Sunday, July 15, 2012

~OH....nothing really...

In May 2009, we planted these little Coastal Redwoods...
 See them over on the other side of the yard? (Gosh, our house used to look so...blank!)

They are getting so big.. and the grass is getting browner and browner... :(  Shoot!!

And look!  Remember those tiny little roses I planted last year?  My daughter gave me this arbor and we attached it to the fence near them..just as they had reached a height that really needed something to climb on..and off they went!!  Soon I will be able to get them completely over the top.
The name of this climbing rose is "AMERICA" and I love it.  I bought it from Heirloom Roses on line.  I am going to try and not hide the lovely top on this arbor..but not sure how I can do that.
Awwww....this just arrived a few days ago..
I know this type of birdhouse has a name..but darned if I can remember what it is.  It's for a certain type of bird.  Do you know?
Sooo tiny...and soooo cute!

Ok...that's it!  No more for this little garden!  I mean it this time!!! 
(I need to cut it down a bit...perhaps an inch.  Of course it could be on a hill...which it is..:)  Let me add, since this was mentioned to me...I just wheel this little garden under the patio and it is safe and sound from the terrible heat we had.  NO trouble at all.  :)

Off to bed after a bit of visiting...only got to 90 today...and actually got cool outside tonight. 
God loves us!  LOL


p.s. Two more American rose bushes arrived yesterday... :):)  YES!! :)


  1. You are so beautiful. I love your little dove cote. Your trees certainly have go bigger. I feel for you and your garden. I know how hard it is to keep every thing alive when it is so hot.Do you have water restrictions as well? I would love to see a close up of the rose America.

  2. I really like your miniature garden . . . Such a charm it brings. The tiny little house, if it were in a regular size would be called a Martin house around here. Not sure what it is as a miniature. I like your arbor with the climping rose too.

    Continue to enjoy your gardens . . .

  3. Some trees just don't allow for grass to grow in their shade. A couple of fruit trees may have been nicer, AND then you can make fresh lemonade! :-)) And lemon trees grow very fast!

  4. Wonderful trees! Your fairy garden is getting so full. The birdhouse you added is a mini Martin house. Love it!

  5. I love watching the trees grow and the flowers bloom:) Love that little birdhouse! I can't remember the name of it but I can't wait to see what tiny birds come to live in it:) Have a blessed day dear Mona, HUGS!

  6. It takes time for all our plantings to mature, just look how nice it looks now, Mona! Your sweet fairy garden in the wheelbarrow is adorable. Maybe just a "little" haircut is in order. Yup- I think the bird house is called a dove cote. Stay cool! Sue

  7. Your yard is gorgeous. The desert landscaping that goes on here is terrible, not pretty green and very few flowers. Love the new birdhouse, how cute in your tiny garden. Perfect. Hugs, Marty

  8. Your flowers all look so nice. It has been so hot and dry here that most of the flowers have wilted away. During our power outage I think we kind of put the flowers on the back burners.
    Love the fairy garden in the wheel barrow. Wow, I wish I could get flowers to grow like that.
    Hope you are doing okay.

  9. Hi Mona,
    Your garden is delightful and so colorful! I love the climbing roses too!! We are having our house painted this week so after the painters are done we can finish planting the side yard. I always enjoy seeing your garden it makes me smile...and by the way "Grandma" congratulations the baby is beautiful!
    Have a sweet day and sending you big hugs, Elizabeth

  10. Beautiful. I love the pops of color all in your yard / garden. It looks so inviting. Would love to sit out there and have a good 'ole glass of Sweet Tea.

  11. You have a beautiful yard! Love the little fairy garden in the wheelbarrow!

  12. i love the mini martin house. how cute! it is hot here again. just awful. i am sooo done with summer!

  13. Everything looks so, everything is an ugly shade of brown! Love the rose arbor.

  14. Mona, agree with a previous comment that the little birdhouse would be a purple Martin house if full size as we have one in our yard which has lots of occupants, the martins eat bugs, like mosquitoes somare beneficial birds. Your wheelbarrow garden is lovely and so easy to relocate in hit weather. Those cedars did grow large and the roses did as well are so beautifully. Glad you have a bit cooler temps.

  15. I think your yard looks amazing. I love the roses. Looks like almost everyone says that's a Martin house, which was my guess too. The heat here has been off and on followed by a little rain..too little rain. Last year we were drowning, and now a mini drought. I'm ready for fall..I think! I was looking at pics of my yard from about 10yrs. ago and the little Oak tree has really grown..and it's a slow growing tree. I bet it's atleast 40ft. high. Have a good week!

  16. Yep, those bird houses are Martin birdhouses. I just love your little fairy garden in a wheel barrel. I love the name of your roses, 'America.' And your arbor is a beauty. Don't you just love summer? But I agree, it has been a hot one with little rain. Your backyard looks really nice Mona. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Just stopping bu to say hello and check how things are doing. Still praying. sandie

  18. Yep, it's a Purple Martin bird house. I have one in my yard that hubby built for me. I love your yard. The arbor is perfect for your roses. I can't wait to see how much they grow in the future. I'm glad your fairy garden is doing so well. You've got quite a green thumb.

  19. Oh Mona,
    Everything looks so gorgeous but that little fairy garden is amazing!
    I am in love with that, great job my dear!
    Hugs friend,

  20. Call us the BROWNS. Or the Crispy, Crackly Grasses. It's been at least 90, sometimes 105 here, for weeeeeeeeks!

    I've watered the few pot plants and the tomatoes (also in immense pots), and everything else is just droopy.

    Your trees are AMAZING! I rescued three tee-ninecy maples like alfalfa sprouts, peeping crookedly out from under the hideous above-ground pool about seven years ago. I stuck them in the ground right where an old stump had decayed in the front yard, and now they SHADE the HOUSE.

    Hope you're staying COOL.


  21. Thanks for your nice comments on my blog Mona. You are not far from me at all.

    I was wondering how you found my blog, wondering if we have a common blogging friend. I think it must be Kathy (Yaya).

    I did go back and read some of your previous blogs and it seems to me that you are really into gardening. I'm afraid I've never been into it at all. I do like having a nice yard but I have always had a gardener to do it for me. I almost envy you being able to enjoy it. Digging in the dirt never had any appeal for me, even as a kid. Oh well, it's good I have other talents.


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