Friday, March 9, 2012


Right out of my garden!! 
I was just thinking..perhaps I'm a wee early with the Easter header, however I am so inept that I couldn't figure out how to do it myself so I had someone do it for me. 
Its an old Easter header that another blogger did for me a couple of years ago when I first began blogging.  Her name is Debbi and she is at  A very talented lady.

Another neat lady that does headers and is very talented and did my previous one, is Di at The Blue Ridge Gal.  She has done a couple of headers for me and I loved them.  Each has a different style and both are wonderful. 
So..are you tempted to get your Easter bunnies out??  ME TOO!!  I figured it takes me forever to get all decked out so..why not start NOW!! 

All of them were garage sale finds.  All of them came home dirty and wondering where their next meal was coming from!  Ok..maybe it wasn't THAT bad, but they were terribly dirty!  Isn't it amazing what a little soap and water will do?

I found this little lop earred guy in a flower bed covered with mud.  I paid very little for these bunnies and they never get put away.  They are tucked into corners but for Easter they will have be the center of attention.  It is their time to shine!!

???  :) back to the it too early or are you one of those that is sick of seeing holiday things by the time the holiday gets here. 
(Never mind Di, I already know your answer!  LOL )

I cannot..believe that tomorrow is another "garage sale" day!! 
On the way home today we stopped at a garage sale and I passed on a big white froggy.  So in the morning..I am going back to see if he is still there.  :)

Have a wonderful weekend..I love ya!


  1. Eevrything is better early than late unless it means winter comes early :-) :-) :-)

    I'm not a bunny fan, actually I am a bit afraid of them after being bitten by one when I was a kid. It doesn't help when they run out in front of my bike while driving very fast downhill on my way to work either, I'm glad I'm still alive :-) :-) :-)

    Have a great day!

  2. I have such a huge smile right now, Mona! If anyone knows how to celebrate each and every season and occasion, it's YOU! Easter already? I hadn't even thought about that, yet there you are, making your home an Easter tableaux for all to enjoy. What in the world would we do without you? You have the heart of an angel. I love your little bunnies and their tale of rescue. Your daisies are so pretty! The more you pick, the more their flower, too! Still can't wait to see what you'll put into your new buttercup yellow pitcher ;)
    I'm hoping tomorrow is your lucky day with finding the perfect mirror (or mirrors!) for your garden :)
    Big hug xoxo

  3. Dear Mona, Like Desiree, I just get such a smile and zest for life when I see what you are doing to your warm loving home. It is not to early to put out Easter things, it gives us more time enjoy them. I certainly would not be putting those bunnies away ever. I looooove them.
    Who knows what treasures you will find tomorrow, good luck.

  4. I am loving your bunnies Mona! I wish it was garage sale season here but alas I will have to wait a bit.
    You do make your home such a warm and inviting place!

  5. Hello, your header is so pretty. You sure gave those bunnies a good home. Too cold here for flowers and yours look so pretty. Too early here for rummage sales so I go to the second hand store. Have a nice weekend.

  6. Your decorations are the bunnies.

  7. Love your bunnies, Mona. Don't you just love's my favorite celebration. Have fun at the garage sale. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x4

  8. Hi Mona,
    Love your Easter, all around. Hope you are doing well.

  9. Nah...not too early! Easter is just a few short weeks away... Plus...who doesn't want a bit of springtime to pacify us till the real deal comes along!

  10. I am hopeless and don't know how to do headers Yours looks great and I love the style of it. I am waiting to bring Easter out until after St. Paddy's Day..otherwise I will disappoint some little munchkins that love the wearing 'o the green.

    I can't believe you are having yard/garage sales already. We are at least 6 weeks away from that...although it is supposed to warm up today. It's been the weirdest winter ever seen in Wisconsin. Now go get that frog and give him a big old kiss-you just might get the prince of your dreams...but hold onto the husband until you know for sure!;>) xo Diana

    1. She sold MY FROGGIE an hour before I got there. Ahh well, it's my fault. I had my chance! :(

  11. I'm imagining you NOW, Sweetpea---at 9:30 OUR time, so unless you're having a VERY early breakfast or are standing in the Early-Bird line at a sale---you're still slumbering, dreaming of big shining white frog princes.

