Sunday, December 11, 2011


 I don't know!  But there is that feeling of a need to rush ..and I keep dragging my feet.
The tree is up..but not decorated.  The ornaments have been stacked in the garage for a week..
It was a very busy but fun family weekend.  What a blessing it is to be with people you love..and trust and that make you laugh! :)
But the dining room table in the family room is...sort of done.  Pomagranates from daughter Mary's tree.  Snipped branches from our tree for a bouquets of greens...and my favorite reindeer..and tea things of course. 

The living room.. I LOVE my books of Christmas music!  The best part is if I want to hear a tune.. :)
..there it is!  :)  Makes me happy. 

As I said...I am rather happily dragging my feet.

Still ..that feeling that I MUST get it done.  I wonder why that is..
After all..I AM retired.  So..why this odd feeling to rush..

I love the mantel this year too.  It's funny how every year the same things come out and yet everything is always a bit different... what fun!
I just lost my post..for the second time tonight.  I must be doing something wrong. 
My blog background also disappeared.  Strange. Grandson, Adam, gave me a temporary one until I can get it figured out.   Maybe I should just drink my juice and go to bed.

So  Merry Christmas!
Keep smiling!  T'is the season to be jolly! why this feeling of having to rush?
Who knows... but I'm going to rush off to bed.  Nite, nite!

I will decorate the tree in the morning!  Yep...I certainly will, and that's a promise..


I am joining Marty for TABLETOP TUESDAY.


  1. Mona, your home looks STUNNING!!! It already has so much beauty & decoration and you feel you ought to still add more? I love the dining room table's centerpiece. The pomegranates and the green boughs of Christmas tree are perfect together. So tasteful and classy. Christmas in your home must really feel like stepping into another time and where there isn't any hurry (!!!) and where life is gentle and safe and loving. To me, it looks exactly like one of those beautiful scenes we used to see as children on cards and biscuit tins and in story books of old. I looked out for those ice-skating boots, but couldn't spot them? They did not make it on to the piano this year, it seems, so where are they? You could do a Where's Waldo mimic with those boots :) Move them about & see how observant we all are! Now, try to relax & ENJOY your gorgeous, GORGEOUS home! I can't wait to see the tree completed once you've had fun decorating it SLOWLY!!! Love & hugs xoxo

  2. My dear Mona,your home looks graceful, Peaceful, warm and inviting and sure looks like Christmas.
    Don't rush, it wouldn't matter if you did no more than what you have already.
    Spend time and linger with family and friends, they are the memories we have.
    I went into town this afternoon, for 2 hours, and came home with such a back ache, so I thought, that's it. What I don't get locally I won't get.
    I will just give bigger hugs.
    My am is to not go to bed tonight before I clear my table. I have sewing, parcels to wrap and goodness knows what I will find.
    Love and Hugs

  3. Good Morning my dear Mona, well here it is 2:40 am and I can't get comfortable to sleep..PLEASE come do my house for CHRISTmas I have not one one thing this year..I just told Len about all the beautiful homes I have seen in blogland and each one out did themselves on them..But I'm so glad I don't have to pack it all up and put it away this year..I pray all is well in your world my friend..Hugs and love Gloria

  4. Miss Mona,

    Everything looks lovely. Just remember, this is suppose to be fun and enjoyable. Don't stress.

    Heaps of Hugs

  5. Mona, so great to read your post!! I haven't been posting as much lately. Been feeling "rushed" as well. I've thinking I am confusing feeling rushed with the feeling of a bit of anxiety... which I want to translate into excitement. LOL!! It's time to be merry and enjoy the season.
    Take care, Mona!!
    Ladybug Creek

  6. I have that SAME music book, but I haven't practiced in a few years. I've been telling myself to get out the books and practice before our family dinner this Saturday.

  7. Very pretty Mona -- I think when you don't rush you get to enjoy each little batch of decorating all the lingering and savoring the sweet memories. Enjoy your decorating and Christmas..

  8. You may be dragging your feet (like I am doing too) but your photos are sure pretty? New camera??

  9. No promises needed, Sweetpea! The contemplation and the planning are as wonderful a part as the doing.

    Everything you have ready is so welcming, with all the soft surfaces and the tea things in readiness---how warm and lovely your home is, and the WELCOME is just bursting through the screen. Much love and good wishes to YOU and all your Lovies in this wonderful Season!


  10. Oh Mona, your home is looking fabulous and all of your decor is lovely. I so agree, I feel like I am way behind and yet I really do have most of it done. Just always get a little panicky this time of year. Have fun decorating the tree. Hugs, Marty

  11. Oh Mona, I am stuck in first gear as well this year with my Christmas decorations. My tree is up with lights, but nothing else. I have had a flu bug which doesn't help but also, two of my three Santa's little helpers have moved out on their own. I'm having a harder time getting motivated. I know it will all come together but it is different for me this year without the kids living at home. I guess we just need to keep plugging along.God Bless.

