Friday, November 15, 2013


As far as I know, this will be my home until I die.  One never knows what the future holds.  Considering all that has happened..I wouldn't want to know what is in the future.  
The little thatch roofed cottages I look at and dream about will have to be in another lifetime. 
I am happy here.  We are fortunate.  Not a mansion but I love it!!

Standing in the shade of the Pear tree...
Our poor lawn is about to be overseeded with Winter's looking a bit sad.
I want to have a circular flower bed around our Crape Myrtle tree.  Waiting until my son in law has the time to do this.

To the far right near the stone wall are the Redwoods.  And yes, they are pushing their limited space. 
They were the first tree's we planted 4 years ago.

And down around the corner of the house behind the Redwoods..are two White Birch tree's.  This year I noticed that I DO have some Fall color..I was so pleased!  They were about five feet tall then.
So were the White Birches.

To those of you who have changing of the leaves every Fall..this would be nothing..but to's fantastic!  PH (Patient Husband) smiles patiently at me as I hop around in joy at all those golden leaves.  I mean he IS from Maine.  No big thing to him.  Ah well... to hopping around .. :)
One day there will be a stone pathway that leads from the rose arbor all the way around to the driveway by the front porch. 
I turn around the other way and there's the rose arbor...
The poor rose arbor needs some attention.  Dare I climb on a ladder and tie them where they are supposed to be...maybe not.  I'll ask the gardener.  Or...I bet I can do that!  Heck!! 
Behind that fence are the stacks of flagstone waiting to be placed!  :)
We've planted 12 tree's since I moved here five years ago.  PH has lived here for 51 years!!  He has lived here since his early 20's.  Every tree on the property was planted by him.  All those Cypress tree's, the pear tree and that huge pine with those gorgeous pine cones that I use to decorate at Christmas.  

That's it!  All done.  My exciting post for the day.  :)
Love'n hugs,


  1. It looks wonderful and the flagstones waiting be placed are the joy of home ownership, jobs always waiting in the wings, always, thats the best part, a work in progress,

  2. You have made it so pretty Mona!
    I love it all.
    So funny to hear about winter grass, I guess our winter grass is called snow.
    Our leaves have all changed now and are dropping like flies.
    We had a wee bit of snow, but it's gone. Nice today..mid 50's but next week only in the 30's/ Such is Nov. up North.
    Hugs dear,

  3. How I love trees. I don't think I could live if there was no trees near by. Love every one. I do a happy dance when my silver birches go yellow as well.

  4. I found this to be a perfect post. Loved seeing your home and gardens . . . stone wall and thoughts of a flagstone pathway . . . the arbor, Redwoods. And a bit of gold leaf too . . . Creating within our space inside and outside is fun for me to see. I say send more and more and more!

  5. I love ya Mona..been on my mind so much..From my mountain to your beautiful fall trees..hugs Gloria

  6. What a beautiful garden you have. So very pretty. I love having trees in a yard but mine is so tiny I can't do it right now. Maybe in the future.

  7. Your yard & gardens are lovely, as is your home. What I am completely amazed about is your husband has lived there for over half a century ! There are deep roots in your home. Sounds like a good place to live, and your contentment shows. You and your husband are rich in all that really matters . You are blessed.

  8. Loved the tour, beautiful home. Come back soon ,

  9. i am so glad you have some fall color!i did not know PH was from maine? where in maine? i love that state!

  10. I love all your pretty trees and the gorgeous rose arbor. Everything looks fabulous. Hugs, Marty

  11. So pretty, Mona! It looks like a lovely cottage to me! I absolutely love trees, too, and even though the spring and summer blooms and leaves are beautiful, I love autumn the best. I don't know why, but I think it has to do with how much I liked going back to school in the fall, walking through the crunchy leaves, the aroma of burning leaves (which we aren't allowed to do anymore in our state)..and the upcoming holidays. I'm very happy and content in our place, too....and yes, we never know what the future holds, so we must live life to the fullest. Have a wonderful weekend!

  12. I decided when I opened my blog and saw your comment, I was going to get right back to you. You look like you have a lovely place. Our house is very old. We have lived here for 42 years and will be here until ????. Someone with more power than me will tell us when it is time to leave.Spunky is doing very well. He puts most of his weight on it. I am so hoping that virus in dogs does not reach here. Like you we know one day they will no longer be with us but no need to rush.

  13. My Mum always would say "Home is where you hang your hat" - I was the kid always asking questions and would answer "what if you don't have a hat". I wasn't being a miss smartie, I was just asking a question, because lots of people didn't wear hats????? Aah, the minds of children, mine always worked overtime.
    I love your photos and all the work you and PH have done to create such a homey feel about your home. A house is a house, is a house - until someone adds love, plants a garden, trees and flowers. You've obviously done that.

  14. Beauty all around! I love trees and have lots of them on my property:). Enjoy your day dear friend. I hope it is beautiful where you are!!! Hugs

  15. Hi Mona! Oh, I love your pretty home and your lawn and gardens are so very pretty. I'd be hopping around too to see such pretty turning of the leaves. Good thing I've had my tee tee surgery! :)
    Hope you're doing well and you're always a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  16. You have such a beautiful place there, Mona. I always marvel at your lush plants on your porch. I was looking up fall color for your area and found Squaw Bush Sumac, (Rhus trilobata)turns red in the fall.That might be something you could put with the yellow leafing trees. Just a thought...
    Have a nice weekend.

  17. we love our non mansion to and all the trees, of course ours look different than yours, like jungle trees, but still trees and we both love trees, all or any of them. do not climb that ladder... just sayin

  18. Glad you get so excited about the leaves truly is magical!... :)JP

  19. What a beautiful yard you have and great plans for the future. I have many trees here in my yard a lot of oaks and it has been a chore to keep the leaves raked and burned since they have been falling. The dogwoods and my Japanese maple are the ones with color and they always brighten up my day. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  20. Happy Fall color for you! Ours is long gone but the leaves on the ground are a constant reminder that we did have a good fall this year. (even with a bit of snow in the middle!) Your yard and home are beautiful and I will say this to you..."Don't ever climb on a ladder!!" Sorry to shout but ladders are evil and I should know because I work in surgery and see the results of people who thought they should climb up the ladder for one tiny second. No more preaching...just have a good rest of this weekend!

  21. Well if your earthly home looks this beautiful - imagine your Heavenly one!


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