Friday, March 23, 2012


This is daughter #3 and her sweet husband.  Mary is #6 of my seven children.  The two young adults you see in the background are her daughter and son..(one is married and not at home)
They have a tiny doggie we call "Pepper" and he is now 15 years old.  They pretty much carry him around in his little bed as he sometimes gets confused..(sorta like me:)
Little Pepper in his sweater. Rory in her St. Patricks day kerchief laying outside the back patio door waiting for us to open it and let them inside. It was raining out and cold. I had just washed and dried Peppers little sweater and slipped it on him..and if doggies can smile..he smiled all over the place!

Rory is huge but such a sweetie.  She has NO idea how big she is and clammored up on the couch and half sat on my lap as she watch the activity outside the livingroom window where son in law and grandson were loading the moving truck with things stored in our garage..
THIS is Giada.  She was a stray that grandson, Eian, rescued from a work site where he and his father were working.  She was half starved with her ribs sticking out when he brought her home.  She was approximately 3 or four months old.  She is now 8 months old and has nearly doubled in size and is busy, busy, busy!!!  They had a HUGE kennel for her that they put in our dining room.  :) 
FINALLY, she paused ..oh grief!  What is she eating!!!  A concrete chunk??  Poo? 
* SCREAMS for grandson*  
...and this is "Meep."  He is Mary's little finch.  You can see I put wall paper on the back side of the cage to save my newly painted wall. :) 
Sadly, my daughter and her little family are victims of our economy in peril and have left the town they both grew up in.  I am so saddened by what has happened to them. 
B of A cheated them so badly that it's difficult to for me to think of all they did. The forgery or robo signing as it is called.
The total fraud they commited.  My daughter fought and fought but they have more money and lawyers and after a three year battle, B of A pulled something so strange that it's difficult to believe.  They actually BOUGHT my daughters home ...and they  were supposed to be the owners but their name was not on they bought it from...who?  We don't know.  No matter.  It's done now.

They stayed with us for just two nights and two days and then moved into an apartment..yes, with the animals and the bird. 

Our last days here together were  as nice as they could be under the circumstances.  They were worn out from moving.  I made spaghetti, salad, garlic bread, brownies for dessert.  They seemed to cheer up a bit..but my heart broke for them.
Later a rousing game of Domino's had us actually laughing!

No one likes to hear a sad story..and I am sorry, but it's what is going on in my life! 
I escape to your blogs out there for good food, decorating idea's, gorgeous gardens and warmth of your friendship and kindness. Sometimes I think we bloggers keep each other going.

No one is whining here..because we KNOW one day things will turn around. 
Everything happens for a reason and I know,  I truely KNOW,  that God has wonderful things planned for my daughter and her little family.
It was hard to watch that moving truck pull out of our driveway and turn in the oposite direction they always go...

I planted pansies today..weeded, moved my big red wagon out of the shed, filled it with flowers for the patio, painted two bird cages, slice a half lug of strawberries and got them ready to have for breakfast..I kept my mind and body busy.
And on that note I will try and forget how much I already miss my precious daughter just being two miles or so down the road... and popping her little head in with her baked goodies!

I won't cry anymore and my daughter won't cry anymore.  We won't give them the satisfaction. brave daughter will fight on! 
Here's to new beginnings, to new friends and to remembering that when one door closes another door opens. 
But it hurts to see your children hurting so badly.  She loved her home and I think it will hurt her heart when she thinks of it, for the rest of her life. She raised her children in that house.  There were new babies brought there, weddings, showers, every holiday we gathered and held hands and prayed together.  My daughter's home is where my family all gathered...always.  We will miss that.
Even worse than anything I think, is watching my hard working son in law quietly struggling to keep his family going.  I've known him since he was 12 years old and playing on a skate board.
Everything he worked for since age 16 is gone!    

Love and hugs to you,

Remind me to tell you of a few positive things about all of this... :)  Sorry this was so long.


  1. We could write a book about the fraud going on in the foreclosure/banking world. We lost the home we built ourselves 10 years ago. 9 days before Christmas we were put out of our home. I am heartbroken, trying to start over in a tiny trailer. We are thankful our 5 kids are grown up and out of the house so they do not have to deal with the shame and embarrassment.
    I think spring will be the most difficult season of all as I sit on 1 acre of barren land. My gardens were beautiful, and many of the plants were gifts from my children for every Mothers Day and birthday for the last 10 years. I am learning to be content...a most difficult lesson. But God is still on His throne, and He is still good. I pray your family will heal and be made whole again in spite of all this.
    In Christ alone,

  2. My arms go around you to hug you Mona, and if I could your daughter as well.
    At first when I was reading your post I was laughing so much about all the animals coming with the family, because that is what happens in my home when they go away for holidays.
    Then I read further about the most terrible heart breaking time your daughter and son-in-law are going through. Their hearts must be so heavy.
    Another door will open, but sometimes it is not just when we want it too.
    My prayers will be with you all. The sun will come up tomorrow and bit by bit it will get easier. Hugs

  3. It's OK to "vent". We DO keep each other going here in blog-land. Hoping to hear things turn around and that your daughter and son-in-law find an unusual and unexpected freedom and happiness in spite of the rotten deal they've received/experienced.

