Sunday, March 25, 2012


Well, yes, it's called smashed!  I saw them on somebodys web site..not even sure which one..but they have them on Etsy and I am probably (as usual) the last one to get one..but boy, oh boy, is it handy.
Of course it isn't the only place I have things SMASHED in! 
This little box was built for me by my baby brother..who is now in his 60's.  It sits on my desk and is smashed full of everything.  Cards, note pads of all sorts, an envelope filled with all sorts of little papers that for some crazy reason I seem to think I need!

I found this little SMASH book on Etsy and I love it.  Made of all sorts of paper..

 I just started sticking all sorts of things that were crammed here and there on my desk top..(I tend to stick things in little crevices..and corners *shrug* ..not sure why I do that.  I KNOW I have to go back and put it in a proper place...but..I seldom do...but NOW...

I began to put things in it...sort of like a mini scrap book but not.  I keep it close by and if I don't know where to put something..I put it in here....
If are interested in one of these..and don't want to make it yourself...go to Etsy and just type in ..handmade and then Smash book, and they will come up.  Adorable!!

Then I found this one..with a magnetic side closeure...??? 

a neat little place for scribbling notes..or whatever..and accordian pleated pockets for...whatever...

 Then at Michaels I found this one...and put my name on it...I mean, while I'm wasting time I might as well do a bang up job of it!  What to put in it...oh...who knows.
I actually like the first one with the rings.  I bought it from a lady on Etsy!  (Never mind...I already told you that, didn't I?  Inexpensive and  small and better than the more expensive Michaels book. 
A little larger is nice..but this one is NOT expandable..I probably won't use it as much..

 Half of these are from garage sales bought for a quarter.  I look for new unused desk supplies...and you cannot imagine what folks nearly give away.  ALL of my pens are from garage sales except the lovely one my sister in law made for me out of a gorgeous piece of wood burl. 

I would like to say I won't buy up any more little note books..but...I can't promise that...and who cares anyway. 
I keep trying to get organized but my organization gets so disorganized that I forget where I am and buy another thing to help organize me.

You understand, don't you?? 
I knew that you would!!
Much love,
I am joining our lovely hostess, Marty at Table Top Tuesday


  1. Oh yes, I understand. Indeed, I do! If we could all organize our organization, it might actually be amazing enough to bring about World Peace!! :)

  2. Cute, cute, cute. Love it all. Great post. Hugs, Marty

  3. Well if you saw my desk you would know I need a book like that. I have bits of paper, that are so important. Well I think they are; every where.
    I also have a book that is titled "Bits of useless information."
    Oh well that just me.

  4. Mona, you'll be happy to know that I've never even HEARD of Smashed! But what a fabulous idea! I, too, have all those little pieces of paper, etc. that I think are so important to keep! What is it with us, anyway?! I LOVE your line about trying to get organized, getting you so DIS-organized!! That is SO me!
    Have a wonderful week!

  5. Love what you call them, smashed! Looks like a great way to organize, Mona....Christine

  6. I have lots of those organizing books:) and still I am certainly NOT organized! I have that same address book with the chickens on it and have had it for YEARS! Smash on Sister, Smash on:) Thanks for stopping by for a visit and leaving your sweet comment, BIG HUGS!

  7. I'm thrilled to have a name for this - "Smash". Since my time is at a premium these days, I think I'll just cut out the letters s-m-a-s-h and put them on my box. Yes. I have a box. Well, two or three actually. SOME day, I'll make beautiful books like yours. :)

  8. I love it Mona! I didn't know it was called Smash either...the things they come up with...I am off to check out that name right now. You have the most gorgeous family my dear!!

  9. Never heard of Smashed either....where have I been? I guess I do it though. I have baskets and stuff that apparently I Smash things into. Just didn't know it! Until now....I do like all your notebooks for smashing. Great post!

  10. Oh glory girl, I adore the way you charmingly 'Smashed' up your letters, cards and goodies in those lovely smash books. What a beautiful way to get organized.

    God bless ya my beautiful smashed up friend! Heeehehehehehe!!! :o)

    I tell ya ..... I'm outta control :o)

  11. Dear, dear Mona,
    I have little boxes...I just bought a set of three with grograin ribbon around them. They are sitting here just waiting to be "smashed." Little boxes are what I can't resist. I even filled them with socks, candies, and what not for Christmas presents and started a whole new generation of saving little boxes. Balisha :)

  12. Hi There - NEW to YOU - just stumbled onto your blog and love the "Live" feeling and colour.
    I also tend to gather things and what a great idea have books n bindings to place my paper clutter. Thank you for a great idea.
    Hope to be back and hope you visit sometime.
    Have a wonderful Day
    p.s. Just looking at photo of your daughters to my right and your grand daughter looks like she has her Mother's smile :)

  13. I never heard of "Smashed" notebooks fact I was wondering what you were up too over the weekend when I saw the post title! Glad you have corralled the paper and I love the pretty flowered designs as well!

  14. Mona- Well, I guess it is official! I am the LAST one to know about the SMASHED notebooks! I think sometimes I need to come out from under my rock more often. xo Diana

  15. First thing...LOVE it. Second, how many Smash's is one person allowed to have by law. I may need several. :) Thanks for sharing, and by the way - you are NOT the only person who has not heard of these. :)

  16. Oh I just love the Smash book! How fun and colorful...I'm going to have to get one ...well maybe a many things I love to keep! Hope you are enjoying Spring! Loved your post and thanks for the sweet comments and your lovely visit!
    Miss Bloomers

  17. Your notebooks are lovely:). I really like the one from etsy. After reading this post I realize that I'm smashed too!



  18. How funny...I just bought one at Michales, too. Mine is more of a little notebook, tho, no pockets so it's not really a Smash book. Must look into that. Yours are all so cute.
    My new little notebook says, on the front, WHEN IN DOUBT, WEAR RED. :))

  19. bj! YOU are so very right!! You and I are positive proof of that! :)


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