your Florida Friend,

  14. I had the same idea for today post, bright flowers for those buried in snow and cold. it is 56 here... love all the plants on your porch

  15. So happy to read your optimistic post about our Spring. I hope that we have a wonderful one....Mother Nature...are you listening?

  16. The soft rain that you are getting is such a blessing...we got a couple of inches of snow. It's pretty dry here in Eastern New Mexico so any kind of moisture is wonderful! Your yard is just lush and green..and the flowers...amazing! Little Mele is so cute! We don't have a dog, but we take care of our daughters dog when she is gone (a couple of days a week) Anyway, her name is Bella, and she is a miniature smart! We also take care of her two cats, as well as several feral cats around the neighborhood. Well, I've rambled on long enough...hugs, Penny

  17. Your yard and flowers are so pretty. Everything looks nice. Glad you got some badly needed rain. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  18. I just LOVE your patio and backyard. It's soooo green, and us being in the midst of bleak winter months can't wait for springtime to arrive. Hope you get much more rain!

  19. Oh what a beautiful yard you have!!! Look at those lovely, lovely flowers. :-)

    And your covered patio must be delightful... Year round.

    So happy that Dawn sent some gentle rain, over to you!!!

    And thank you for saying that you love our wallpaper in the eating area. I do tooooooo! I don't ever want to change it!!!! :-)

    Gentle hugs,

  20. Mona, I have been thinking of flowers lately too. Thank you for showing yours. Glad you are getting much needed rain. It would be nice if all the rain, snow, and sun could be evenly distributed.:):) Your lawn looks so good !!! Enjoy a fun weekend. xoxo,Susie

  21. Dear Mona, I am late in checking out your blog.I had house guests.
    That beautiful thirst quenching rain is so precious. Well it is in South Australia where I live. What a lovely feeling that you don't have to water with the hose. I hope it continues gently like you said.
    Hugs Kay

  22. Dear Mona ~ Thank you for visiting my blog and your kind comment.

    I love what I've seen so far of your home and gardens. Glad you were getting some rain.

    I'll be writing you and email.

    Love and hugs to you ~ FlowerLady

  23. I napped after tennis yesterday and awoke to the sound of rain. It was a magical sound after so long without rain. I heard that it was only 1/4 inch, but it was still welcome.

  24. Such a beautiful Technicolor place! St. Louis is looking like the Wizard of Oz movie before it turned to Technicolor. Your flowers and yard are gorgeous. I see Miss Mele is about to get whuffy if you don't stop taking pictures and pay attention to her. Those are such good pics of her. They show the expression in her eyes.

    If I could, I'd send the rest of our winter's pesky snow flurries toward you where they could come down as much needed rain.

  25. Hello Mona - How wonderful to meet you! I'll be back to get to know you better. Love Leanne New Zealand
    who just loves your little yellow oven swoon!!!!

  26. Hi Mona! I hope you're still getting some rain at your house! I just wanted to pop in and say, I get the big ole box of Bisquick at Costco too! Love it. Hope you try these biscuits - they are so good. Let me know if you do.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  27. So glad you got rain. My mouth fell open just seeing your flowers and grass. Wow!

  28. All I can say is NOT FAIR. I'm sooooo over this cold and snow but we are suppose to get more snow. Last Monday I was so depressed I had to take a sick day from work. I came home and opened the curtains in my bedroom and sat in the sun. I'm ready for spring! Woot woot! Your yard is beautiful.

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  30. It is hard to believe it actually looks like way in other lands - it is snowy here in Portland_ and i am a California raised girl!

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  32. Mona - it looks to me like you live in Heaven on earth - the green grass - those lovely flowers - and the blue sunny sky - even here in GA we are going to have winter again this week. I love your home. sandie

  33. Hi Mona! I think it's been too long since I was here (again!) I've been drowning in computer/laptop problems, snow and cold temps, and just plain old doldrums! BUT, my son fixed my laptop and I just got it back this evening. Yay!! Thank goodness he lives so near to us. I don't know what I'd do if he didn't! Your pictures REALLY made me smile and feel as if there is hope for warmer days here....someday...LOL. Big hugs to you!

  34. Oh Mona, you have a gorgeous yard! Love the green and all the beautiful colors! Enjly your day, sweet friend!

  35. I hope you continue to receive that soft and gentle rain that soaks in and does some good!

  36. Mercy me...I've never seen such a gorgeous lawn...just beautiful, Mona.

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