  12. Your home is lovely. The December "rush" is never ending and no matter how prepared it just seems to happen. I am totally disconnected this December. Love and togetherness is what is truly important. Jingle Bell Joys...

  13. Hi Mona. I always love dropping by and looking at all of your pretties around your home. It is looking so festive and that the Christmas spirit has arrived at your place. Everything looks so lovely.

  14. The faster I go the behinder I get! lol

    Your home is beautiful!


  15. I have to tell ya a week ago Saturday I had done nothin'! Today I'm done! Shoppin', candy makin', hall deckin'.....

    Of course I was scarce in the bloggin' world last week too. Hummmmm, think that had somethin' to do with it? Heeehehehe!

    God bless ya sweetie, your place is lookin' fabulous! 'Just like Christmas!!!

    BTW: place!!! :o)

  16. I think it's grand that you are taking it little by little and not letting yourself be rushed. You still have more than 10 days!

  17. I, too, felt the need to HURRY...get it done..but, I have it done now. Not too much decorating. 18 stockings and the tree and a few Nativity set, of course. That's about it. I love how the house looks at this time of year. I love how EVERYthing looks this time of year. ;))
    Your mantel is so pretty with the little snowpeople.

  18. Hi Mona! I finally made it back here to come visit LOL. You look like you are all ready for Christmas. Your home looks beautiful!

  19. P.S. I love your rooster header, it is so pretty.

  20. Your Christmas vignettes look great and I understand the feeling of needing to hurry...but I'm over it!
    Since before Thanksgiving, I had so much going that I "hit the ground running" and finally slowed down last week. Whew! I'm enjoying your blog. and I'm your newest follower.

  21. HI Dear Mona! Well, you make think you're moving slowly on your decorating, but everything looks beautiful! Love your display on your piano, I love Christmas music books too! I love the set up on your olden Singer - I love those dishes and have always wanted that pattern. sob sob! :( I love your mantel too! That clock is so pretty! The little snowmen are darling! Hope you got some rest!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  22. Mona, I understand your feeling of the need to rush. I've been that way for weeks and I don't think that is the way we are supposed to be at Christmas time. Things need to get done though, so........ Your mantle is very pretty with the cute snowmen. I like the way your piano looks with the photos, Christmas music books etc. Thanks for the nice compliment on my blog. Merry Christmas-----

  23. Your home ilooks so pretty and Christmassy, Mona. I love it. It is very warm and I can feel the love generated from it. Merry Christmas, my friend! I did not put out Christmas decor as I used to because our floors are being done and I am leaving for FL on Sunday for my 2 daughters' deliveries, one of them is having twins. Hubby is staying behind to work, poor baby will be alone at Christmas but his daughter and her family are coming to join him right after and till after New year..Christine

  24. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and your lovely comment.
    I LOVE your reindeer also and how lucky you are to have pomagranates fresh from a tree ! I love them but they are so expensive here in Iowa !
    Have a very Merry Christmas and I hope you visit my blog again !

  25. Everything is so pretty! Wow! Pomegranates from your daughter's very own tree. That's awesome! I haven't seen one of those little ceramic Christmas trees with lights in years. Love it! I know what you mean about the feeling to rush. I don't like that part but Christmas gets here so fast it does make you feel that way.
    Enjoy your Christmas!

  26. Well, I finally got the tree up...I'm getting some cookies and candy done before our trip this weekend...the shopping isn't done, but hopefully it will be by the 25th! God willing and the creek don't rise!

  27. I know exactly how you mean by the feeling of needing to rush, rush and hurry, hurry! Every year seems to get worse! I'm retired like you and thought those days were behind me. I guess old habits die hard! Oh - I'll send you my address and you can mail your reindeer to me after the holidays! ;);)

  28. Hi Mona...

    Ohhh my goodness, Darlin'...your home is GORGEOUS all dressed up for Christmas! It's simply magical..truly! Everywhere I look there are Christmas pretties! I do believe that I could spend an entire day just looking at everything! I love, love, LOVE how you decorated your mantel..ohh...and the deer antlers are awesome!!!

    I also took a peek at the post before this one...with your sweet baby doll all dressed up in her red velvet Christmas outfit. She's sooo adorable, sweet friend! Ohhh...and I love your pretty pink skates with the roses. Wherever did you find those? I would love to find something similar! Sooo pretty!

    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful Christmas with us, dear friend! I sooo enjoyed my visit! Have a wonderfully blessed Christmas with all of your family and friends! It looks like we will be heading to Texas for Christmas. It will be the first time in a very long time that I will get to have all three of my daughers and all of my grandchilden together for Christmas! I'm soooo excited!!!

    Warmest Christmas Wishes,
    Love ya,

  29. your home is lovely and oh so festive, and your family on the side bar is absolutely wonderful. i am envious, you have sisters and daughters. i have one brother that is far away and not in touch with and 2 sons i rarely see. no sisters/daughters. your family is beautiful, you are blessed. i love the shot of the music on the piano.


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