Thursday, March 15, 2012


Struggling here with the new blogger.  Guess it takes time and never having been great at reading directions, it's becoming obvious I am not the quickest to catch on.  Nothing new there!

Springtime.  It doesn't officially begin until the 20th of March..but it's fun to see everyone getting into the mood.  Such as...
Patient Husband tending the little lemon tree...mowing, weeding, bless his heart!!

..making sure every square inch is watered and fed..see that big Geranium?  $2.00 at a garage sale on Saturday...five gallon can..yep! :)  Isn't it pretty?

...busy as a bee...and all I could do was sit.  No activity for five I couldn't even help him.
I will be back in action next week... (stupid angiogram kept me on the lawn swing temporarily and by the way...those are no fun!!  Thanks for the reassuring words from bj!)

And these two little beauties were fifty cents plastic pots of course.  Not a bad deal..those are really easy to raise though..but I liked them.

The Saturday before I bought this old galvanized bucket full of plants at a garage sale.  They are all so healthy that I couldn't resist it.  Just three dollars!  Worth every cent, don't you think?  One day it will be just gorgeous!

The lady that sold me the large geranium in the big five gallon can also sold me this one.  The two small succulants, this plant of an unknown variety were all just $5.00!!  She had painted the five gallon cans different colors at some time and they were old and I didn't mind one bit.  But...WHAT on earth IS this plant??  The leaves are ..sort of rubbery.  It blooms because you can see evidence of past blooms still.  (Sheesh,  I hope it isn't poison!  :)

See all those little plants? Garage sales! :) Poor little plant needs repotting badly!  Soon!

The chairs...plants, pots..little picket fence hides gardening tools (almost!) ALL from garage sales!
Is that a loose little picket I see???  Hmmmmm?

Coffee table (even with the glass top), froggy, plant with from garage sales.  Spray paint does wonders, doesn't it? 
Talk about your "second hand rose"...goodness! 

No garage sales this Saturday.  We are expecting a BIG storm all weekend.  *extremely heavy sigh*
Buncha hugs and lotsa love!!

(are you still here???  lol  Long post, huh.  I sorta got carried away there!)


  1. You guys are so cute!!! I hope we can see you guys soon!! Let's plan something!

    1. Easter is coming, Sweetheart!! You bet something is going to be planned. Love and hugs,
      Grandma Duffy

  2. What a garden, filled to the brim with beauty and love. Just sit and drink the coffee while you talk to your precious one.
    Hope the storm is not too bad.
    Hugs Kay

  3. I love an invitation to your garden!! We have FOUR jonquils---count 'em---FOUR. That's about it except for all the shadings of green all around trees and bushes, the haze that presages the shoots and leaves.

    Batten down and stay safe this weekend---hope the winds are light, and you take care of YOU for a while. The best view of any garden is from a hammock, you know.

  4. Your back yard looks so lush. I never see plants for sale at garage/yard sales around here. I am about to go out to get some of my flower garden cleaned up...I was too busy/lazy to do it last fall. Have a great weekend, even if it does could always cuddle up with The Patient Husband and watch the storm!

  5. Hi Mona! Oh, how pretty your yard is and your precious hubby is working so hard. Your flowers and plants are gorgeous. Hope those storms are mild and you stay safe. Sorry you had to have the procedure and I pray the results are good. You take care of yourself.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. Beautiful plants and pots! Your spring is like summer here :-) :-) :-) We are far behind and only reached 45F but that is unusually warm this early in the year here :-)
    That plant is a Delairea odorata or Cape Ivy. It is counted as an invasive species in California :-) So You better cut of those old flowers so that no seed spreads from your garden! I like it a lot and sold lots of it when I had my garden center. We usually treat it as an annual but it is a perennial I think.

    Have a great day!

  7. Before I forget I love your header! I love all your plants and those old pails are perfect for them. We NEVER see plants at garage sales here. I don't think I have ever seen them! What a great way to buy plants!

    Hope you get lots of rest and the health scare is over soon- xo Diana

  8. Oh thank you for lettin' us visit your backyard paradise girl. I hope all is well with you beautiful friend. Take care of yourself and behave! (says the pot to the kettle) Heeehehehe!

    Your unknown plant sure looks like Ivy but Ivy doesn't bloom to my knowledge. You sure bought some beautiful bargain plants there. I'm kinda pea green here!

    I started the big old lawnmower today and mowed my acre of to my ears!!! I've spent this unseasonal warm week outside playin' in the dirt. It felt gooooood!!!

    God bless ya sweetie and please take care.

    Let me know if there's something specific I need to pray about..."K"???

  9. We never see plants here either...maybe a dried up African violet. Hope you feel better soon...Tell Howard to come in for some lemonade.

  10. You always find the best stuff at yard sales Mona. Such terrific plants. I am loving your yellow bench and wheelbarrow though. How pretty. Makes such lovely pieces for your patio. Take care now.

  11. Imagine having a lemon tree in your back yard! your spring is way ahead of ours. Love your back yard; a little corner of heaven. Every time I come here I admire your beautiful header.


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