Friday, August 3, 2012


Our Saturdays are usually (if it isn't horribly hot) our day to treasure hunt.  This Saturday was party time at our home for Ireland's (my sweet Granddaughter) twenty second Friday found us going to an  estate sale on a lovely street, just a few doors down from my son's home.

This is something I normally do not like to do as I dislike the "crush" of people.  I have gotten past the creepy feeling that I first experienced.  I hope when I die, that someone takes the things I love and treasure and cares about them.  Of course I know that won't always be true, but with so many children and Grands...I doubt there will be much left. is what I found in a very, very short time..
 This is two pieces...and perfectly adorable.  On the back is says "Old Abbey"
Then "Limoges/France"  At the Estate sale I paid $8.00 for it.  NOT a single flea bite!

I love these AND they still have the corks in them after all these years!
NIPPON is on the bottom of them.  Sooo sweet.  Price?  I am not really sure but I think they were $4 or  $5 for the pair.  Somehow I lost my reciept.  :(  Most I remember though but for some reason these I do not..

A complete set of hand embroidered very large dish towels..the kind I love..$6.00.  Little fat puppies on each of them..with the day of the week.  The size?  36 X 36!  Yippee!!
I have just washed and treated these linens, so they have not been starched and pressed..
(I should have waited...I know..  :)
The hand work on the little roses is exquisite and I know took SO much time.
The size of this lovely linen cloth is 55 X 55.  Wonderful to layer onto a crocheted tablecloth.

I am not familiar with the stitch used on the roses and buds..but the thread looks wrapped.
Lovely!   I just finished pressing this cloth and it is gorgeous.
I paid $3.50 for it.   I would DO it again! :)
I will take good care of it!

Two nice sized cotton dishtowels.  Wonderful to line baskets for bread.  Starched and pressed they are wonderful.

This little yellow and white crocheted pot holder..all alone and crumpled at the bottom of the heaped up bed.  It now graces my kitchen..:)
We had fun.  Howard didn't find a thing he wanted.  He always looks for books..and guy stuff.
Nothing turned up.
The things I passed up...I could shoot myself for.  For example..a weather vane...wonderful but at $25 I thought it too..much..BIG mistake not taking it, and also a complete set of lovely old silverware for $50.  I went back later in the day..and of course they were both gone..however..I did find
I found this little concrete (heavy)chipped nosed baby bunny in the yard and Karen (the Estate sale lady) threw him in for free!  :)  I think he is sweet as heck!
I am so far behind in  posting..and the time is flying by..If I have not visited in awhile, believe me there are good reasons, but  things are beginning to calm at this time...
I am reading two books right now.  The biography of Vivian Leigh and Georgiana..another biography. 
I am very choosey about biographers..."just the facts ma'm.  JUST the facts!"  :)
Love and hugs,


  1. I love all your sweet goodies. I never find these things.
    Hope life is returning to normal. There is always a bump in the road.
    I miss you when you don't post. Hope you are having a fun's just too hot for me.

  2. I love those day of the week dish towels. The embroidery on them is so sweet.

  3. Lovely "linens 'n things". I can find many ways I would use them. I like the bunny too, I have one in my garden. Tuck him in, no one will notice his nose!

  4. You got some wonderful finds! At one time, I didn't feel right going through someone's things--but then I decided I was rescuing the items and giving them a good home. . .and that's just what you did--a good thing. . .

  5. You always have an eye for the 'good' stuff! I have some of the dishtowels with the day of the week but I'm missing one! One of these days, maybe I'll find it! haha! Enjoy your weekend! Sweet hugs!

  6. Oh I love all your beautiful linen finds Mona, they are so pretty. I remember my mom having a set of those everyday tea towels. Great treasures. Hugs, Marty

  7. The treasures you find are amazing.

  8. I love those finds, especially the embroidered items. I would treasure them, because someone has made them with care. Well done you for giving them a good home.

  9. Beautiful sweet things you found. I love those linens! All the time it took to stitching them... Amazing you got them for so little! Everything you bought is such a great find.

  10. Mona, I love your finds. Such beautiful china and linen. It is so nice hearing from you.

  11. What a fabulous treat when I opened blogger today and saw a post from our Mona. Just delightful and such a fun read. You would never get bargains like those here - I am almost jealous :)
    So nice to hear from you and glad to hear things are in a more calm state. Hope whatever it is, is soon repaired, gotten well or totally disappeared. I realize I truly enjoy a post from you, for one never knows what one will find at Wsprsweetly. Sweet Treat Girl. Thanks a bunch, eh.

  12. That stitch making the roses is called Bullion Stitch. Very fun to do, because of the pretty outcome.
    Missed you!

  13. great finds mona! attach some whiskers to the chipped bunnies nose!

  14. I love to go to Estate Sales but haven't been to one recently! I go straight for the linens:) Love the the hand embroidered dish towels! I would have bought those too:) Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  15. Mona, first it was wonderful to read your post this fine Sunday a.m. Second, it was better to read that things are getting better in your life and in the lives of those you so deeply love (yes, we know that to be so true) no matter what was going on and surely there is always a lot of stuff in everyone's lives. And, last, WOW on your estate sale finds. I can understand getting the creeps about looking over and sorting through oh folks things, but you surely will give these pieces a place of honor in your home OR find family that will do the same. Those hand towels were lovely, dear Mona, BUt I am not a person who likes to iron and starch so they would be washed and used "au natural" in my home . . . Just saying. Hope the weather cools off for you. Enjoy the weekend.

  16. Mona I am oohing and ahhhing over your embroidery items. What wonderful finds as I know you will enjoy them time and time again. Love those rose buds. How in the heck did that lady make them? Such talent. Thanks for sharing. Have a beautiful day!

  17. Hi Mona,
    What a fun weekend!! You sure know how to treasue hunt. Love Love everything.But that sweet yellow crochet pot holder sure caught my eye :)
    Sending you big hugs, Elizabeth

  18. Those are beautiful. Love and prayers, sandie

  19. Mona,
    You are one amazing gal, Momma, Grand, Treasure Hunter, Eternally Youthful, fun woman. Love your blog. I could see your entire life it is so revealing. I am getting more inspired to do my own blog soon.
    Blessings and love from South Carolina,

  20. Mona, I love your linens. Too bad that is almost a lost art. The days-of-the-week dish towels are great and what a nice size. Lucky you.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Audrey Z.

  21. Mona, I love your linens. Too bad that is almost a lost art. The days-of-the-week dish towels are great and what a nice size. Lucky you.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Audrey Z.


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