Monday, August 12, 2013


~My children were inspired...much more than I was!~
On Sunday afternoon, daughter Erin and her husband came over and completely
weeded and mulched our flowerbeds. 
I was overjoyed! (Needless to say!)

After they weeded, they put down layers of newpapers to discourage the weeds from returning.

I got up early this morning and went out and handwatered it all once again..and marveled at the fact that all that grass was out of my pretty flowerbeds...
Today I did some repotting of plants that were in need of some space..
Oh MY!  The Fairy Garden's are getting overgrown..again!

Getting to be a jungle out here...

A cozy place for PH to play his "Suduko" that how you spell it?  Whatever it is, I can't do it.  Numbers throw me totally!
They all came, eldest son brought his guitar and he and wife sang for was really..SO nice!
They brought homemade cookies, HUGE ones, and made a big container of homemade ice cream.
It's the waiting that's the hard part.
Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, biscuits, salad and I didn't have to cook a single thing.  They brought it all with them. 
I didn't take any pictures because it seems to unnerve them...but...I did sneak in one..

This little boy kept us all entertained as he ran through the sprinkler then trying to make a sharp turn on those fat little legs that have just learned how to walk.  Finally his Grandma Erin picked him up and got wet with him..
You can see by his little face that he was just plain tuckered out! His Mommy (Rachel is my granddaughter) and Daddy are holding him in the photo.  NOT his Grandma Erin!.  Me? I'm the GREAT GRANDMA!  :)
A wonderful Sunday afternoon...
Music, food and family....what can be better? 
My children are all becoming Grandparents!  It's enough to make one smile all day!!
Lov'n hugs,
 I'm joining my favorite Hostess, Marty @ A Stroll Thru Life


  1. Getting a help day from the family is the best present you can get. I always ask for a catch up day, they are busy so it doesn't happen very often. my grandsons are good now and will cut back shrubs etc. NO weeding....

  2. Oh what a fabulous day, sounds like such a total blessing. How fabulous they brought all the food and worked on all the flower beds too. How special and such a gift. Hugs, Marty

  3. Sounds like a "bestest day!"

  4. i need to invite your family to my house!!!

  5. Can you send the kids over for an afternoon - I will make "Lilly's Seafood Chowder" or BBQ stuffed fish or BUY some fried chicken. What a wonderful afternoon for you Mona and you and PH got to sit back and enjoy it all. Sweet photo of your family - n hello to PH. Enjoy your Tuesday - I expect you are still in slumber land, as I look at the time here.

  6. Oh what a fun day! Sweet family helping and getting so much done! MUSIC too? OH girl, that sounds like a perfect day to me:) Have a blessed day in your beautiful home, HUGS!

  7. Heart warming post Mona!
    And your flower beds look fabulous!
    A great day with your beloved family, what could be better!
    Hugs my dear friend,

  8. What a wonderful, wonderful weekend you had, Mona. I love it when kids "get it" and realize that something like weeding and mulching means more than sending you on a trip. You are indeed blessed. Your family is beautiful-xo Diana

  9. Your Sunday was indeed a wonderful one! Sounds just perfect to me. Your flower bed looks so nice, that was a wonderful help. What a great family you have!

  10. What a lovely post! The gardens are beautiful!



  11. What a great weekend service project your family gave you! Erin does not look old enough to be a grandmother! The flower beds look perfect. You and PH can now relax!

  12. What a great weekend service project your family gave you! Erin does not look old enough to be a grandmother! The flower beds look perfect. You and PH can now relax!

  13. Sudoku is my favorite!!!! And so is newspaper for preventing weeds!!! Looks great, Mona...:)JP

  14. Mona,Your family is treating You with lots of love,that's fantastic,how sweet it is.Your garden is so lovely and welcoming.The tea cozy is a photo I fell in love with on the internet. I do have a thing for Tea Cozies :)

  15. Mona, you are truly blessed to have such a wonderful family. You can tell that they love their mom/grandma.
    So glad that you had a fantastic day.

  16. I know you will read this some time today - I would like to know if you are home this afternoon or give me an afternoon (your time) as best time to call - I'm not much use in the evening to call as always busy - but if you are home some day this week, morning or afternoon (again, your time) send me an email and let me know as I would love to chat. lol I shall keep my email open and watch for a note from you whenever I am near the computer.

  17. Hi Mona, it's been a long time! (You remember me, The cutest cottage lamps!) a lot has changed in my life and I am now living in Wash state on Whidbey Island. Don't make lamps anymore tho. I still enjoy your blog, you have such a big family, and what a wonderful surprise that they came by and did your gardens! Have a great week,

  18. Hi Marilyn! Of course I remember you! I bought a lamp and a couple of shades from you. So nice to hear from you. I would have emailed but there is no email address for you. Thanks for stopping by! :)

  19. Oh, what a wonderful sounding day and your garden looks absolutely perfect! I feel quite envious! And the eats truly have me drooling...why did you have to tease us with that information? Especially since I've just read your latest post and heard bout the pancakes you enjoyed on Saturday father the garage sale escapade...I LOVE pancakes ad our weather today is just perfect for enjoying a pile...but I don't have any to enjoy 😢
    Love and hugs, Des xx

  20. Sweet family times and wonderful meal, and of course your lovely flower beds and fairy gardens...all lovely, Mona.

  21. Now this was a wonderful wonderful gift to you Mona.


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