Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I remember my mother telling me that one summer when they were visiting relatives in Kansas..they wrapped the children in wet sheets to keep them cool. 
In Jacksonville Florida my children sprawled on sheets on our living room hardwood floors one summer so they could sleep.
Have you ever seen seven little kids standing in front of a huge fan in Sears.  One with the streamers flowing from it...silent...just standing in the cool air not talking.  Just in bliss??  I have.  My own. 
Yep..our window air conditioner broke down and we drove to Sears for a new one...it was  miserable.
The year was summer of 1972, our last year of being a Marine Corp family.  Miserably hot and muggy.  Tons of bugs..BIG ones! 
Our internet service has been down since Saturday..it just came on this afternoon. 
AT&T  said it was out all over the country?  Really?? 
No summer vacation this year.  We stayed home..enjoyed the cool house, feetsies in the soft carpet and cool floors...drank ice tea, indulged in popcicles and pretzels and cleaned, read books and relaxed.  (for the most part)
Boring?..not a bit of it! 
Saturday outings, long chats with the kids, visits from neighbors..it's been nice...indeed it has.
Oh....and kept the plants alive.  :) 

I found these little moss covered one inch clay pots on ebay.  The tiny liners under each of them are so cute.
I could use them on the front porch of the doll house ...but I think a second Fairy Garden is coming soon.  Still...they really might look cute in the wheelbarrow garden...
If I sound ...a little confused, it's because I sorta am. 
The thing about getting..."older" is that it's your time of life to indulge in your favorite pastime.

I found this little quilted teapot tassel with beading in my favorite shop...I ALWAYS find something wonderful when I visit Lucy's shop Vintage Flair.  A second hand shop..or thrift shop...I call it the Beauty shop! :)

I also found this little velvet bird.  Sweet! 


A fresh Ivy in an old clay pot
Take away the book ends..
Add crocheted doily to cloche, a crystal pitcher and some faux silks
....an new/old crochet runner ...all starched and ironed.  EVERYTHING from garage sales!..ok..so not the ivy, but the pot it is in.
I like it...


Any questions?  Anyone?  Anyone???  :)

Lov'n hugs,


  1. I love the little pots. I do hope you use them in a fairy garden. And I think that little bird is awesome. I remember sleeping under a damp towel when I lived in Massachusetts. It wasn't that long ago either. Up in the northeast, there are very few air conditioned homes. When it gets hot, and it does at times, there is no relief. You have to get creative. There's a popular summer dinner called "Ice Cream Supper". Literally, that's what dinner is: Ice Cream! I'm ready for fall too! Have a good day.

  2. How I dislike the heat. That is putting it very lady like. I hate it!!!! Summer is not my thing. I adore your tiny pots, I can see some kind of mini garden coming on.
    Keep cool and keep eating ice-cream.

  3. The picture with Mele is precious.

    The picture of the little pumpkin shakers just makes me want to "fast forward" into fall. I can't wait.

    Hugs, my sweet friend, hugs. ♥

  4. We grew up without air conditioning but can't live without it in the temps! Enjoy your day dear friend, stay cool! HUGS!

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  6. I'm glad you're staying COOL, Sweet Friend! We've broken all sorts of records this year, and we missed the first rain in six weeks on Sunday because we were gone for the weekend.

    I just love all your little lovelies, and when I got down to the darling couch, I just looked my eyes full, marveling at the wee cloche and the tee-ninecy books. Then I saw MELE, and that put things into proportion.

    Guess I'm just always in a Fairy Frame of Mind.


  7. hi mona! welcome to my world!!! we've had those temps for over 5 months now. unreal and just downright horrible! a second fairy gardens sound just about right to me! my internet was a mess for 5 straight days. it seems to have finally healed itself. all my friends had the same problem too. stay cool!

  8. I loved this post today- It is amazing how we feel about things as we get older, isn't it? Enjoying even the little things more. My sil works for AT&T and was just here and I don't think there is a mess over the whole country. He is in management and would KNOW that- They are just blowing smoke at you- xo Diana

  9. Unbearable heat this summer... just an ugly summer. Bleh.

  10. Air-conditioning may well be the greatest invention ever. Loved the visual of the kids gathered around the Sears fan. :)

  11. Mona I am like you - I think God a lot that we have a/c - I don't know how people lived without it years ago here - hats, gloves, proper dresses, etc.!

