Wednesday, December 14, 2011


...but of course.  Sometimes she makes it to the top of the tree and sometimes not.  I always feel...guilty when she doesn't. I bought her about 25 years ago.  A lady made from Palm Springs made her.  She is so sweet!

I wanted to title my post "Thank God it's done!"  But..on second thought..I decided that, perhaps, it wasn't exactly the thing to say.  I admit to feeling that way though....

Please..oh please, do not think I am not grateful to even have a tree..and a large 55 year collection of ornaments, I have every ornament that I ever bought clear back to 1954!   I am.  I am terribly grateful...but...I kept thinking of all the work it was going to be to take it all down and put it ALL AWAY! 

I make "ALL AWAY!" that size..because I guess I'm shouting it in my poor brain!

I had to sort of remind myself that I was having fun..and after all this was for my family.  They will be here for Christmas morning's for them.  My daughter usually has Christmas at her home, but this year things are rough for her family for I am helping out by doing it here for her.

Ok..lets be honest for just one moment.  Yes, the above is true..but..I wanted to be IN.  You know, have a pretty tree on a post.  I wanted to be like everyone else and show that I could decorate a tree.
(Oh, and it's "live" by the way!)  I put up a dead tree one year..not dead, it was faux.  Silk?  That seems to sound better, but this year it went out on the front porch.  I HAD to have the smell of real pine. 
But..REAL PINE comes at a price.  Needles..drying, watering daily, constant feeling of the little needles and panic setting in when it begins to show serious signs of drying.
And yep.
It's happening (gradual drying)  and there is 12 days to go until Christmas.  Is it ok if I pray that it lives until Christmas?? :)

Polka dot ribbon was my thing this year.  I bought rolls of it and it's all over the house.
What fun! 

Merry Christmas!

Falalala la lala la la! 

Love'n hugs!


  1. Be sure to water it OFTEN... you don't need an overly dry tree in the house. Seriously..... It's one of the reasons I prefer fake trees. Not such a fire hazard.

  2. Yours truly is the most beautiful tree I have seen this year! Mona, it honestly reminds me of those gorgeous old Christmas cards we used to receive when I wasa little girl. My folks always had a real tree and seeing yours has triggered my memories of that wonderful smell. Some of your cecorations are so much like those my Mum had. Your tree really is perfect and does it for me! You have your very own winter wonderland and I can just imagine how lovely everything will be on Christmas morning when your home is filled laughter and everyone is enjoying your brunch!

  3. Mona!!! How absolutely beautiful. As soon as I saw the picture I knew it was a REAL tree. I can not believe your home. Garlands on the curtains, the nativity scene, holly, snowmen. It all looks like one of those beautiful Victorian era post cards. I'm sure your home would win any competition it went in. YOU have DONE it. Congratulations!!!
    You are not the only one that thinks I have to put it all away. I am by myself, so there is only me to climb that ladder.
    Sit back and enjoy every minute of it with your family.
    Hugs Kay

  4. Your tree is beautiful and that you have so many ornaments dating back for years makes it even more important. Such memories it must hold. Please do come link up--the link is open through Saturday night! And there is a $100 Pottery Gift Card Giveaway!

  5. Miss Mona,

    Oh, a teddy angel now that makes me happy. What I'm not happy about is that you don't sound like you have Christmas Spirit.

    Enjoy each day for what it is - a new day filled with blessings.

    Your tree is beautiful and full of memories of Christmas' past - what a treasure.

    Go get Abby and sit by the tree and just enjoy the quiet.


  6. hi mona...your tree looks wonderful. you can lighten it up for a better photo if you raise the shadow bar on your photo edit. and no...not one flake yet. today it is up to 60 degrees!!! do you here me screaming down there???

  7. Just beautiful...I would love to have a real tree...but,for now I am happy with my dead one :)

  8. Hi Mona,
    It's gorgeous and so worth it, look at that pretty tree!
    And honestly, no matter what anyone says I can tell a real tree from a fake and the real tree is always prettier!
    I wish you lived around us. We cut our own from a tree farm nearby, only $30 for a fresh cut frasier fir any size.
    Come say hi when you can, I miss hearing from you!

