Saturday, February 2, 2013


..I've put it off long enough!
I think a bit of cabin fever has set in, at least for me.
 I am such a home body that I have to MAKE myself get out of the house, so, I went out on the front porch.  :)
  I've been trying, you know, to keep busy.
Yesterday I painted (finally) the front window panes and I love them.  Next the garage trim, which you can see in this picture. 
Taken at Christmas...and below...
I just love, love, love it!  Why on earth did I wait so long to finish the job!!  I procrastinated big time!  I can't be the only one (of course I'm not!) that puts jobs like this off. 
It was near 80 degree's here today...and tonight when I went out on the patio, it was still 70!
Winter?  WHAT Winter??  Grrrrrrr
This was taken at Christmastime..
And this week I will do the garage trim and this will be Pomagranite Red. 
Ohhhhh happy HEAVY SIGH!!
Then the painting will be done and I will find something else to keep busy.  Seems I never run out of projects (which drive PH crazy!) 
Sooo...are you proud of me?  Hmmm?..or am I proud of myself enough for everyone!
Love and hugs!
* For those who know and care so much, "Prayer Changes Things"
and we are...hopeful.  Always!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


  1. The red trim looks amazing! I would love that weather. :)

  2. The red trim is great. And, if you have any to spare, we could use some of that lovely weather over here on the South Coast of Ohio. ;)

  3. Mona your painting the red window frame looks fabulous. You are a try- angle. You will understand that when you read my blog. You are a do er and a wonderful one at that.

  4. I love it! Sometimes I procrastinate, and the project nags me & looms over my head. But when I finally just do it, oh what joy. Your porch looks so inviting.

  5. Looks fabulous. I love the red, so pretty. Hugs, Marty

  6. the red really is great! terrific job mona! lots of good energy coming your way!!!

  7. oh how are so talented!...:)JP

  8. Love the RED:) Prayer does change things dear Mona! One day at a time:) Have a blessed day, HUGS!

  9. WOW, the red trim really adds to the colours out on your front patio. Now, whatever do you have in mind for Easter. ha,ha

  10. That trim is perfect on your home! You did a great job...and in 80de. weather no less..(I'm being sarcastic here!) It's snowing like crazy so any outdoor painting projects will have to wait! You house will sparkle with the trim on the garage and I can't wait to see it! Have a good week..enjoy that weather for me!

  11. Good for you, Mona! I love the red...your porch is just so cheery and cute! I have the same problem with putting things off, especially painting, I really don't like to do that. But with the cold winter in mid swing, I find I'm doing a little bit here and there every day. That feels good! Great job on the door!


  12. Love your red! You did good work. I am so bad that between procrastinating and just down right forgetting, some things never get done around here. Your big Valentine heart is so pretty along with your red.

  13. Good job Mona!
    Looks fabulous, you know how much I love red!
    I had to laugh at the I had to get out the house, so I went to the front porch.
    Hugs friend,

  14. Heck, yes, I'm proud of you!!! You did a magnificent job! Like you, I am a homebody...really, really hard to pry me out of here! At least you made it to the porch! That color will look great year round!!!


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