Thursday, August 15, 2013


This is MY hammer.  :)  I found this many years ago in a little shop full of the most delightful things.
Long before I discovered the joy of garage sales and thrift stores.
I have had this little hammer for more than 15 years now..and
...I am amazed at how the hand painted handle has stood up to so much use by me.  It is the only hammer I use..and is always kept in a drawer near the kitchen sink.  I don't know what the artist used to finish off his or her art work but it has stood up to the test of time.
 And here is my garage sale hammer from Saturday's adventure.
It may not have flowers but it is the nicest feeling little hammer.  Why anyone would sell it, I cannot figure out!  I thought it was just left accidently on the table after being used, and not for sale..but it was.
These are my 5 dollar curtains.   There at least three valances, two tie backs and 
 One very large panel with a ruffle trimmed with lace down one side and across the bottom.
Could be used for a shower curtain...
The material in these was just too cottage like to pass up..and it was a lot of curtains for $5.00.
I WILL find use for these...
I could even used the material to cover the cushion on the front porch..NO..heavens..I can't do that!!
I'll figure something out...there is also the guest room that could use something new and different. 
Do you see those charming tiny polka dots on the background?  SO sweet!


  1. Being a "hammer" girl (my Dad was a carpenter), you got a great buy - and I love the detail on the hand painted handle of "your" hammer. There is an array of hammers around here and I have a tool belt(yep, the real thing), with my own special hammer that my Dad bought me some 20 years ago that has had more than fair use and still in top notch shape. I think you mentioned yesterday that PH grabbed onto that one. he,he Smart move PH :)

  2. What girl doesn't love a cute hammer? Yours is the CUTEST one I have ever seen! LOVE those curtains, polka dots are precious AND a great price! Have a sweet day dear friend, HUGS!

  3. Love the curtains, such pretty fabric and ruffles. I love your hammer, that is priceless, the painting is wonderful. I have my own hammer too, but it's not painted, maybe I need to do that. Hugs, Marty

  4. Might be a creative business for someone . . . paint and design hammers!

    I have my favorite hammer too, always put back in the same place. If someone else, (hubs) uses it and doesn't put it back, (only happened once or twice) I let him have it! (I don't hit with the hammer or anything like that, I just holler!)

  5. Yep... a hammer has to feel just right in the hand. All of my husband's hammers are way too large for me to handle properly. Maybe I will buy a pretty hammer for myself. Love yours with the flowers!

  6. G'morn sweet Mona ~
    I can attest first hand that your bedrooms & entire home are just gorgeous ... a cottage delight to see.

    How sweet of them to garden for you ... are they available? Looks really nice & the baby is darling.

    Now for those curtains, I can just picture what you will do with them. But, you are going to need an addition on your home to create a rose room ... they are fabulous finds.

    Harold keeps asking when to call you to finish up with you. Let us know.

    Dang, I wish we lived closer. We would have a ball yard saling & having lunch at your son's restaurant.

    Big loving hugs,
    TTFN ~

  7. Hi Mona...If I didn't know better, I would say that I painted that hammer. I used to paint lots of tools...hammers included and also canes for disabled people.I never put a tassel on one of cute.

  8. A painted hammer with a tassle..they must have had you in mind when they created it! It's cute! I have a hammer with a pink handle in a drawer in the kitchen. I think every gal needs her special hammer! Your curtains scream "Mona"! I know you'll find the best place for them and I also know you'll share where they go..right?!

  9. This gives me an idea! I need to paint my hammer pink with flowers and maybe then my hubby wouldn't use it and then put it where I can't find it when I need it!

  10. I tend to buy a new hammer every year, I have no idea where they all have gone :-)

    Perhaps they have ended up in the same place where all those socks go when disapearing in the washing machine :-) :-)

    This is the first year since long that I actually haven't bought a new one :-)

    Have a great day!

  11. I have hammer envy!

    My tools are always disappearing because mine are always in the same place and can be found easily.


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