Saturday, July 27, 2013


Well, I'm not sure what this was originally used for...perhaps to cover a baby's bassinet..or..
 ..who knows..but I am using it to cover this little table.  You know, just for a change.
My living room is very long it will stay here..I have no idea.

It has this ruffled bottom on it with a trim of rose ribbon...which goes in this room nicely.
(for now)
I was delighted to pay just one dollar for this Quaker table cloth.  NOT a thing wrong with it.  I just washed it up and smoothed it out flat to dry, hanging it over the ironing board and moving it every now and then..blocking as I went.  It's really neat.  HOW I do love pretty linens! 
Here is another view of the pretty Fall floral arrangement I found.  I feel so lucky that I don't have to wonder what to put on the table for a touch of Fall..(yeah..I KNOW I'm early)  Just playing house is all...just playing house.. :)
 Blogger won't allow me to download any more pictures.  WHAT on EARTH is wrong with them??
Peanut butter and strawberry preserve sandwich anyone?  Anyone? 
LOVE those. 
PH has gone off to find something to clear our drain. 
You don't's those tree's I insisted he plant right over the main sewer pipe you?
Noooo...can't be that.  (eeshhhh..I hope not..) 
Did I ever tell you that I lived in a log cabin when I was a child...(one room and a loft) that  my Granddaddy and Dad built with help from a few other uncles?  I was telling my dear friend Gail about it last night.
Yeah...I was.  She called me long distance from Arkansas!!   Gail at the Farm?  Do you know her? We talked and talked and talked!!
My dear friend Lilly..Saucy Kodz just lost her brother recently.  Lilly is brave, but this has crushed her.  I hate being so far away from some of the folks I've come to love and care about.
I cannot believe the loss we have had in blogland this year.  Makes me cry at the heartbreak..
So many have lost dear blogger friends, children, relatives..
Count your blessing.    Cherish the is just so delicate. 
I am off to water some flowers that are calling me.  Watering them is thereapudic.
My love to you,


  1. Hi Nancy-Ann-Louisa;

    Love that lace and rose piece. Check with Blogger, you may have run out of space. You can buy unlimited, yearly space for $5. and you can pay with PayPal.

    It's never to early for fall, not in my opinion. (o:


  2. Enjoyed reading Your post.Lovely lace finds.Yes,I do treasure My friendships and family-such a gift :)

  3. Oh wow, both of the tablecloths are stunning. I love them and what fabulous buys. Yes, there has been some tragic losses this year and I know you have had it hit home for you. I just keep praying. Hugs, Marty

  4. Mona, Dear,

    You just have an uncanny gift for BEING there at the right place/time. What a lovely pink-ribboned cloth. We're going shopping Monday, Caro and I, for a long sweep of white or pink tulle for a little center-crown canopy for the wall over Sweetpea's daybed.

    You know, I got that same message sometime last year, and they said that pictures were full, but to continue, to pay $25.00 online. I took them at their word (whosoever's word it WAS---could have been a scam, so I bought one of those VISA cards-with-the-set-amount, and THEN could not make the thing go through their site).

    But lo! pictures continued and have to this day. Try again another day, or with another picture a time or two.

    love and,


  5. The tablecloths are just so pretty! I love finding pretty linens, too. I especially love dresser scarves...such a thing of the past, my mother always had one on hers and some of the end tables.

    You know how cancer has changed my life, you have to be made of strong stuff to get through it.


  6. Lovely linens . . . the one I see on your table and the new one you just found!

    I would think blogger would tell you if you have run out of space. Click on blogger, tell them your problem and ask for their help.

    I think you are so very kind to "friend" those grieving losses in their lives. Be tender to Mona too!

  7. Hi Mona, I am still writing on my daughter in laws lap top. I don't know what I will do when she goes home Monday.
    I adore the Quaker table cloth. Plus the little ruffle cloth, it looks so right.
    Friends are so special.

  8. Oh Mona, the table cloths are stunning and what a great deal you got.
    You are such a great friend to your bloggers and I know that they appreciate your kindness.
    Have a wonderful week.

  9. Mona, You have a good heart. It is sad about all the loss of loved ones. We did get connected to our blogger families.
    I like your sweet little table, especially the lamp!! You got a terrific deal on the table cloth. xoxo,Susie


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