    I think it's pretty much useless to say, "Don't worry, Mom." Still, I pray that you, too, will find and be at peace as you are there for them.

  4. They are young enough that they still have plenty of time to rebound and enjoy life in their new setting. No more tears! Still, who the hell did B of A buy the house from???

  5. Oh darlin' hugs and many prayer are goin' out for your daughters fam. 'Just like so many others this economy has knocked their feet out from under 'em.

    A simular situation is goin' on with my daughter's mortgage. The mortgage was sold from a bank mind you to a company in India. The rates and payments were suppose to remain the same. In a little over a year's time their payment has gone up right at a thousand dollars more a month. They are strugglin' to keep this house. Seems they have no recourse in the matter.

    It's great that your are their to help break the fall for 'em and let 'em regroup.

    I sure hope they appreciate what a sweetheart ya are my friend.

    Have yourself an awesomely blessed weekend beautiful Mona!!! :o)

  6. Oh my. That is such a terrible thing to have happened to them. There has to be something done about these forecloser thieves and that is what they are. Did she write to the Senators and Representatives. Some of them have been cracking down on this.My heart goes out to them so much. Well God will just have something better ahead for them I am certain. Your berries look so yummy Mona. Have a terrific weekend.Hugs and prayers.

  7. I'm so sorry about what has happened to Your daughter and her family! I hate it when money and not justice is what decides what is right or wrong!!!

    I do love the photos of the dogs :-) The old one is just so cute :-) But I have to admit that I'm not sure I can see the bird :-) :-) :-)

    My thoughts are with Your daughter and her family!

  8. What is going on in the world today when hard working people just cannot keep a home. It's is SO UNFAIR. My heart goes out to them. There is such a divide between the haves and have nots these days, both in your country and in mine over here.
    Please tell more about the fraud? What have B of A been up to?
    I know only too well how it hurts us when our families are suffering.
    Prayers for your family and all their animals Mona.
    Star x

  9. My heart is hurting for your daughter and her family. Just as I know yours must be almost broken. Keep the faith as brighter days are sure to come! As they say God never gives you more then you can handle!

  10. Oh Mona, my heart goes out to your Daughter and SIL! There are such cruel and heartless anonymous people in this world, I just hope it all comes back to bite them on the bum! Your love and support must be such a blessing to them at this time. Its hard to keep reminding ourselves that our health and our families are the most important things when times get so hard but it is the truth. Sending lots of love and prayers your way. AnneMarie xxx

  11. My daughter has a friend that the sheriff walked up to their door and said they had three days to get out. They had two little kids that were at home at the time. B & A held the morgage. Not sure what happened but how can they do that.
    I feel bad for them, you as well. I know so many people that are on the edge of loosing their homes. So sad.
    Hope things turn around for them.
    ((((((HUGS)))))) for you. Mama's always worry.

  12. I'm really sorry your daughter and her family are having such a terrible time of things. This economy is awful and I hope they can rebound and get into a home they will love for the next chapter of their lives. They are so lucky to have you and your hubby to help give them the love and support they will need. I'm glad they could keep their animals too. It's so sad when people have to give up even their beloved family pets. Hope your weekend and theirs is better and hang in there Mona! Tell your daughter all your blog buddies are praying for her!

  13. Hi Mona. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I read with great sadness what you daughter and family are going through. Such criminal behavior! So, so sad. I pray they stay strong as they piece their lives back together.


  14. Hi Mona,
    I am so sorry for the kids...I think what makes a home is the people inside the four walls..not the house. So where ever the kids live there will be love and family inside those four walls. She will nest and make her new home shine and fill it with family and love..
    I do hope and pray things will get better for them. I know my oldest daughter struggles raising two children without much help from the dad and she runs out of money every month. We help her of course, but you are right no one wants to see their child struggle.
    Enjoy your weekend, big hugs, Elizabeth

  15. How sad these kind of times are, Mona. Life can get sooo hard at times.
    Some of our friends had their home repo'd, too, and I cried for them.
    Work seems to be picking up around our town. I was out and about most of the day yesterday and saw quite a few HELP WANTED signs out. I do hope the economy is climbing back. However, if we continue for 4 more yrs. like these last ones, I am afraid "we ain't seen nuthin' yet !!"

    Love and blessings to your daughter and family.

  16. Mona, you and your sweet husband have a beautiful family. Thank you for sharing them with us. Hugs, sandi

  17. Mona, a sad tale for you to post, but in this story there is also resilience, love and staying together and strong. Certainly, it's not whining for you to want to share with blogger friends what you are feeling and thinking. It makes you who are are and that is very special indeed as is your entire family.

  18. OH Mona, How heart me...without saying to much I, yes I TOTALLY understand what you are saying. I am so so very sorry for what your beautiful daughter and son in law have gone through. xo rachel


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