Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Well, of course Saturday was garage sale day but didn't come up with a whole lot. Besides, we were both coming down with colds so it was a very short morning.
Poor Patient Husbands voice was unrecognizable! Would he stay home? NO!!
I did find something a bit interesting and wondered if you might know what it was used for.

It isn't a curtain..but it is fairly long as you can see.

Whatever it is, think it is lovely. It seems to be specially made for something. I thought perhaps an alter cloth? Any idea's? Just a tiny seam is at the oposite end..The plain white fabric is very soft and delicate. Price was $2.00.

Next I found a pair of sconses. Extremely heavy! No glass shades came with them but since I collect shades for such things and have a shelf of them in the garage, it was no problem at all finding a set to fit them. See? A tiny bit of hoarding can be a good thing. Maybe? :)
Sorry these pictures are so bad.

I have no idea what they are made of but they are not silver. They are beautifully made. We had to drill into the morter as I didn't really want to drill into the brick.
I think we hung them a wee high and a wee wide..but that can be fixed...someday. What a pain it was trying to figure out where to put them. They are just too high to suit me...
They cost me $3.00 for the pair. Not bad at all.

This 13 inch tall tin pitcher with an embossed leaf on the side. My favorite butter yellow and so perfect for a spring bouquet. 25 cents.

And last of all, two novels by John Grisham, one of my favorite authors. Price? 25 cents each and I don't think they have ever been opened.
By this time we were ready for our coffee, juice, hotcakes and eggs at our favorite little Lucky Greek restaurant where the owner, Tony, always wants to know what we found, sits with us and chats it up for awhile.

Total for the mornings shopping.. $5.75
And that was our Saturday morning.

Love and hugs,

*cough *cough and *sniff *sniff.......


  1. Too cool for words. You did MUCH better than I did! I was bummed out on Sat...not a productive day at all!

    LOVE EVERYTHING...but those sconces....YUM!


  2. Your colds didn't dampen your enthusiasm and you came home with some truly lovely items, Mona! I am sorry to hear you've got the coughs and snivels, though and hope you'll both be feeling a lot perkier within the next few days. I know there's no rushing a cold. You just have to grin and bear it while it lasts, but with your two exciting JG books to keep you entertained, you have a jolly good excuse to lie low and do the absolute minimum.

    I think the sconces look perfect! Any lower, they'd touch your mantlepiece, wouldn't they? They are very attractive and add something special to your fireplace nook. How clever of you to have collected just the right shades to put to good use. The white cloth is very lovely. You have probably guessed correctly about it being for an altar, if the lace decoration is only on one end. Or maybe it was used as a pretty drape? I can't wait to see your first spring flowers arranged in the new jug. You have such a knack for finding just the right things to complement your charming home.

    Now go and make some tea and snuggle down in your favorite spot to read your books :)

  3. Mona, it looks to me as though the embroidery is on the narrow end, so I am thinking it may not be and alter cloth. My thoughts were perhaps it was a curtain in front of a dress closet; like a wardrobe. I love it.
    The butter yellow pitcher would just look perfect in my kitchen with flowers in as well.
    Lots of lemon drinks, chicken soup and rest. Get well soon.

  4. Oh hope you are both feeling better. I think you found some real treasures. Love the sconces and the cloth is beautiful. Hugs, Marty

  5. Beautiful lace piece...I do wonder what it is for. You seem to have an eye for a great bargain! Fun stuff!

  6. What a great day. I really like that yellow pitcher. It does look so springy. Our first yard sale is this Saturday, and I can't wait. I

  7. What a fun day. MyHero would probably just meet me for breakfast after I "shopped"..it's just not his thing. I love that old cloth. I think you're right and it might be an altar cloth. It's as beauty. What great finds all the way around. We love Grisham, too, and as I am starting to weed through my books this is part of the collection I am keeping. I have just about all of them starting with the ones that came years ago when I belonged to a book "club".

    Hope you have a super Wednesday. It is warm and rainy here today...very unusual weather for us! xo Diana

  8. What wonderful entertainment for the two of you every Saturday. The cloth is quite pretty.... what do you suppose you will use it for?

  9. So fun that your husband like to go with you. Hope you both feel better.

  10. Oh, dear...colds are everywhere. I have 2 family members nursing one as we speak.
    Ya'll hurry and get well. :)

  11. I want to go shopping with you ! As soon as I get over my cold that turned into a sinus infection. Is everyone sick ?

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  13. Wow, you found some awesome things! I haven't gone to garage sales in years. I didn't always have the best of luck, but every now and then...it was well worth it! Now, my thing is to go to resale shops...even for my clothes. What deals!! I have no idea what the lovely white fabric is, but it sure is pretty.

  14. Beautiful finds! I love vintage linens and this one is really pretty. I laughed at the sconces because didn't you just go through a "too high" episode on the outside of your home? I think they are positioned perfectly on your fireplace. Tell hubby he can relax....and you too with your cold. Feel better soon so I can enjoy more of your "finds"!

  15. Just wanted to let you know the link doesn't work from your comment at my place. You might want to head back over and check it out.

  16. Oh Mona,
    So glad to see you are back in action! Last time I was here was when you were going for surgery. It has been a busy time around here.

    You scored on your garage sale items! Love the lace panel and the sconces are pretty. Sorry about your cold. Mine is finally better.

    There was something special I was going to say, but in the midst of phone calls, and talking to hubby...it is gone. :) Maybe it will return later.

  17. Oh lovely lady, I hate to hear your not feelin' your perky beautiful self. I hope your feelin' much, much better by now.

    'Guess we should of known a drippy nose and scratchy throat would hold ya'll back from snoopin' out some great bargains. The little cloth does look like some kinda alter or table cloth. I adore those sconces...seems ya found the perfect spot for 'em. Top everything off with a sunny pitcher and a good read all for $5.75, girl your the bomb!!!

    Your beautiful sconces aren't pewter are they???

    God bless ya an feel better my sweet friend!!! :o)

  18. I have some kind of a flu/cold for the past week; not a great way to start our holidays. You an BJ would make great shopping buddies; I never find anything like you do; must be a special talent.

  19. That linen is awesome, Mona. Yad sales here stink ... Hope you get to feeling better quickly.

    Have a lovely PS weekend ~
    TTFN ~

    ~Giveaway ends 3/15 ~

  20. Great finds. Did you find out what it was? It the cloth bed size? If it is and is extra long, it could be used to tuck and cover the pillows. If lace on both ends, an especially large table cloth for fancey dinner. It can be what ever you want it to be.

  21. Now that sounds like MY kind of day (and prices)! Happy to find you.

    Hope you're feeling better this weekend and find some more delightful stuff. I'll check in later :)

  22. Hope you and hubby ad feeling better, Mona. I a catching up on blog reading this week aft being out of state in NJ visiting my mom last week. No Internet access at her home, but I did catch up on some reading in the evenings. I used to read a lof of John Grisham too.


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