Tuesday, December 6, 2011


...OR dressing the dolls.  Abby's Bear is already dressed so I  dug out this little red velvet outfit for my baby doll.
She doesn't look too delighted, does she?   :)

Yes, Di, wasting time is so devine! :)

.  Found another pair of little ice skates...awwww...I love these!

Hung the big ice skates on the back of the front door...nope.  Not working for me.

I didn't accomplish much..but I did slow WAY down as per advise. :)

Ate homemade cinnamon rolls (actually they were sticky buns) dear son in law brought to the door early this morning..(what a way to wake up!) with hot coffee and vanilla creamer.  Gosh, I love mornings like that.  My daughter is sooo sweet, and bakes wonderfully!

...and yes..I ate more than one.  Perhaps I ate two!  I really don't recall. 
Maybe we can bring that poor tree in out of the wind tomorrow.  I said..maybe!

Somehow I get the feeling I'm over doing the decorating a wee bit.  Patient Husband looks non plused  as he walks through the house.  Not...too sure he is crazy about all the "stuff"..
I am not a minimalist!

When am all done..(someday) maybe I'll walk around and remove some ..things. 
I always feel like I need to put everything I have ever collected over the years out..
...and I don't have to do that...
Does anyone else do this??

Love'n hugs,


  1. Dear Mona, Yes I usually put every thing out. Although I don't think I have any where near as much as you do. I do feel we only have it out for a few weeks so why not have all the memories.
    Your doll dressed in her Cherry Red dress is just beautiful.

  2. At first glance, Mona, I thought your "doll" was a real baby! The pink skates are a little too feminine for a tomboy like me but to answer your question about putting out stuff, I used to. Now I do what I what and like becasue that's OK!!!!...:)JP

  3. Miss Mona,

    To answer your question - Mom puts up 8 Christmas trees. Tell Mr. Howard not to complain - it could be worse. Giggle. He could live here with us.

    We love the way the houses looks at Christmas with the tiny white lights all around and the cozy and warm feeling, so we understand all about bringing out favorite treasures.


  4. You can't have enough stuff out at Christmas. It all adds to the happiness and the memories. Go for it!
    You doll looks gorgeous. My American doll is called Ricky and he doesn't have a Christmas outfit. Your picture has given me the excuse to go look for one!

  5. Homemade sticky buns... I would have died and thought I went to heaven if I found those on my kitchen counter some morning!

  6. Love the little red velvet dress with the booties and hat. Most of my dolls wear their Christmas clothes year round.
    I think if putting out all of your goodies gives you a warm and happy feeling, go for it. I got the biggest thrill when I finally found my snowman cookie jar that I haven't seen in years. It's like visiting with an old friend. I know it sounds silly to be so attached to something like a cookie jar but we collect things that make us feel good so I say put out as many things as there's room for and then enjoy. Happy holidays to you and yours.

  7. I'm so glad to see you safe and well, and no more wind damage. Have a wonderful, relaxing, family-filled Holiday!


  8. Your doll is gorgeous and I love her little Santa suit.

    And about leaving things out - I go through waves - sometimes yes and then it gets too much and I pout some away.

    Love, sandie

  9. I love your sweet baby doll..her face is the sweetest....the skates are very pretty too...blessings

  10. The sticky buns look yummy-licious, Mona!
    I used to put out everything I owned, but no longer...each year it gets to be less and less; which means it doesn't take as long to pack it all up for the next year!

  11. Hi darling, your doll all dressed for the holidays is adorable. I love her sweet face! The ice skates are so sweet. We've had just a skiff of snow today, makes things a lot more festive.. but COLD! hugs ~lynne~

  12. My sweet Mona, time enjoyed is never ever time wasted! 'Just sayin'....

    Your little baby doll looks like she's ready for Santa. I love your new skates...'just precious.

    God bless and have a fun time 'wastin' your day!

    I'm knee deep in candy makin' today! 'Finished deckin' the halls here on the Ponderosa yesterday. :o)

  13. If I've told you once...I've told you a million times...heeheehee...this is NOT wasting time! It's GOOD for you! I've been trying my best to get my decorating done and some of the odd stuff put away so that I could dress some dollies! Today I just said...I'm going to do it! Wish we could have played dress up together, my friend! I dressed 2 dolls and have an outfit out for another one! I love it...makes you feel good all over! Your little girl looks real in her Christmas dress! And OH how I LOVE those ice skates! HUGS! ♥♥♥

  14. I have tried but failed to reach thru this computer screen to those cinnamon rolls! YUM!
    I took Tole painting classes once and mastered painting the tiny roses. Seeing your skates makes me want to paint again. When the page first loaded and I glanced at the baby doll I thought it was maybe a picture of your grands!! LOL! On closer inspection I realized it was one of the real looking dolls! Keep putting out your treasures...you will know if you have too much. ENJOY!

  15. For the first time, I took more decorations back up to the attic than I kept out. I tend to get too much, too, and then I get tired of it too quick. So, I decorated with a heavy hand this time and I just LOVE it. 18 Christmas stockings and my tree in the living room...a couple of wreaths there, too.
    A little tiny tree in my dining room...one wreath there...and that's it.
    Showing tree and decos on the 9th at 2805's meme.
    I love your little mad looking doll in her Christmas clothes....so so cute.:)

  16. Hi Mona,
    Thank you for visiting my blog. It seems we do have our doggies in common. I don't know what I would do without mine.

    I have a very small house and if I put out any more decorations there will be nowhere to sit or stand.

    I love your doll in her Christmas dress. You have a lovely home.

    I visited your bear blog the other night and I think Abby is so cute!

    Happy Holidays

  17. The baby doll's outfit is lovely, Mona, even if she doesn't look too happy, but then what child enjoys dressing up? We will be decorating much less than in past years as we have decided we need to keep things simple. But, we will have a live tree with decorations and lights and a nativity set and maybe a few other items. Many of the stuffed toys have been donated to a local nursing home to be enjoyed and loved by others less fortunate than ourselves. That gives us a really good feeling at this time of year.

  18. Beautiful post.

    A do nothing day is a good thing. I am enjoying one of those today, in fact.;-)

  19. How pretty your Christmas fluffing is! Love your newest skates! Have a most happy weekend.

  20. Hi Mona! Oh, that little baby doll is darling! For a moment, I thought you were showing us a grand baby! :) Yummy, those cinnamon rolls look so good. Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  21. HOW did I miss one of your posts??? No matter, here I am, even if a bit late. Ok, now I see the skates...but they weren't staying there, either! So, WHERE are they? As you said, waking up to cinnamon buns, fresh from the oven...what a wonderful start to a day. You really are so blessed, Mona, but of course you deserve to be!!! I love coming to visit. Your home is a bit of magic to me. You do everything with so much care and you're so jolly gifted at setting out all these delightful tableaux, small wonder you find it gard to contain yourself. And really, why should you? It's what makes you happy and your home so beautiful and special. You manage to create a real Christmas wonderland! Thank you for sharing everything with us (and especially with me...since we aren't putting up anything traditional this year). We have strung some more fairy lights in the garden, though and I absolutely love the look of the garden gently lit at night! Will get some pictures to post this week still, I hope :) Big hug xoxo

  22. You are right! You have a wonderful daughter and son in law ;) The doll looks adorable!


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