Monday, November 18, 2013


One of my wonderful blogger friends, Lynne at Irish Garden House asked an interesting question on her post today...she asked who "planned posts ahead..or just flew by the seat of their pants."  
Well...I will give you just ...
...three guesses...and the first two don't count!!
If you have not met should!  I love her to pieces!
I never plan my posts.  I seldom ever really PLAN anything.  For instance these pictures..stuff on the table..things sitting out there that are going into the Halloween/Fall container..just not packed yet.
Stuff here...stuff there..

Mele is checking to see if there is ANYTHING at all she might nibble on.  I suspect there is a little buggy down there trying to crawl away.. 
Yep..I put a stop to it!!    Those beautiful flowers are REAL.  My daughter gave them to me back in October...they are still just blooming away.  I wonder what they planted them in at the nursery.  I could use some of that stuff!!

My little parakeet died last week..I've had him for ten years.  He seemed healthy one day..and just keeled over the next.  It hurt to see him go.  He was such a joyful little thing.  Sliding up and down those wires..chattering away!  I will keep his cage and I've put an ivy in it for now.  I miss him!

It's about time for all the FALL goodies, afghans etc. to be packed away for another year.  I'll get right on that tomorrow! :)  
Well...maybe ...

Wheelbarrow Fairy Garden is so overgrown... :(  Lots of work to do on that too.
The entire patio needs a revamp.  I could probably do with a little less "stuff" out there.  The pretty summer grass is quick disappearing and browning out.  
Yep, California winter is on it's way!  Over seed?  Maybe.
I wish I knew why I seem to have so much "stuff"...
MY GOSH! Do you suppose it's those garage sales??  LOL
Did I tell you I bought a pair of Bushnell's for just $3.00 last week?  Been wanting some for awhile..
Bird watching ..of course! :)

Love'n hugs!

P.S.  I want to add that the news has been terrible about the storms in the East..At first I thought it was just a bad storm late in the's tornado's!  They don't usually come this time of year.  What a terrible loss of property.  I am so sorry for all of them.  There but for the grace of God..go all of us!
I am so sorry!!


  1. Mona, I feel like you do - something needs to be done and then I think about it and say I'll do it tomorrow. I need to winter proof some of my things also. I had to have the patio cover fixed as it was rotting away because the guy screwed it up. Now its all fixed and it can RAIN. Love your patio looks so welcoming and comfortable out there.
    All the fall stuff is packed and I am working on Christmas now.
    Have a terrific week.

  2. Great deal on the Bushnells! I think your patio is gorgeous. Mine is very unattractive, but until next year when we hope to enclose the porch area into a 4 season room, I won't put furniture on it or decorate it. Just have to be patient I guess. LOVE YOURS!

  3. My yard is so overgrown too. I never got to put it to bed for the winter. Maybe that is something I will do while I am getting my new heater installed this Friday. I just have a hard time doing things with my arthritis and bad back.

    Your patio is beautiful. I wish I had one.

    Yes, it is terrible about the midwest storms. It could happen to anyone. We need to be praying for them and helping in any way we can.

  4. Mona, You have the best many beautiful plant and things to look at. Hope you do enjoy sitting out there. So sorry for the loss of you little bird friend. xoxo,Susie

  5. I want your patio, yes I do... right outside my back door! SO beautiful! Have a blessed day dear friend, SORRY about your little birdie! Hugs!

  6. i love your patio, wow and wow again, a plant paradise.. now I am wondering what part of the country you live in.. to grow all that and if it will die during the winter where you are. this looks like something in Florida...

  7. I like your corners of the world. I see so many things we could visit about, like all the bird cages, the hanging pieces under the eves. Stained glass, windows, colorful patio cushions, glass table, (do you eat there?).

    I like the tall plant in the fairy garden and the color! That would catch my eye, green is my favorite color.

    I don't plan or stage a post . . . An idea floats in to my mind and I go with it. Oh. . . sometimes I arrange things to get better light and such but usually I just click away!

    Sad about your parakeet . . .


