Saturday, December 8, 2012


...but it's busy, busy, BUSY!
I'm getting there..slowly.  It didn't use to be this difficult to get the house ready for Christmas.  It isn't that I don't enjoy it, I do, it's just seems to be endless..not the decorating part, but the getting stuff out.
I still have cartons..and I think I will just stop.
I dig, I fix, I change...change again and I start all over.  :) 
Now I think I know why my Mom got less and less stuff out each year. 
A Cup Of Christmas Tea is one of my favorite Christmas stories.
My copy is ...SIGNED..yep!  Right place at the right time! :)
Have you read this little book?  If you have you will know why it is special to me.
I am beginning to identify with it more every year!

I think I am stuffing candy canes or greenery into every little pitcher or teacup that ...
ok..into everything.  Tip..when in doubt...stuff it!  :)

My piano is my favorite thing to decorate for the Holidays.  Different every least I think so.  My memory

 I decorate with toys because...when you have seven children and are broke...that's just what you do!
Over the years I found I loved digging out the toy and finally most just stay out all year just in the living room.
Dollies, gotta have those dollies.   Found my tiny ice skates right off this year.  I usually have to hunt for them...
 I collect old children's books, but I guess I collect a lot of stuff.  The little pink village doesn't show up very well because  I had to use the flash..  It was painted by a dear friend I met years ago on ebay, Bea @ Relic's and Roses. 
So..I'm making progress.  I love this time of year.  It's work, but happy work!
The kids love it and that means a lot to me. 
The tree?  Well, it's bought, trimmed and in a bucket of water out back along with all the greenery.
Staying fresh until it's all in place.  Lots and lots of fresh greenery! 
The house's beginning to smell a lot like Christmas!
Lov'n hugs!


  1. Mona your home is a real treasure. I don't know the story of the Cup of tea. Do you know if is still available or is it very old.

  2. Mona your home is a real treasure. I don't know the story of the Cup of tea. Do you know if is still available or is it very old.

  3. hi mona! you have been busy! i love seeing all of your decorations. it has felt more like summer here than xmas which really disappoints me. i am afraid we are skipping winter this year, the same as last year. i have been watering my tree like crazy. it just soaks the water right up! can't wait to see your tree! joyce

  4. Love that Christmas smell and yours is looking a lot like Christmas too:) Have a blessed day dear Mona, HUGS!

  5. I think I'm getting to the "less and less each year" stage. I have many Santa things and I'm hoping my kiddos will take some for their own homes. Love all your those white owls on the piano! Everything looks so nice and I'm sure if we had smell-o-blog we would enjoy that too!

  6. It looks so nice. I did things differently this year. I didn't bring up the boxes. when I did laundry in our downstairs I would carry up a few decorations. Simple and much better. And less and less each year........

  7. Everything looks so pretty and festive, Mona! I love those little dolls and how you have blended them in with your holiday decor! I love decorating for Christmas, too. It does seem like everything multiplies from year to year and I don't have the heart to leave anything out!! I just do it in bits and pieces!

    Happy Holidays!


  8. Oh Mona, it's all gorgeous. I love how you decorate with the toys, so special. I havn't read the book about the Christmas Tea, need to do that. Everything looks so pretty. Hugs, Marty

  9. I'm way behind you when it comes to decorating :-) I was going to bring up the tree from the cold cellar and dress it this weekend but it still stands down there :-)

    Have a great day!

  10. Beautiful! I'm working on my home this weekend and it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. I am missing the cream & sugar, otherwise I have my A Cup of Christmas Tea set also. One of my favorites!

  11. This year I downsized and I'm liking it. Looking at your treasures is fun and they are so beautiful.

    It has been so warm here so far, or still. Yesterday was a shorts and t shirt day. Today there is finally a cold front coming in that is supposed to be a doozy. We will see.

    I got my hubby to bring a box of ornaments from the garage for me to put some on the little tree. So far, I've not put any on there, but did fall asleep thinking about it.

    Take care, darlin' and I'll see check you later.

  12. You have your home all ready for Christmas now. Love the reds and the candy canes everywhere. Very pretty. Hope you have a merry Christmas.


  13. Mona- I love the happiness your home - just overflows with it. Love the cup of tea and your sweet dollies- Blessings- xo Diana

    If you get a chance pop by my blog and see our little SweetCheeks up on the big billboard-

  14. Ahhh, everything looks really Christmasey....I love it all...and I love this time of the year.

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