Friday, August 17, 2012


I am beginning the Fall season..coming soon..with a pretty arrangement for my front door by Kristin's Creations. It matches our new house trim and you KNOW how that is!

I know, I's a bit early but I agree with Joyce @ October Farm, the dearest of bloggers and bestest of chef's.   Fall is here and then it's gone..and it is my favorite time of year.  So I started by adding a bit of color to the front screen door. 

This set of plates I found at an Estate Sale last Friday.  The pretty butter yellow is perfect for my Fall fireplace..yep.  :)  T'is that!
Not a single flea bite..perfection. Bordallo is such a lovely line.

Oh, it will always does, but it's a beginning. 

...and also at the same sale..this big pretty flower pot.  Doesn't everyone need a big blue and white flower pot?  Indeed they do! home it came.

These little concrete bunnies...ohhh so sweet.  Got a weakness for cottage bunnies!  They were tossed in for free... (it pays to be charming..  :)

And lastly (by now I was hungry for breakfast out!)  this very heavy garden stone. 
here is the surprise.  When we got home and unloaded the trunk of the car..we piled everything gently on the top of the washer to be washed before bringing it into the house etc.  The garage door closed...and in the darkened garage I was started to see the butterfly glowing a beautiful translucent pale green...   For two dollars (and I thought that rather steep but wanted it) I think I got a wonderful deal! 
Right now is graces my front porch where is glows softly at the edge of the ferns.  Soooo pretty..

My love to all of you,


  1. Mona what is going on in your brain. Is it a butterfly garden coming on???
    May be. I love the blue and white planter and the plates.

  2. I have to say I love the fall colors coming and the soft yellows.
    Love, Hugs, and prayers. sandie

  3. Hi Mona! You find the best things! The basket from Kristen is so pretty. Isn't she fabulous? Your mantel looks wonderful with your new plates. You just have too much fun! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. You found such great things. I love those plates and that basket of Kristens is just darling- Have a great night- xo Diana

  5. Oh Mona,
    You and I have such similar tastes! I want that front door arrangement, the plates, the blue and white, love everything!
    Great deals, great eye, love your mantel too!
    Hugs friend,

  6. Hi Mona,

    I think a lot of us are counting the days for fall to arrive. I am beginning to get itchy for bringing out my decorations. I have packed my summer things away and the house looks so stark.

    Have you noticed the days getting shorter? Oh, fall - please hurry up.

    Hugs ♥

  7. I would simply love going shopping with you. You find the neatest things. All are lovely and looking fine on your mantel, and garden. ONLY YOU MONA, would need another flower pot. ha,ha

  8. Great buys! I love the plates and pot but OMG, that rock with the glowing butterfly... LOVE IT! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  9. You did find some fabulous treasures. I love them all. The plates are stunning and they look fabulous on your fireplace mantel. Sooooooooo pretty. Hugs, Marty

  10. Lovely finds . . . I like fall too. You have given me the push to do my bit of front of the house color. Pictures soon!

  11. I am such a Fall kinda girl and am itchin' to get started. holding off just a few more weeks, maybe when school starts to really go at it. I love the buttery yellow dishes you picked up and added to your mantel. And the door me some birds and that is perfect! Thanks for sharing and giving some cute ideas along the way!

  12. I'm ready for fall in my head, but I haven't started decorating have given me some ideas for my fireplace mantels..I'm always looking for something to dress them up! Great finds. I bet that stone only glowed when it found it was going to be at your home! Enjoy the weekend!

  13. Hi Mona, The arrangement looks so pretty on your door! It really stands out against the white.

    I am ready to start decorating for fall too! It's been a long hot summer and I can't wait for cooler temps.

    Love your new neat that the butterfly glowed! Have a great day, Kristen

  14. Mona...when you didn't post for a few days...I thought, "She's out to garage sales"...and I was right. What a nice group of finds. When are you building the addition to hold all your treasures?
    Just kidding...Balisha

  15. I love your door arrangement...sooo pretty. And your mantel is adorable, too.
    It is still so hot here...and will be thru Sept. so I will wait awhile to change out my door arrangement. I am like you...can't wait for fall. winter is my favorite time...looking forward to it.
    xo bj

  16. It's always a nice feeling to be the first. It looks everything is ready for fall.
    Love it!

  17. Mona, you always find some of the best that pretty blue and white flower pot and those cute little plates.
    I am so ready for cooler weather, too!

  18. I love everything you found. What a great score! Especially the plates and concrete bunnies. I recently bought some Bordallo plates in green with chickens on them. I look forward to displaying them. Yours look great on your mantel. I can't wait to see how it evolves.

  19. Hi Mona,
    Oh my, those butter yellow plates just made my heart skip a beat,I love them! and I love your front door fall arrangement so much.
    Me too, I am so ready for fall.When I get off the train in the morning on my way to work I can see its been getting darker, so fall is coming for sure.
    Have a sweet day and sending big hugs your way, Elizabeth

  20. Lovely purchases, Mona.
    Yes, everyone should have a large blue and white flower pot...especially one made in Portugal! So pretty.

  21. Hi Mona I have been Trying to leave A comment on your Blog with no luck I love all the things you have been buying So i ame trying again I hope you get this one .
    Hugs Mary.

  22. Mona, I definitely cannot move near you because there are too many temptations for wonderful finds. The free bunnies were cute and such a deal. The door deco is beautiful and inviting.

  23. Hi darling, I've said it before I'm sure I'll say it many times more... I want to go saling with you.. you find the greatest treasures..
    hugs ~lynne~


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