Sunday, March 25, 2012


It's all coming back to me now...a flood of memories.  This small candy dish...and where I found it.
Sitting here posting tonight, a flood of memories came back...memories are wonderful but they are painful too..of another life...with another person...with my children when they were in their teens and beginning to become adults...and getting married...leaving home..

 We decided to go to a few garage sales for a bit today.  We were on our way home when we noticed a rummage sale at a very familiar church.  The church my eldest daughter was married in  35 years ago this coming May.   We stopped and I bought this lead crystal candy dish for $5.00. 
 It is smallish and delicate and fits the living room coffee table perfectly!  ...makes me smile!  Look at the little feeties! :)  Do you think Sandy should have it?  I'll make sure she gets it one day.  Probably sooner..
Being at that church today brought back memories..of Candy's shoes and jeans that drug on the ground and became ragged, "fro" hair do's and long hair that the guys wore at the wedding...and watching my first daughter walk down the isle....yes, I like this candy dish a lot!

...this precious address book, brand new, never opened for just 25 cents.  It was the saying on the cover that I loved.  The inside is a lovely delicate print in sunshine yellow..with tabbed pages...
I love roosters so this is probably a keeper...I don't know...

And a lamp shade!  It's hard to see the pretty pattern in the shade..but it was in perfect condition for just 50 cents.  I could NOT believe it.  It was on a lamp and the sweet woman just took it off and sold it to me.  I LOVE garage sales and you meet the dearest people.!  Lamp shades are not cheap you know! :):)
But of course you know that!!

Then we stopped by Lowes's for flowers...

Flowers?  Cost?  A BLASTED MINT!!!  But, they are perrinials and will come back every year!
Can I call that an investment?  :)

I love that you stopped by!  Have I told you that?? 
Love and hugs, (always!)


  1. I loooove your lamp shade and yes I can see the pattern really well. The most precious thing is the address book. Just the right words for you...
    I remember sewing Bay city rollers tartan on the bottom of my kids jeans. Braces on the teeth, and the fro as you say. It does bring back memories.

  2. I really like the picture of the lamp shade - so inviting and cozy-looking. I can see the pattern faintly. I'm curious to know the color of the shade. Off white?

    And HOW funny! That verse - about the Lord's compassion being new every morning - was going through my mind just minutes ago as I was showering! I think He's wanting me to be 'specially aware of that today for some reason...

  3. I didn't don a fro, but I did have jeans that drug the ground and were raggedy hemmed. Loved those carefree days and the memories they left me with too, Just fun times.

  4. Hi Mona- I know those feelings of finding something that transports you back to a different time and place. I love your sweet little candy dish and the lamp shade is wonderful. I have an old/similar address book that is very raggedy now. I hope you have a wonderful Sunday- xo Diana

  5. What a pretty little candy dish! Great shade too...we had a yard sale turned out great!

  6. What a beautiful little candy dish! Great deal and great feet! Love a good lampshade, the pattern is lovely! Your address book looks like a keeper to me. Enjoy your new finds!

  7. Yes about the candy dish on all counts! It is so sweet. I discovered I had a goodly number of little boxes and such that were in book shelves! That is not a place for them. Some are on the counters in bathrooms and some are in the kitchen with jelly beans in it/them. Now is the time to use them and love them again.

    Off to look for wildflowers now. :D

  8. I have many dishes that I received after my in-laws passed. I need to display them like you do your treasures! It's still early here for garage or yard sales and no flowers until atleast May, but I will enjoy yours until then! Have a good week and thanks for sharing your memories. I was married in '74 and my hubby had the 'fro and I had the long hair!

  9. You do have the luck for a bargain. wonderful finds and glad you had a good time seaching, sometimes the hunt is more fun than the acquirment.

  10. What a sweet candy dish...and sweet memories:) I love, love the address book. I really need to get into yard sales but I'm too lazy to get up that early!

  11. Sweet sister, I call my perennial flower purchases an investment and so can you! I said so!

    What a lovely address book that is...yep, I'd sure hang on to that one. The candy dish is just the sweetest. I own both of my grandmothers candy dishes and I'm keepin' 'em. I'm selfish that way. :o)

    You always find such grand treasures on your hunts!

    Have yourself a grand week my dear Mona!!! :o)


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