Wednesday, July 11, 2012

~HOT, HOT, HOT...~

That's what I get for being so all fired puffed up because it wasn't as hot here as on the East Coast...
....and climbing!! 
This was in the shade...yes indeed!  ARRGGGGGGG! And this was NOT even the hottest part of the day!

Sooooo...this on the potting bench...

..and this on the little table by the lawn swing...
but I felt like I was in an oven with the fan here I am at the computer in 75 degrees and...

..for some silly reason in the cool of the morning, we stopped by Home Depot for Ant spray and I bought this...
Why???  It's too blamed hot to plant anything.  It would just burn up...??
Scatter brained...yep.  DO NOT ask what I was thinking....I wasn't!!

And so Southern California summer has begun!!!  The sun is busy burning things to a crisp.  Damage has begun and the chance of wildfires is very high.  Not a cloud.. :(    Some call this "earthquake weather"...I've always wondered why that is..??

I wish you love.. and air conditioning!


  1. Mona, rather than slaving in your beautiful gardens, you should be sitting near the fans sipping on cold tea!...:)JP

  2. Mona, sweetie, we've just ended a spell like yours ... pul-EEZ do NOT send us this!! Chuckle!

    Wish we were closer, we'd be sipping yummy lemonade & yakking up a storm.

    Stay cool, my friend.

    TTFN ~

  3. I feel for you Mona, I know what it is like to have heat waves over 100deg. I hate it to put it mildly.
    I seem to just get in survival mode but not much else gets done.
    Praying for cool winds to blow through your home.

  4. I sure hope you get a break in the weather soon. We haven't had it bad here in Florida...yet! We've been 'less hot' than most of the country. Our AC still comes on a lot though! Stay cool...stay inside!

  5. Oh it was 114 yesterday and today not much better. I am so over summer and ready for fall. Hope you stay cool. Hugs, marty

  6. Bless your heart. I'm from Mississippi, so I know about the heat and it is no fun!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I look forward to getting to know you.

  7. Oh Mona, it has cooled off a little bit here! Stay cool my friend! BIG HUGS!

  8. You know it's been hot here when the current temps in the 80's are considered "cool" right now. I want more rain...we did get a surprise shower yesterday morning and I was loving it! Hope it cools down soon and please don't send it our way!

  9. Sorry to hear Mona that you are into a spell of hot weather. It's cooled down here on the VA eastern shore, hopefully it will for you too. Stay cool, my friend.

  10. Oh-It is hot here, too. The humidity is what really does me in...awful here this summer- xo Diana

  11. I must admit . . . it looks hot in the garden picture.Thank goodness for air, how do people exist without?

    You gave me an idea for our screened porch . . . a fan and a ceiling fan would be perfect . . .

    Our heat in Michigan has been better but the high 90's are predicted again for the weekend.

    The tray of plantings look interesting, what is it?

  12. Oh my is that hot! Stay cool.

  13. Yes Ma'am, we are well into the summer heat and as much as I love Summer, I am totally into A/C too. So glad you stopped by my Blog to comment. I'm signing on to Follow you so I'll be back to see how your new plants fare. ;-)

  14. Oh my, we experienced a few days of that last week. We are now at the cool temps of 90-91....funny how that seems "cool" isn't it. I feel for you, but you can keep those temps there please. Do not feel the need to share them with us! Much love, Lisa

  15. oh no you have it too. isn't it just awful? we are now in the 90's but the humidity is so high it doesn't really matter what the temperature is. i hate summer anyway so this is true punishment to me. i can't wait for cooler temps especially at night. it never cools down here at night which is the most awful part. how is the fairy garden holding up? i have tons of dead stuff and all i do is water.

  16. It makes me sad to hear the crispy-crunch of the backyard grass underfoot, and we haven't had to mow in more than six weeks.

    I've been watering all I can, and the plants just seem to look up with gratitude. Our four tomato plants are in pots this year, and I've just got in from giving them and the pots of herbs a good drink.

    It was strange to stay indoors with all the visiting GRANDS last week, for our temps were ALSO record-breaking 100+ for DAYS. Our trips out involved lots of hose-sprinkling and a big blue plastic POOL in the back yard.

    Nice out today, and we've been out with our coffee.

    Hope we all get some WET days soon!


  17. This is when I am happy to be living surrounded by water. I can dip n splash till my heart's content or until I feel cooler anyway. Yep, the olde fashioned orange popsicyle will do the job too. So, lets see, ordinary small stuff for supper tonight. Summer Salmon Sandwiches n Salad with cool, refreshing homemade punch. Yep, that's my thought for today.
    Nice photos Mona and I am sure you will find a spot for your new purchase - you always do girl. Cheers

  18. Yikes, it looks hot with that temperature gauge over 100! We've had our share of really soaring temps (109 degrees). Thank goodness we've had some rain lately. I understand about purchasing things and then getting the drive sapped from you due to the sweltering heat. I guess just keep them watered and misted and on a cooler day, go for it. In the meantime, enjoy the air conditioning.

  19. We just experienced this weather for days. Still no rain here and the crops are in danger. I went by a nursery the other day and almost stopped in...then I had the same thought as you. I guess I won't be buying any plants till next year. Poor nurseries and greenhouses!


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