    Love and hugs,

  12. We are 10 degrees cooler than you and I still think it is too hot. Ready for fall for sure.
    Love that velvet birdie.

  13. Hi Mona!

    It's going to be 108 here today...again! I'm so done with this heat and I love your little pumpkin shakers :) Hope that all is well with you!


  14. We are having a little respite from the heat...only 80 degrees so far today. Yesterday was in the 90's. I couldn't live without air conditioning and I get worse as I get older. I grew up with floor fans and my sisters and I always fought for a good spot in front of them!

    I do love your little pots...perfect for a fairy garden! You find the best things!


  15. Hi There Mona:
    I think the guy from ATnT got a little too much sun/heat and is perhaps suffering from humidity :)
    All over the country - Yah, right.
    Sorry folks, I love summer, even the heat feels good, yep, even those humid hot days when one suffers and wishes for cooler weather. We have a really short summer here, approx 8 weeks, so I cannot just wish it away, for the trees are turning already and this is just too early this year. We have never had them start to turn this early EVER. Love your pumpkin SnP shakers. So cute, but then you find the nicest things, eh.
    On those hot humid evenings when I was a small girl, my Mum would walk us all to the lake (approx 11 minutes) in our bathing suits and take our little PJ's with us and all go in for a dip till approx 8pm and everyone changed into PJ's n walked home and went right to bed. We sucked on popcycles and ice cubes to keep kool. We never had air conditioning and I think this world of ours is only going to get hotter. Have a great night!

  16. I am so sick of the heat. I sit in front of a fan daily - with the AC kept on 80 so it doesn't run continuously. Fall can't get here soon enough for me.

  17. Hi Mona,
    I love the way you displayed your ivy plant. I adore ivy...indoors and out. My mom used to wish for a home covered on the outside with ivy, like the old historic homes in England.
    Great memories you shared today. Hope the rest of your summer is enjoyable.

  18. Oh, I hate this hot weather! I'm so ready for fall but I don't like what follows it! Sandie (Chatty Crone) had a neat video today that makes me think the heat might not be so bad after all. Well, okay...let's just say that it could be worse. :)

    I love your little pretties!

  19. I am in awe of your ability to find some sweet little things in thrift shops, and you fill me with enthusiasm to have a go at such a pleasure in the future, when we have spare time and spare cash though!

  20. Since wintertime, with fires in the fireplace, hot cocoa, warm throws, good books, is my very favorite season, I am ready for this 3 digit weather to be over, too. I am really looking forward to fall. I will say this has been an awesome summertime for us. Vacation at the lake with family..then to the mountains for a week of just being lazy, sightseeing, fishing, a little shopping. GREAT summer.

    Love all your cuties you've found.
    Stay cool...:)

  21. Your little tiny pots are so precious. I love your fairy gardens and this will be a fabulous addition. Great finds with the teapot and bird, plus you know that I adore your coffee table vignette with the cloche. Gorgeous. Yep, ready for fall to, it was 116 yesterday. Hugs, Marty

  22. No vacation this summer for us. We had work and AC and I'm fine with that! I have, or I should say "had" those same pumpkin salt and pepper shakers...I dropped them last fall when I was getting out my fall decorations...oops, all broken..so sad! I'm ready for fall too!

  23. PLDT internet woes affecting the entire country? Really? Yeah, I sounded like you. Might as well try checking for other internet services that is reliable and fast.

  24. I definitely agree with you. The AC is one great addition to humankind. Can you imagine life today without an AC? People of the old times had some ways to bear with the heat; but with air conditioning, summer heat is bearable and manageable. Well, I hope that your AC issue is all settled. If not, maybe you can make do of the wet sheets to keep you cool and cool your repair man STAT.

  25. Due to global warming, the temperature nowadays is far different from before; one reason why people who lived decades ago can handle the summer days without an AC. Did you have your air conditioner fixed or did you purchase a new one?

    -Jim Corrion @ CandCheat

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