    And YES, I'm ready to get out the bunnies and crocheted eggs and little nests of baby chicks---there's even a little box of hatching baby DRAGONS around here somewhere--cuddly round little creatures with sweet faces, and one even with a Passy---perhaps to keep a wee hiccup from setting his nest aflame.

    Let us NEVER lose that childish sense of wonder, nor the love of the small charms of the Season.

    Hugs from the Heartland,


  12. Hi Mona! Oh, no, it's not too early! I've Spring on my mind too. I love your sweet babies and your rabbits! If I could just come over, we'd play! :)
    Have a lovely weekend and be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  13. Your new header is super. I love it. Your bunnies are so cute too. I need to get out some of mine and get something done, I am so far behind on the holidays. Hugs, Marty

    1. Those are the only ones out so far..and that was because they were just sitting around already..accessable! :)

  14. That floppy eared bunny is adorable! I don't decorate for Easter, so I enjoy seeing everyone else's decorations...

  15. Oh beautiful Mona, I love, love, love your sweet bunnies. I leave mine out year round, they keep my bears company. I dd think 'bout puttin' my snowmen up last Thursday and then it began to sleet and snow. My cold hearted cuties remained tucked here, there and yonder. Heeehehehe!

    May God bless your weekend my sweet friend!!! :o)

  16. I love seeing your dollies and pretty bunnies for Spring! I hope you've had a good day and found some goodies! Hugs! ♥♥♥

  17. hi mona , I have joined as a follower and i really have been enjoying reading your posts, I love they way you visiti with the cook at the cafe after garage sale shopping, and those bunnies are beautiful! Thankyou for visiting today.You have such a lovely family

  18. Mona,
    it is never too early for Easter decor. There is something so charming about it that it can inspire your guests to smile and feel better about their day. I'm starting to pull out my thrift store Easter decor and have a fun time with them. I love your blog header too. Just lovely!


  19. Mona, I can't believe it! I just took out some of my bunnies the end of last week to "get them ready"...:)JP

  20. I'm itching to get out the Easter decor because I'm thinking Spring with our beautiful weather this weekend. I know snow can still hit us, but for now I'm enjoying this reprieve! The time change has me antsy for gardening too, but I know I have a good 2 1/2 months before I can even think of planting. So I'll be getting the bunnies out soon also and for now I'll just enjoy yours!

  21. Everything you are displaying is right up my alley; I collect teddy bears and tea cups.

  22. I love your header, Mona and no, it's not too early for spring. At least our weather here is so spring like and our garden speaks spring, so colorful already. I love your bunnies!...Christine

  23. Not a bit too early for Easter...I am still in St. Patrick's Day mode and
    I don't generally decorate for real Easter decorations. I generally do a table for a post around Easter. Since all our grands are about grown, no one wants to hunt Easter eggs anymore....:(
    Your flowers are sooo pretty.
    xo bj

  24. I finally got the St. Pat's wind sock out today and was feeling pretty good about that whole thing even though I'm late getting it out.

    I have a few bunnies. One stands guard over my "stuff" in the front bath. My daughter gave him to me many Christmases ago and he wanted to be there to greet our guests when they have to "go".

    The estate sale was a couple of weeks ago and it was such a lovely weekend. We were lucky with that. This past weekend was sooo cold with stong winds that just cut through you. It will be a while before I can bear to go to an estate sale or garage sale, either. I enjoy looking at your wonderful finds for now.

  25. Our master bedroom is decorated in bunnies all year long.


  26. Love your bunnies! You have such a beautiful family!
    I am jealous that I don't get a chance to go treasure hunting on Saturdays like you do! What marvelous things you find!
    I just found you, and I am now following you!
    Have a Happy St.Patrick's Day and a joyous spring!

    1. Thank you for following along. :) A Happy Springtime to you too..

  27. Hi Mona,
    It's never too early to decorate and we don't even need a reason, we are all just geared that way! LOL!
    I'm so glad that you rescued all those little bunnies and gave them a home. I hope you have some luck with the garage sales this weekend too.


    1. Oh Sissie! There won't be any! RAIN..BIG rain is coming! :(


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