  8. It is a terrible thing that happened in the Midwest states. I cry every time something is said about it on the T.V. My prayers are with those people. Your patio is lovely as is all your flowers. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  9. You are putting your afghan's away for winter? I am sorry about your bird - go out and get another one. And I feel bad for storms to my northwest. sandie

  10. You have such a beautiful garden to spend time lush and green. You have a green thumb my friend. I'm sorry about your sweet bird. Sending you some extra hugs from across the way! Your buddy, Diane

  11. Mona, I can hardly wait o see what you do out there for winter. I am so sorry to hear about your bird...the same thing happened to ours many, many years ago...just keeled over...:)JP

  12. Oh wow! I adore plants and you have some gorgeous hanging baskets among the luscious looking greenery and flowers on your patio. It's all so pretty! I'd never want to be in the house if my patio looked that good. I love it all and can't wait to see the revamp! So sorry about your sweet little parakeet. Hugs, Cheryl

  13. Your patio looks so comfy and cozy! I'm really sorry about your parakeet. We always had birds growing up and many of them were parakeets. Atleast in your winter you can still enjoy the outdoors without heavy coats and all the other "stuff" that goes with it. I'll take your "stuff" over that any day! We had tornados in Ohio too..thankfully not like Illinois. So tragic. I was reading about the tornados when our tornado siren went off..scared me to death! Anyway, I hope you have a good rest of this week and I'll look forward to more lovely pics of your home!

  14. Your plants and flowers are so lush and pretty! My flowers are gone now and even the leaves on the roses are yellowing and dropping. We had a couple of nights that were extremely cold. Most of the prettiest leaves blew off the other day when the winds were 60 miles an hour around here. I am already missing my flowers and ferns.

    I chuckled when I saw Miss Mele grazing around under your plants. Fuzzy searches out any leaves/spent blooms that fall off of my houseplants and snacks on them. It seems like he would figure out that they always make him sick. I had to pry a fallen Christmas cactus bloom out of his mouth yesterday.

    I am sorry about your little parakeet. Parakeets have so much personality it's easy to get attached to them.

  15. Plan a post???? What is that. I sit at the computer and all this waffle just comes out of my head. (Sad really.)
    My heart felt love goes to all the people who were hit by the storm also.

  16. A planned post - can someone actually do that. he,he Heck, I don't have enough time in my day to plan a post. It just pops up in my head or comes to mind when I see a photo or so that strikes my attention.
    I love your yard but you had better get busy and do what you have to do - after all, how is Santa going to find all your little elves in the thick garden they live in. Love the colours of beauty n bright round your place. Sorry to hear about you little winged pal.
    Hi to PH and hugz to you both lol

  17. Mona, sorry about the beloved bird who gave you so much joy. We do miss our pets and hope you are feeling better. The patio is beautiful and seems a wonderful place to relax and unwind. While I may type some posts as drafts, these are usually just recipes I have tried and hope to post someday. The day to day posts are whatever I may be thinking about at the time. Our thoughts also are with all those who have lost so much in recent days due to nature's fury...very sad.

  18. I love your patio, Mona...
    My Aunt Lillian lived in California and she, like you, had the most beautiful flowers. Her patio looked a lot like yours and she loved it to pieces.

    and, yes....those garage sales DO cause a lot of STUFF to collect around the house but, oh, the fun of it all....:))

  19. Hi there, will you let me know where you get your blog backgrounds from?You can email me at

  20. Dear Mona - Life got in the way and I haven't been able to get on the computer for a while. I couldn't wait to read through your last several posts to "catch up" with you. I love your patio and beautiful home. You just have a way with things and everything is always so lovely. I can feel the sadness in your heart as the holidays are approaching. You have had such a profound loss - but I hope the happy memories will comfort you this season. Your post about your brother was very touching. I am sure he was able to feel your love for him as he went through his struggles. Your writing reveals what a sweet, caring person you are Mona. And the comments from your readers show that they think that, too. I missed getting to read your blog the last several weeks. Sending hugs your way - Rhonda

  21. Mona, wheere did you get your background from?


  22. Dear Rhonda..since I don't have an email address...I am hoping you come back and read my answer to your comments. I wanted to thank you for taking the time to write such a heart felt and kind comment to me. And you are right..this has been a difficult year..and it isn't over yet. We are a strong family and we will make it. Sandy is with us every single day. She is never out of my thoughts..never! Again..thank you so much!

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