Monday, December 5, 2011


...if it takes me all night long!  We worked at it all day...Patient Husband doing clean up from the winds (and now they are supposed to return tonight after midnight!

But..I'm making progress...(I guess)

My favorite Christmas book "A Cup Of Christmas Tea"... What a treat to see my little tea set..
(Now if I can just find the book..)

...little red wagon is full..

...the wreath is on the door..

...the poinsettia's are all in place..yep..and the pillows...gotta have pillows!

I LOVE our front porch!! 
I feel so fortunate to have a home I love and a husband that loves me and a lovely caring family and friends!  (would you JUST LOOK at those leaves!) was I saying...oh yes...I was saying how foruntate I am....and did I tell you the HIGH winds are due any minute now.  They said after midnight!  Oh well...I just hope my tree is still on the porch in the morning!! 
I'm so tired and I still haven't finished the inside.....
I'll think about it tomorrow...well, for pete's IS tomorrow!
I'll get it done today for sure!

Love'n hugs,


  1. Miss Mona,

    Please calm down....this is suppose to be fun, but you are driving yourself to exhaustion and that leaves you open to getting sick.

    The tea set is lovely, and if you can't find the book - when you least expect to find it - you will.

    We are worried about your weather and truly hope that you are safe.

    Breathe....go hug Abby, she isn't upset about the "to do" list. She has her little Christmas tree and all is right in her little bear world.

    Your home looks beautiful, what doesn't get done doesn't get done. CALMING, relaxing, enjoying.....those are your "orders" for the day. Don't make me come out there......giggle.

    Heaps of Hugs

    Abby, try to play with your Mom today and make her relax and have some fun.

  2. Well is the tree still there? Everything looks so pretty and festive. I think some of my problem this year so far is no snow on the ground....yet! I probably wouldn't do well in a state that never/hardly ever gets snow. But, you do it beautifully! Have a great your tea set too!

  3. Such a pretty little Christmas spot. Sounds like you should spend today just sipping some tea and enjoying your pretties.

  4. You certainly have a beautiful spot for picture taking...
    Hope those winds are not too strong. Get some rest, it will all be there tomorrow...

  5. Don't rush. Just enjoy. Yes you are blessed.
    Love your porch. Hope the winds avoid your cute porch.
    Happy Holidays.

  6. Your porch looks so inviting! And that little tea set is perfect. I can just imagine how special everything seems in the beautiful setting you have created, Mona! It's really gorgeous and I almost feel a teensy bit guilty for not putting in any effort myself, but in our climate it just seems so out of place. We need coolness and cool colours at this time of the year with a minimum of fuss for meals. You would not enjoy spending Christmas with me! I hope the wind misses you! It would break my heart to see all your hard work spoilt!

  7. Your porch is AWESOME! My sister lives in LA and she got hit hard too. Take it easy - it will come together. sandie

  8. It looks beautiful!
    Poinsettia's barley makes it from the car to the door now :-) They can't take any cold at all and now the snow has come here to my little village.

    I'm a bit behind in decorating but I'm slowly getting there :-)

    Have a great day!

  9. Your place is a little bit of heaven. I hope mother nature blows its wind some where else, and never goes near your home again.
    You must have worked like slaves to get it back looking so nice.
    I hope soon that the peace and joy of Christmas can wash over you and you can RELAX.

  10. Mona, you sound about as stressed as I feel. It seems like I'm working hard at getting ready for the holidays and have very little to show for it. Your tea set looks like it would fit right in with my Christmas dishes. Speaking of tea, I'm relaxing with a cup right now and I suggest you do the same. As Prudence says, "What doesn't get done, doesn't get done." The last thing you need to do is wear yourself thin and end up getting sick for the holidays. By the way, I love your porch. I wish I had one just like it. Relax and enjoy your pretty house and your loving husband. Hugs

  11. You're like me Mona. Our cups are full and overflowing and we never stop thanking God for it. While it lasts, just take it easy please. We don't want you carted off to the hospital over Christmas, do we!

  12. I'm still trying to finish my decorating. I can't do the outside like yours so I'll just have to enjoy your pics! Your porch is lovely and the greenery is amazing!

  13. all soooo pretty!! love your wreaths.

    barbara jean

  14. I hope you didn't have any more of the high have the porch looking picture perfect! And I love your tea set! I need to get a pretty wreath just like yours! Hugs! ♥

  15. Mona, your porch looks lovely and so inviting. I hope the winds will die down and as I write this comment they are lowling outside and the rain is pouring down.


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