Thursday, November 14, 2013

~ONLINE SHOPPING and otherwise...

Cushions for chairs are something I struggle with.  I never seem to find anything I want and when I finally do, they are so expensive.  I'm talking $50 each.  To me, that's high!! 
So..I went online.  Then there is the shipping, however now and then IF the price is right, I mean REALLY right, you can handle the shipping.  (sort of!) 

 I hate paying high shipping.  I do!!  I found these wicker chair cushions on Amazon.  "Lemonade."  the name caught my eye and of course I loved the red in them.  AND it was two for much less than the price of one at the stores..such as Pier1!

 I thought these were so sweet.  Yes, they do shout Springtime and Summer..but still..those season will eventually come around and I will be ALL SET! :):)

 You would never know it was Fall on my front porch.  It was hot again today...(a heavy sigh here..)

 The front porch is still all decorated for Fall..but it will very soon give way to Christmas.
This morning I visited Lowe's just to scout out what was new.  AND THE PRICES MADE ME RUN BACK TO THE CAR!  
So..this year I just may have to do with what I have and heaven knows that's enough.
I do always buy fresh flowers though.  NOT the super market's that can be planted later.
The temp here has been in the 80's!!  It's depressing!  Supposed to be a sudden drop tomorrow.
For heaven's sake, lets HOPE so! :)


 I do have these to look at..and it helps.  :)

Before I close this post, I just wanted to thank every single one of you for all of your kind words.  My brother wrote me and was so sweet.  Basically was quick to let me off the hook.  Still...I wish it had all been different.  Just another lesson in life I've learned.  GO that extra mile.  GIVE that extra hug.  Smile at that person in the checkout line.  It's amazing the results you will get and I am totally confident that there is not a single one of you that commented on my last post that doesn't do that.  
See??  I know you  guys pretty well for never having met you! :)
Big hugs,


  1. Hi, Mona,
    Love those cushions, but I NEED that red braided rug. Great pics. :)

  2. I wish I had shopped around when I bought cushions for the lakehouse. So many love Amazon for their prices and I have only looked at their books! lol! Overstock is great, too Shipping is just $2.99...period! I ordered 6 huge bar stools once, the ones with backs, and there they all there on my porch for $2.99! Wow!

    I envy all the flowers you have blooming! That would keep me smiling. We are hovering around the 30's and 40's but it's been sunny so it seems warmer.

    Have a great weekend, Mona!


  3. Love all your flowers Mona they look beautifull I left a post on your last update but I dont know if you got it.I often think about you it wont be long untill Xmas I hope yours is A happy one.xx

  4. Mona I feel for you with the weather being so hot.I hope the change of the season comes soon. Your front porch looks so welcoming. I would love to sit on one of those chairs and have a chat with you.

  5. Love your new 'Lemonade' cushions! I think I will stop over and sit with you! Nice post Mona . . .

  6. Mona, if you sew, make covers for your cushions to change pattern throughout their seasons...easy peaty!...:)JP

  7. Be still my heart! LOVE the cushions! I think your porch is perfect for whatever the Season is:) SO happy you heard from your Brother! Your heart feels better, I can tell! Enjoy your day dear friend, BIG HUGS!

  8. Those cushions are so pretty. I just love them. And I need that red rug too!

    I'll trade places with you weatherwise. I could use some 80* temperatures. We are in the 30s.

  9. You're darn right - you have gotten to know us - still, the best part of my day is when I have email from a girlie n PH down in Sunny Riverside. I love your chairs and you are way too hot. It was -10 here this morning and now the sun has brought the temp up to a balmy "0". Dress warm I say. Today I will start to put Christmas lights up and anything that has a timer and lights. I try to get this done before the snow comes, for then I can concentrate on porch and inside decorations. We did the lights on the deck, along the fence (back yard) and new string light on flag pole yesterday and also helped neighbour rake last of her leaves. Lots of fresh air for me. he,he
    Have a wonderful day dear Mona and hugz to PH. lol

  10. Another nice post you did there girlfriend. I remember something my Mother once told me, she said, Honey, it takes all kind of people to make the world. How well I learned that, we have good ones as well as the negative ones but just smile and be the better person in whatever you say or do in your life.You have a wonderful day.

  11. Oh I love the cushions, they look so pretty and the colors are wonderful. Love the trees too, how fun to decorate those for Christmas. It's been warm here too in the 80's, but since that is so much cooler than the 110's and above we had for so long, we are loving every minute of it. Hugs, Marty

  12. Yes why are those cushions so expensive?

    I do buy things online but I don't like to write down my card number on the computer, I don't believe that they will mess up and make my number get stolen by anyone but I never trust my own computer being absolutely virus free :-) So when I buy things online I always chose to pay when it is delivered.

    Have a great day!

  13. love those two Christmas trees in your yard and the cushions are beautiful. i don't change my furniture or curtains for seasons, what i have is what i have... they looks wonderful

  14. I love your new cushions, Mona, and I'll share a tip I've used that I once saw on Christopher Lowell's old decorating show if you want a different look. Take enough fabric and wrap around the cushion kinda like wrapping a package and use duct tape to hold the material together instead of sewing. It's on the bottom and won't be seen! Easy, peasy.

    Have a nice weekend!

  15. Love the cushions and your yard and flowers are so pretty. Wish you could send some of that warm air this way. It has been cold and windy here with a little rain today. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  16. I refuse to pay those high prices for cushions - so I recovered them myself. Went to the Fabric Store and found Sunbrella fabric and i made my own. By the time you pay that much for a cushion you could buy a new chair LOL.
    I do like the fabric on your chairs very pretty.
    I am SICK of this hot weather, you never know what to wear. I hope to get out to see you before Christmas.
    Have a terrific weekend dear Mona.

  17. You have beautiful place to sit and enjoy life. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  18. why do cushions have to be so expensive? it makes me wish i knew how to sew. i love the ones you chose. and i am just gonna say, if we had temps in the 80's i would have to shoot myself! though, tomorrow we are going into the low 70's but just for one day. i did see that you are supposed to cool off. i bet you will enjoy it! can't wait to see your xmas stuff!

  19. Mona, you asked my age I am 77. My husband passed away last year in August he was 77 at the time. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  20. I love your new cushions...they look like sunshine! I hope you have a wonderful weekend my friend. I keep you in my prayers. I know you take things to heart and are such a sensitive soul...which is why we love you! Sweet hugs!

  21. My outdoor cushions are so faded. Poor things, but winter is soon upon us so I will wait until springtime for new ones. Always so many pretty ones to choose from. Xox

  22. Oh Mona I love your home and it's yard/garden. You just have such a great talent there girl.

    I love to shop on line as well.

    And see you learned some good lessons with your brother.

    Love, sandie


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