  9. Mona, You are an amazing woman....your Christmas tree is beautiful....almost as beautiful as you. I love your zest for life.

  10. Your tree is beautiful! Yes, a lot of work, but you get to enjoy it's beauty everyday! We put our tree up the day after Thanksgiving and it stays until new years. We buy real trees, water then daily and they don't dry out. Lucky for us, we live where most of the frazier firs are grown, so ours are really fresh when we get them. Most of the time we go to a tree farm and cut our own. This year we went to Lowe's...

  11. Beautiful tree, Mona! Collecting ornaments since 1954, you must have more than a boxful! I used to love the bubbling oil lights we had when I was a little kid, they were my favorites.
    I haven't dealt with a live tree in 43 years; my son was allergic to evergreen trees, once he outgrew it I didn't go back to a live messy needles to clean up or making sure it had plenty of water.

  12. Hi Mona. I think of the taking it down alot. I think we just like CHristmas and know it is over when we pack it all up after the big day.. I hope you have a lovely holiday and everyone loves that beautiful tree. xo

  13. That is the most gorgeous tree ever Miss Mona!!! You'd put the magazine pictures to shame with your wonderful tree!

    I had to blow it up. (hope I didn't leave too big of a mess) to get a closer look.

    Awwww, your Teddy Bear topper is just precious. I'm sure Teddy and my little Country Angel would get along great!!!

    God bless you my beauty and enjoy the fruits of your labor!!!

  14. Hi Mona...

    Oooh...your teddy bear angel is sooo pretty, dear lady! And...your absolutely GORGEOUS!!! So full of pretties! I hear ya though...decorating a tree is lots of work and even more so with years and years of collected ornaments. Your worked really paid off, dear friend and I know that your family will love it!

    This is the first year that I put up a tree...the first time in three years. Simply...because of all the work! It always seems that I run out of steam after doing all the other Christmas decorating (which I really do enjoy). Well Sweetie...I am going to go and check out your other posts and catch up with all your pretty Christmas! Warmest wishes to you and your family for a wonderful and blessed Christmas, dear friend!

    Warmest Christmas Wishes!
    Love ya,

  15. Mona-
    Your tree is beautiful! I have been in low gear this year.Sick with some kind of bug, I just don't have the energy to do it all. We have good intentions; but sometimes life gets in the way. What is most important is family and making memories..we'll have that no matter what our trees look like.


  16. Your tree is lovely. Who doesn't want a Teddy bear? Treasured items have great memories. Thanks for sharing....Linda

  17. Ours is artificial becasue I don't want the mess...putting the stuff away will be good exercise for us! Like the ribbon idea for next year, Mona!...:)JP

  18. Mona, a real tree is the only way we decorate, even though we have discussed the pros of an artificial one. But, nope we got another real one this year, just smaller so we could set it on the table by the front window instead of rearranging everything as in past years. And, like you we have lots of decorations too and not all made it on the smalelr tree this year, but we had a grand time selecting the ones that did. Thanks for sharing your tree with us and hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas...mery, merry to all.

  19. Hi sweet Mona,
    glad to see that you are doing well. I've been putting off taking my tree out of the box but today is the day I must do it! I wish I had a little Christmas fairy to do all of my decorating for me..! Your tree is gorgeous!

    Deanna :D

  20. Dear Mona,
    Your tree is beautiful and you have avery reason to be proud. I decided a few years ago to cut down to a table top artificial tree(serious health issues).
    I have accepted this now and it is so much easier to take down. Thank you for your visit Mona; wishing you and your family a wonderful Chritmas,

  21. Your tree is gorgeous and it's real!! I love a real tree. Somehow I don't get as excited about a faux one, but I do love to decorate and look at each ornament and remember it's "history". How nice that the family will be at your house. I miss that as our children live out of state, but we will be with an aunt and cousins for Christmas night dinner.
    Wishing you a wonderful Christmas. Hope your tree makes it till then. LOL

  22. It really is gorgeous my friend! WOW! What treasures and memories it holds! Enjoy your week! Now you can relax! heehee! ♥


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