Thursday, August 15, 2013


Daughter, Maryalice, came up with her husband Brock to join us for our  Saturday morning adventure. 
Nothing to shout about..but it was serious FUN and you meet the nicest people out there.
Actually we didn't do so bad...
I have collected this enamel ware for some years now, but this is the first time I have ever run across a tray!  I was so pleased and there were two cups also..which now gives me a set of six.  For me it was a great find.  25 cents for each cup and 50  cents for the tray.  Believe me, they didn't look like this when I found them.  They were in a box with a bunch of junk.  The tray was in perfect condition!
I am careful that I don't overdo in collecting.  It can get crazy...:)
This plate with the raised smiling pumpkin on it..was one dollar..not a nick..not a scratch.
The black laquered stand I just happened to have in a drawer..  :) 
I loved this glass bundt cake dish.  It has little glass stands around the rim so the edge won't sit flat..
I don't know..I seldom bake but I HAVE to try this baking dish!  All it says on it is "glass ware"..
It was a dollar..but she took 50 cents.  :) 
Would you just look at this great baking dish.   It was at a huge garage sale given buy several people.  There was this one and an another without the lid.  I picked the lidless one up and then decided to take the covered one.  Took it to PH to hold onto and then decided to take the other one as well..but when I turned was GONE! :)  I I loozed!  :)
I have always wanted one of these.  Probably nearly every kitchen has one, except me.  And there it was!  I have used it every day since Saturday! 
Then I found...
These brand new unused plastic storage containers..great for sending food home with the kids or taking something to my neighbor.
Also found in the bottom of a box...
INK PENS!  All of them laying loose and scattered at the bottom of the box..and every single one of them worked.  I was doubtful but they were perfect.  As you can see, they were with PH's things..the man loves pens! 
Also in the same box were....

Two sets of orange candles and two that had been lit.  The flash makes them appear more of a Christmas red..but they really a lovely Fall orange.
Everything from the covered baking dish down cost $2.00  They were practically giving things away.
Actually, now that I think of it, it was a pretty darned good garage sale day after all! 
The later it gets the better the prices.  I think folks get tired and just don't want to pack it all up again.
Daughter Maryalice...heaven knows what she got..all I know is that she went home pleased as punch!
Both of our husbands went with us...and then took us out for pancakes. 
What a great weekend it was! 
P.S.   ..and I didn't even think to take pictures of the lovely rose covered curtains I found for $5 ...NO idea what I will use them for...probably the guest room...for a nice change.  Tiny polka the background.  SO COTTAGE!  There were lots of valances, and a full length with tie backs.
OH..and a hammer.  I found the sweetest hammer for a quarter...It's little and perfectly balanced.  You should see it.  I think PH laid claim to that...:)  I already have a hand painted one...WITH a tassel on the end. 


  1. Oh my, could I go yard saling with you. Lol

  2. Love your finds! That tray is awesome, I have never seen one like it! Sweet pumpkin tray and candles for Fall and Halloween! And what could be better than a day out with the family? Have a blessed day dear Mona, HUGS!

  3. hmmm... great pickings. Tell me what is the brass looking flat thing. I was trying to work it out and the only thing my brain could think of was a dust pan to pick up crumbs.

  4. you made some great purchases, wonderful prices too, I really like the bundt pan, I have never saw one like that!

  5. Nothing better than a sweet hammer. We girls like cute tools... LOL Well, I do anyway.

  6. I ought not to be reading your blog today...have a ton to do before the day ends...but it's pouring outdoors and taking a quick break just seemed a good idea right pleased I did. Visiting you always gives me a chance to escape, break away, have fun...without needing to step out my front door! Lovely!
    You always have so much fun at your sales and we love seeing everything little thing you brought home ith you...this week's trove of treasure is no different. Do show us the pretty rose adorned curtains as well!
    Is that a cleaver? The item you thought every kitchen would have? Mine doesn't.
    Big hug, Des xx

  7. I guess I have to go broader to find a good sale - like up to the city - there's not much around here. You always find such lovely things and each and every one is a delightful find. I could go "Garage Sailing" with you too :)

  8. You found some really fun things! You can't go wrong with red candles and things for the kitchen. I just read about cutting up drapes to make fancy pillow cases...with ruffles! Sweet hugs!

  9. You did good. You always find such great things, it has been too hot here, but soon things will be cool enough for all the sales again. Hugs, Marty

  10. hey mona! you did good. i use my bench scraper all the time! i bought the same glass cake pan at a thrift store recently!

  11. So many great items! You had me with the sweet pumpkin dish...I'm always happy with Halloween things! Throw in pancakes and call it heaven!

  12. Great finds! I know what you mean about snoozing and losing. That happened to me recently when I procrastinated over buying a beautiful red pot, major brand but I can't think of it at the moment. Pioneer Woman often gives them away in her drawings. Anyway, I turned around and turned back to get it and it was already snatched up! I was so mad at myself. Next time, I'll just pick the thing up and walk around with it while deciding! Haha!

  13. Mona, You got some bargains. I know what you mean...trying to not over do , just because it's cheap. Some times I carry things around and think on them before I make up my mind. xoxo,Susie

  14. Sounds like a fun time,and you found some great things too,and pancakes to top it off...yum :) ....blessings

  15. Only you would have a hammer with a tassel on the end :)

    I envy you having those enamel ware finds.


  16. Hi Mona! You found some great things and glad you had fun with your family! I'm blushing with your sweet comments.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  17. Holy Cow- What great sales you found there. I haven't been to a garage sale all summer. I am trying not to buy more when I have so much already. You did good, Mona- really really good! xo Diana

  18. Great finds Mona . . . I don't see red enamel ware often, not sure if I ever have. (Most youngins' don't even know what enamel where is.). Not sure what that kitchen find is that "most every kitchen has.". I couldn't quite see . . . clue me in please!

  19. I love the enamel ware. All great bargains.

  20. Girl I do not know what kind of sales you go to - but you get the best things.


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